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  1. KNorton


    I can't believe I figured out my old old old password. What's everyone been doing these past years? Fnord.
  2. KNorton


    Was just wondering what was going on in the DooM scene =] I went to europe for two months, had a freakin blast. (No Red-Light District this time tho). Been awhile since I talked to any of you guys, just wanting to keep in touch. =] Realy blazed atm, ill post more later hehehe
  3. KNorton

    I have a ISP!

    hahaha silly stoner.
  4. KNorton

    I Need A Frontend With Modem Support That Works!

    back in the day we used sersetup.exe or dm.exe, heck setup.exe even worked for the modoom days.
  5. KNorton

    Out the cheaters

    muahahahahahahahaha, I tricked you into playing map01 that is where you went wrong. =] Dwango5Map01 you would of atleast had a positive score.
  6. KNorton

    Out the cheaters

    oh yeah it is nightlord, silly stoner me, but kufu is -=mat=-
  7. KNorton

    Out the cheaters

    nightfall is kufu or -=mat=-, same person.
  8. KNorton

    Out the cheaters

    Someone using one of my nicks!?!?! bastard!!! die die die!!! It would be nice that for ZDaemon 1.0, that the client could look up a players IP addr in game. Make sure he/she knows who he/she is playing. I swear I get so many blasted people using different nicks and trying to play me. Childish......
  9. KNorton

    Can Zdaemon support GL mods?

    not yet? I like how that sounds
  10. KNorton

    Playing too much Doom?

  11. KNorton

    Zdaemon sucks

    silly freelook
  12. KNorton

    War For Millennium

    I'll join, dont know what I can do, but hell....why not
  13. KNorton

    nVidia jams another one up my ass

    My GF3 has never given me any problems, but I do remember some time like a month ago I updated my drivers....and I couldn't play ZDaemon!!! All I do on my computer is use IRC, watch anime, and play zdaemon....so this was a big big no no. I had 2 downgrade my drivers and it was fine.
  14. KNorton


    yay bahd =]
  15. KNorton

    An ideal deathmatch map

    Schools do make for good maps I guess. I think a neighborhood map would be cool. One where you could go in each house. Kinda like the old tombstn wads. The remake of tombstn on dwango5 was kinda weak. There are a ton of things that make a map good. Balance comes to my mind first. A map must be balanced well. Like for instance... normal map01 is balanced very well...it is to much of a control map and spawn-kill map. A map like the newer kaboom.wad is well balanced, and it was made not to be a spawn-kill map. I don't think details and good looking maps make for good DM maps, it might help a little bit..but it doesn't make the map good. As long as a map has something to move behind when you're SSG is reloading, then it's cool....also maps where you can use cool tricks is great. I think knorticdm.wad will own all =]