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  1. OldMan

    Genetic Disaster Released

    Suba Steve said "Wow, way to be a complete mong and miss the point of the entire thread Old Man" My apologies then, I guess. I don't claim to have even 1/1000th the Doom knowledge that anyone else posting here has. And I didn't want to infer jealousy as a reason of posts, I just thought anyone would love to be able to create and utlize models like sitters does if they can't already do so. I thought sitters said he was part of the R3D development team and also thought a lot of the complaints (constuctive criticism?) were aimed at him in that capacity since they are posted in his thread. I guess I read it wrong. Since I don't know a lot about Doom ports I just couldn't figure out why there is so much problem with R3D. I may just be used to using somewhat non-intuitive programs but I've had very little problem with using it, not modding for it. Just wanted to clarify. Now back to the regularly scheduled port bashing....I mean constructive criticism of the level in question.
  2. OldMan

    Genetic Disaster Released

    I hear ya sitters. Please don't let some of the terrible comments here deter your efforts to produce stunningly beautiful levels for R3D. I, for one, enjoy them and am grateful there are folks like you that put the time and effort into making FREE games for me to enjoy in the little free time I have. I do not have the skills or the time to create much myself and really appreciate what you, and many others, do to keep Doom alive and well. Please don't get discouraged! I'd hate to see the dinks ripping you push you away from mapping. I'm sure some of them would absolutely love to have your crazy modeling skills. Even if they don't enjoy the game play, or can't figure out R3D, I can't figure out why some of the comments are approaching personal insults to you. Thank you again for your contributions to the Doom community and I really am looking forward to Stargate. That is one of my favorite shows ever. Peace out.
  3. OldMan

    Genetic Disaster Released

    Nice Sitters! No matter some of the shortcommings in game play with this latest level (See Enjay's post), I still really enjoy your work. I haven't made it through the whole map because I got too invloved replaying your old releases optimized for R3D. For those of you out there that played and liked (or even sort of liked) Chiller Castle, Hell on Egypt, etc... get the R3D optimized versions and play them again. There are some amazing new details in them that I just loved. The floating wraith-like guy in Chiller Castle was awesome. I must admit though, these levels kick me hard as I'm not a great Doomer. I try not to DQD through levels, but I find myself employing a few cheats here and there to survive very long in a Sitter's map. A simple hint for R3D: If you downloaded all the model and weapons replacement packs keep them around. I kept them after the last version release of R3D, so this time around all I had to due was download "full installation" and the service pack and I was ready to go. Also, I found during the last installation to load R3D to your root c:/ directory or else paths would get screwed up and R3D wouldn't work quite right. It may have changed for this release, but I wouldn't try loading to a subdirectory.
  4. OldMan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #261

    Best...Newstuff....EVER! At least in my short time here reading the forums. Best set of wads, maybe/maybe not, best reviews, definitely! Thanks for the time you guys put into this. I can't wait to get to my home computer and give some of these a go. WOT sounds great, and maybe I'll fianlly get Hacx to work for me this time. The only time I tried I got terrible VPOs and crap by the 3rd or 4th map using a previous version of ZDoom and never tried any further.
  5. OldMan

    Username game

    That is a mouth harp. Hold in teeth and twang it for the jug-bang sound. Not sure about the other pendant looking thingy. Fist hit on Google images, and no, that's not me! I think it's a retired Cylon. http://img503.imageshack.us/my.php?image=oldman4ny.jpg
  6. OldMan

    Compaq sucks

    Hey U, The 5500 vid card, or some other 5000 series card, might be all you can put in that rig without upgrading the power supply unit. The geoforce 6000 and 7000 series cards need a lot of voltage and two power connections for the AGP versions. I went through the same thing with my HP. You can easily overload a cheap system and cause overheating problems also, so an upgrade to the cooling is sometimes necessary. Live and learn. You can only tweak a proprietary system so much. Currently buildling my next rig myself piece by piece when I find cash for components.
  7. OldMan

    Steam sucks

    I downloaded HL2 demo, dealt with the Steam BS, hated it so much I will never buy a Valve game or any other game that requires Steam or anything like Steam to play. I dislike modern games that require the CD to play, but I can deal with that. When it takes FOREVER to play a game that requires internet validation and updates to play, even with a high-speed DSL connection, I figure the company doesn't want my money so screw em'. I'm just glad I found this out with a free demo and didn't pay money to then find out how piss poor their system is.
  8. OldMan

