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  1. DoomguyButItalian

    What are you playing now?

    Final Fantasy IV emulated, as well as previous FFs (still emulated) and a couple of Dragon Quest (emulated again xD). Going into an jRPG phase right now, I guess.
  2. DoomguyButItalian

    Any italian Doomers here?

    OMG I've seen that map in one of the New Doom Wads videos on youtube. When I first heard the music it sounded awfully familiar, and I thought if the map was made by an italian, or just someone who randomly heard it and thought it was catchy enough for Doom xD. Anyway, good job on that man ^^.
  3. DoomguyButItalian

    A Doom visual novel?

    Lol, ain't surprise about that xD. But what I mean isn't a dating sim, more like a VN telling the story of doom, with only path choices as gameplay.
  4. DoomguyButItalian

    A Doom visual novel?

    Nah, there's no such thing (as of yet), but I was wondering: if they made a Doom game (fan-made or official) that's actually a visual novel, would you be interested into playing it? No, I've no idea how you would make Doom work like that, but I don't think it's impossible either :) . (ps: I mean classic 93 Doom, nothing from '06 and Eternal)
  5. DoomguyButItalian

    Any italian Doomers here?

    I'm from Italy, I played Doom for a long time by now, but I often ask myself how many other italians are active in the community... Like I've seen WADs from many countries, russians, spanish, Japanese, but so far I can't recall any WAD made by an italian (or more in canse of of a MegaWAD), so if any of you any pls let me know here, thank you very much!