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  1. 50milliarden

    Scorching Earth (32 Level Megawad)

    I played the first 10 maps so far, and I gotta say, it's one of the best Doom experiences I've had in a long time. Beautiful, original designs, neither too bare or over-detailed, no gimmicks, no death traps with every key, no phoned in monster swarms. No impossible challenges or unsolvable puzzles either. It all contributes to a really nice sense of realism that's quite rare in modern megawads. Maybe in some of the larger maps, a return teleporter or two could prevent some tedious backtracking, but that's a very minor issue, and one could argue that the lack of such teleporters contributes to the realistic feel. Nice challenging secrets too, but not too hard to find so far. Except for that no idea how to reach that one. Maybe it isn't meant to be reachable? Anyway, thanks a lot for this great megawad! I'm enjoying it immensely.
  2. Just started episode 4, and I gotta say, the first 3 episodes contained some of the best UltDoom levels I ever played. And since I generally prefer Doom 1 over Doom 2, that means this megawad is now solidly in my all-time personal top 10. Brilliant stuff! One thing I'm not so enamored with are the phoned-in monsters, but I realize that they're a good way to spice up things, when working within the limitations of Doom1. But even with those, gameplay feels nice and balanced, not overly hard or stressful. I was able to finish all episode 1, 2 and 3 levels on UV without saves and with 100% secrets. Gotta love not dying every 5 seconds. But E4M1 got me stumped - I can't find a way to open the secret room in the southeast of the map (sealed by stone satyr doors), and god knows I tried. The way to approach it seems to be dropping down from the far-east platform onto the narrow ledge below and following the ledge south to the stone door... which doesn't open. A little hint would be appreciated! Also, reporting a very small case of misaligned textures in E3M6, see attachments.
  3. This is my kind of megawad. Excellent design, no gimmicks, solid game play, tons of fun. Thanks, Chris! I's just that I can't get 100% secrets in E1M5 and it's driving me nuts. Yep, I'm one of those people. I can't figure out what triggers the secret door in the corridor in the middle of the map (in front of the flashing light, containing green armor and a backpack). Any hints?
  4. This takes me back to 1993, when I played the shareware version of episode 1 and didn't know yet that I had found a game that would last me for the next 30 years... Super nostalgic episode, great fun, I enjoyed it a lot! It won't win any beauty contests and there's some minor issues here and there (misaligned textures in map 3 and nasty HOM in map 6), but gameplay is generally solid and that's what counts. Loved the plethora of clever secrets too - though while I found all official ones, I couldn't locate the secret exit to E1M9... are you supposed to IDCLEV into it?
  5. Now in the right thread... Loving this megawad! One fun thing I noticed: in map 24 there's an alternative way to reach the soul sphere secret. myolden already confirmed it's not intentional, but it works so perfectly that it could count as a cool easter egg.
  6. Ah crap, posted it in wrong thread. But yeah, it was a funny little quirk that worked so perfectly that I half-assumed was intentional.
  7. First time poster here, loving this megawad! One fun thing I noticed: in map 24 there's an alternative way to reach the soul sphere secret. If this was intentional, it was a really fun super-secret!