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  1. killer


    what about a cool smiley that has a nazi smiley and a chainsaw smiley. then the chainsaw smiley kills the nazi smiley? would that be allowed?
  2. okay before i start making smilies for people i have a question. is it okay for me to make gory smilies and post them here. they are not stupid my smilies are well done but are they allowed?

    P.S. i think they are animated gifs but i really have no idea. i just know that they are cool and that i made them from scratch

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    2. killer


      dude that hurts and they are just links anyways heres another http://img7.exs.cx/img7/6633/roadkillsmiley.gif I wont stop making smilies. i refuse and some people do think they are funny. so i dont really care about the negative posts. they dont affect me

    3. Bucket


      I'd suggest you reserve any further submissions to the forums of people who actually like them. Better for you, and easier on the mods here.

    4. killer


      as long as i dont hotlink the mods dont care. and i know almost everybody here hates my smilies. but i dont care. there may be one or 2 that like them a little bit. besides i'm only 13 and i plan on making flash games soon. so i cant get a job yet. and i will never do something as degrading as becoming a condom factory worker. i'm better then that. http://img56.exs.cx/img56/944/shotgunsmiley.gif

  3. killer

    Favorite Classic RPGs (Snes, Genesis)

    man they are all awesome