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  1. ak47fu2

    Share Your Sprites!

    So I put these in my own repro topic but I figured I should put this here also so people see it. Feel free to use them. I just made a quick edit to the existing summoner sprites to be a spirit from Eternal.
  2. ak47fu2

    Doom Eternal Demons

    So I found Craneo's franken sprites and some other sprites and decided to try to make some of the demons from Doom Eternal. They do not function 100% the same but they are kinda close. I submited them to realm667 but it looks like Gothic is going to be away for a few weeks. What does everyone here think of them? I was looking for feedback. Also keep in mind that this is my first time coding DECORATE (no I will not use zscript lol). https://www.realm667.com/en/kunena/beastiary/1983-submission-blood-maykr https://www.realm667.com/en/kunena/beastiary/1985-submission-whiplash https://www.realm667.com/en/kunena/beastiary/1986-submission-carcass
  3. ak47fu2

    Share Your Sprites!

    Is it okay if I use some of these sprites in my mod? If so who should I credit besides you, Stopsignal, and Brutal Doom?
  4. Thanks. Should I give any credit to Raven/Id or just you and Sverre Kvernmo?
  5. Is it okay if I use the green hanging skulls in my doom mod?
  6. These are sprites which I have made or edited that are free to use by everyone with credit (although if you can please tell me first so I can see them in use). Credits are included. I figured I should make these seperate since there are alot and I didn't want to clog up share your sprites and then have them get burried. I will edit this with more stuff whenever I edit or make something. Some of these are not that useful or unfinished but I figured I would put them out there incase someone has a use for them. Green Backgrounds means that I never finished the sheet.
  7. Maybe they were a edited version of the ones that you had before.
  8. Does look to be similar. These are the realm667. Dark imps:
  9. ak47fu2

    Post your Doom textures!

    Okay. Thanks
  10. ak47fu2

    Post your Doom textures!

    Is it okay if I use these doors in my mod?
  11. I tend to end up seeing the realm667 dark imp in alot of mods that I play.
  12. ak47fu2

    Share Your Sprites!

    Could maybe be because of the forum shrinking stuff. Not sure.