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  1. DiSTuRBeD

    I wanna be like Kevin...

    That red stuff that runs through your veins.
  2. DiSTuRBeD

    Doom III Collector's Edition

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned an unstable teleportation device that may or may not open up a gateway to hell. I would be REALLY surprised if i found that in the box :)
  3. DiSTuRBeD

    DOOM3 on DVD or CD?

    I can't be arsed to go over every post in this thread, so forgive me if i repeat anything. Q3A's pak is about 475 megs. 120mb is video, wich D3 won't have; just scripted ingame stuff. Q3 has 160 megs of music. In wav format, zipped. I'm fairly sure D3 will use mp3 for pretty much all sounds, wich is a helluva lot tighter than zipped wav files. Actually, winzip says that all the music has 0% compression. So that's at least 200mb that's simply WASTED in Q3 compared to D3. I guess most bumpmaps and pretty much anything that makes up the textures would do just fine as gifs, and would probably be easy enough on the filesize, even if it takes more than it used to. Anyway, having an install disc and a play disc wouldn't bother me at all. Installing an ID game is something you only do once anyway ;)
  4. DiSTuRBeD

    The Continuing Odyssey

    I think Ep1 of this was released more than a year ago.. but i might be wrong. Anyway, the first episode rocked, can't wait for the rest :)
  5. DiSTuRBeD

    Drop a Monster, Pick a Monster

    Fredrik? ARE YOU MAD? Then what will we blast dosens of to the floor at the same time with a single supershotgun-shot? Or run through hordes of with a spinning chainsaw? or.. or...? Zombieguys are just fun, let them be :D
  6. DiSTuRBeD

    Doom Gal is back

    I think 256 colors is enough for a B&W drawing like this, so gif should do just fine. As for JPEG, try not using maximum comression. Even an uncompressed jpeg of this pic sure as fuck won't go over ONE MEG! Hey, nice ti.... drawing :P
  7. DiSTuRBeD

    DOOM3 on DVD or CD?

    as if i don't have enough to spend my money on? 72000 rpm HD, new mobo, RAM and CPU, GPU. Another $100 for a DVD-rom isn't too attractive, esp since i already have a DVD-player and can watch DVD movies anyway. CD's are just fine. Prolly won't be more than two or three anyway. Baldur's gate had 5 cd's, didn't bother me at all.
  8. DiSTuRBeD

    Another Doom 3 Preview

    If you're getting a GF4 MX, Get the 440, not the 420. Huge difference in performance, not so much in price. IMO, GF4MX should be called GF3mx, since it's really just a cheapo GF3 without any of the fancy features, and slower than any GF3 card. In any case, do NOT get a MX card for playing Doom, they don't have the technology you need. Save up and get something really good instead :)
  9. DiSTuRBeD

    Doom III Collector's Edition

    A random figure of one of the characters\monsters would be helluva cool, even tho i'd buy a new box every month when the paycheck comes in ;)
  10. DiSTuRBeD

    anyone ever seen this?

    Come on.. that project was doomed from the beginning. I AM T3H SUPAR FUNNEY!!!!!!
  11. DiSTuRBeD

    HUD face question

    I have gotten that face when walking in the slime on E1M1 once. I'm not sure if it was 1.9 or 1.666 i was playing at the time tho. Any more related code in there?
  12. DiSTuRBeD

    LMP Movies

    It's really not as simple as it sounds.. I often find myself playing a map 20 times in a row getting 1:30 while the record is 0:45 or so. Not that i spend enough time on it to be very good.
  13. DiSTuRBeD

    Another WAD making thingy

    A map using only the wolf textures, but without the wolf-esque blockyness.
  14. DiSTuRBeD

    I demand...

    Actually, i was pffting at the common claim among gamers that doom has no story. Dooms story implementation is a work of art IMO, superior to halflife. Doom is mysterious, you gotta do some detective work. Looking at the maps and reading the texts will reaveal it :)
  15. DiSTuRBeD

    I demand...

    Ah, obviously. How naive of me to not get that at once =)