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  1. Sarcose

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I've seen videos and heard tell of a Perfect Dark wad for Doom 2, but I can't find it for the life of me. Any ideas?
  2. Sarcose

    If Doom was done today (Part 2)

    @Pottus: I feel the same way, man. Look on the /v/ recommended games wiki for inspiration. I'm about to hold a LAN party and I downloaded like three games off of it that look extremely promising. I don't even play games that cost money anymore for the most part. Indie freeware developers are making the best games right now.
  3. Sarcose

    The gritty VGA look: Why do you like it?

    I play in a higher res than 300x200 but still pixellated, personally.
  4. Sarcose

    If Doom was done today (Part 2)

    There's another major flaw: I was waiting for "Press 'E' to chug beer" in the walkthrough video after the shooting range. Please tell me you included this in the game. I want my deeply interesting socialization simulator that comes standard with all modern FPSes.
  5. Sarcose

    The gritty VGA look: Why do you like it?

    @Sodaholic: I'll respond to your post even if you weren't directing it at me, because I kind of argued for that point... I don't think it was "meant" for graphical limitations either, but I DO think certain design decisions were based on those limitations, that wouldn't have been made if ID had gone ahead and decided on the higher res options being available... in other words, if ID had intended from the start to work with higher resolution options I think the design would have translated better to opengl source ports and graphical updates. I'm not arguing there's a Godly Ordained Way Of Playing, but rather that I think the pixellated graphics look better pixellated because they were working with pixellation, if that makes sense... tl;dr: ID wouldn't have used shitty 90's internet gradients overlaying originally pixellated monsters if had been going hi-res in the first place, and their version would have looked way better than the fuzzy opengl version. Basically I think it's like putting shoe shine on a tennis shoe versus a wingtip.
  6. Sarcose

    The gritty VGA look: Why do you like it?

    Okay here's the thing. Yes it's nostalgia, but it's also that Doom's conventions were determined around its limitations. Mappers tend to prefer making maps that look like Doom maps, go figure, and Doom's entire art style was predicated on said limitations. Smoothing out those graphics makes it look limited, while keeping them pixelated is a more compatible aesthetic. I designed a map in Timesplitters 2 based on my preference for Doom - blinking lights, multi-choice corridors with large antechambers connecting. I preferred browns and contrasting colors. It looked awesome; it would not have been improved by gritty pixelation at all. Honestly a big part of it is this: Doom spriting is probably among the best spriting there is. Look at SNES FX chip masterpieces and tell me those games don't look beautiful. Spriting is an art form that was refined to a great point. Smoothing it over as a "step up" is a step down - like early 3D, technically more impressive than spriting, looked like crap. Use the photoshop setting that smooths edges on a Doom screenshot and it does not improve the quality - gradients remind people of the early internet and that was NOT good visual design. 3D graphics took about two generations to begin looking really good, to the point where 3D games had memorable graphics. I don't think anyone will argue that Wolfenstein has amazing spriting.
  7. Sarcose

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    I like to play with fast monsters active. Actually, I usually don't play the unmodified IWADS without fast monsters anymore, just because, as you said, standard Doom UV is absurdly easy for a veteran. Fast monsters is pretty damn fun though.
  8. Sarcose

    What controller do you use to play DOOM on PC?

    Mouse and Keyboard for Doom. Keyboard only if I'm playing Chocolate Doom (because, while I know Doom came out supporting mouse, I played it keyboard only in my formative years). FPS with mouse and keyboard is undeniably superior, but FPSes designed specifically for console make excellent use of a gamepad and I cannot imagine using Mouse and Keyboard for them (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark). Gamepad is strictly superior for sidescrollers while we're on the subject of being nitpicky about control schemes.
  9. Sarcose

    your own dificulty names

    1. Can I play, Daddy? 2. Don't hurt me 3. Bring 'em on 4. I am Death Incarnate! heh.
  10. Sarcose

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    I have been thinking that maybe NM might be the best way to actually capture Doomguy's true experience of the situation he was thrust into - I think we all go in with the understanding that the monsters aren't just standing around waiting to be wiped out. As gamers we place our suspension of disbelief at the point where the gameplay does not implement a living ecosystem of reaction and reinforcements into the demon hordes - we assume storywise it is there even though we don't play through it. NM might be a clunky way of recreating that feel. Perhaps with a mapset designed with pure immersion in mind this might work out better. I never assumed Doomguy actually 100% completed every level - I always imagined his struggle as being constantly at the edge of his supplies and endurance with rare moments of rest in situations where he stumbles onto secrets or desperately searches for one when totally outgunned (like the soulsphere in E1M3). So combine the standard NM "mad exit rush" with a mapset designed to allow cat-and-mouse gameplay with the monsters and I believe a player might connect with the atmosphere that much more.
  11. I've never mapped before so I should join! It will be amazing!
  12. Sarcose

    Who has completed Doom on Nightmare?

    Yeah I wonder if the designers realized that hitscanners would become so brokenly hard on NM. It turns everything topsy turvy.
  13. Sarcose

    Nameless Doom (Now With Sprites!)

    I like the idea here. It makes me think of my conversation with rabidrage in this thread, discussing the divergent design evolution of different doom clones as they were developed (how Heretic took doom and went off in a different direction, hexen another, strife another, all doomlike, but all different enough that they can be called distinct games). You said you wanted a faster-paced playstyle. Is there anything else you will be doing to the gameplay design that will differentiate it from standard DooM? Changes to monster/weapon balance?
  14. Sarcose

    A Mix of Doom Engine games?

    I think a good project would be, instead of trying to improve Doom, TC it into a Doom homage with much of the same but a different approach. Essentially, find a new way to diverge its design.
  15. Sarcose

    Does DOOM take skill?

    This is actually not that ridiculous of a concept. The fast-paced gameplay is an intense draw to me but the biggest draw is the sense of immersion and loneliness. Some people don't qualify that under story but I feel the isolation of Doomguy IS the story. It is the subject of my one and only Doom fanfic.