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  1. I had that intermission bug when i had Hexen version 1.0. it disappeared when i updated it to 1.1.
  2. Most music's in Evilution and Ultimate are good enough to listen. BTW, Elbryan, didn't you have Evilution MP3's?
  3. Well, here you can find a wad that replaces all sounds with ones used in PlayStation Doom. Some of them are better, IMHO.
  4. If i'm not mistaken, ROTT's music are used Hell Revealed, and those are very good. Map 01 music isn't the best one's, but i like the version that was used in Freedoom.
  5. I downloaded shareware WinZip also, just to unzip Freedoom, and it worked. Did you assign winzip to handle .GZ files?
  6. I found mine here
  7. I think it would be possible with ZDoom and EDGE. At least i have seen extra text's in few ZDoom Wad's, and i think that i saw one in a EDGE Wad also, so i guess you could remove all of them also.
  8. Intresting idea. I think it could be possible. In Immoral Conduct you get a sentry turret with backpack, it doesn't move and attacks enemies that are in it's range. If you do same kind of thing without the DDF codes that make it friendly, and with close combat attck, it could be done.
  9. BTW, is there a special line/trigger that send's you to super secret level, or do i just use "goto secret level" in the first secret level?
  10. Yeah, it's not so bad. Only problem's are DOS programs sound's, and occasional crashings when quitting from EDGE and ZdoomGL.
  11. No, but jDoom has it own basic scripting system called XG. Download this demonstration map to see what you cand do with it (14kb e1m1). You can find reference guide from jDoom homepage Also there is a thing called Boomsday that makes possible to play Boom and MBF maps with jDoom's graphics, still a beta version, also in jDoom site.
  12. Yeah, we're waiting! BTW, what's going on with ZDoom 1.23?
  13. I have to agree with that, jDoom is best, EDGE and Legacy are nice, ZDoomGL is good, and Vavoom is ugly and slow.
  14. Eternal Doom had streets in few levels, but TNT probaply used their own flats.
  15. My computer has WinME as well, and only MBF has problem's with music. Allegro finds compatible devices, but music won't play. The problem with DOS exe's are the soundFX that disappear after awhile. All windows-based source ports play music as they should.