    Doom 2 Pinball available now

    Bump... Larsboy, very nice origingal table. For those that don't play visual pinball on a regular basis, this is one of the better original creations out there. I like most of the recreations of commercial games better (IMHO nothing beats 90's Williams classics, check out AJ's at http://www.vpforums.com/ ), but most of the original table creations by various authors blow. I really like the sounds in this one, and while the table may seem boring at first, it quickly picks up the pace. I especially like that you can have a battle plan on how to attack once you get the hang of the game. The only thing that would be better is if this had a video mode where you had to blast some impse to get free ball or something. Nice release Larsboy! -Peace out
  9. OldMan

    Update level Cruel death

    Looks great Sitters. I like the new layout of the site, and screenies look awesome. Can't wait for the new level to be completed. -Peace out
  10. OldMan

    Risen Egypt Released.

    Very nice Sitters. I'm happy to be back in Egypt, although I keep forgetting to look for traps in the floor and keep getting impaled! I haven't made it very far through the map but it looks amazing so far. Now if I could just get Abbspack V4 to work, I love the .357 mag and rocket launcher, but the new Risen3D keeps telling me I need to upgrade to V4 when that is what I have loaded. Anyways, nice mapping and I look forward to whatever you come up with next. Another Aztec level now? Back to the Castle? Or something entirely different? -Peace out
  11. OldMan

    Two extremes

    Just for clarity. Merriam-Webster definitions: Main Entry:id*i*ot Function:noun Etymology:Middle English, from Latin idiota ignorant person, from Greek idiotes one in a private station, ignorant person, from idios one's own, private 1 : a mentally retarded person requiring complete custodial care 2 : a foolish or stupid person Kids definitely are not all retarded so: Main Entry:stu*pid Function:adjective Etymology:Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupere to be numb, be astonished 1 : very dull in mind 2 : showing or resulting from dullness of mind Kids are definitely not (most anyway) dull in mind. Most have very active minds, such as a great imagination. So: Main Entry:fool*ish Function:adjective 1 : showing or arising from folly or lack of judgment 2 : ABSURD : RIDICULOUS 3 : ABASHED I think this best represents kids. Foolish - lack of judgement. I just wanted to clarify because a huge problem with child rearing and hinderances to healthy psyche development of children is that they ARE TREATED LIKE IDIOTS. Most kids have the mental capacity to be quite brilliant if nurtured when young, and not stiffled by being treated like an imbecile. Just one of my soap box issues, particularly pertinent here as we have just seen two examples of what happens when you are raised as an idiot (one a child, the other a mother who will probably raise another problem for the world to deal with).
  12. OldMan

    What's your favorite food?

    Pizza has been my favorite food for about 30 years. My mom recently gave me some stuff when cleaing out her basement, and in it I found a "All About Me" book I made in kindergarten. I said even then that my favorite was pizza. A close second are venison fajitas with red onion, green pepper, romaine lettuce, pepper jack cheese, and homemade salsa. The homemade salsa is also home grown with 5 kinds of pepper, the main being habenaro and jalepeno, but also contains smaller portions of cayenne, hot block, and green peppers. Also contains onion, garlic, tomato, cilantro, and cider vinegar. After years of trial and error my dad and I have perfected our favorite salsa. Also, most years, I get lucky and shoot the deer myself. Other years I have to beg vension from friends. Man, I'm hungry. I need to go crack open a new jar of salsa (out of venison at the moment, but hunting season starts in about 1.5 months!). -Peace out
  13. OldMan

    Two extremes

    As a father of a 2 year old child, and having many close nieces and nephews, I can speak from some experience. There comes a point when corporal punishment (a good whack!) is necessary for todlers. They don't have the reasoning skills yet for a "time-out" (God I hate that term) to work effectively. The family dog understands cause and effect better at this point. Very young children (babies to about 2 years old) just need lots of love and attention, and for parents to be attentive and figure out why the little one is crying. Hitting babies to 2 year olds should be (is?) a crime, and should be punishible by public flogging or the old Puritan stocks. Stoning might be and option. I have a hard time not beating the piss out of women like the video shows, but if I did I would be the one in jail. By being consistent, and setting boundaries when young, you avoid the situation found in the first video. Kids will still act out to continually test the limits, but I've found most will respect you if you treat them with dignity and not just yell, scream, and beat them. Just be firm and don't let them get away with murder. If you have to result to corporal punishment just remember they will eventually come to realize they derserved it. I know I did, and I thank my parents for beating (just spanking, not punching or anything more violent) me when I truly deserved it. Although they were wrong and beat me few times for something my brother did and conned them into thinking it was me, but that's another story and I paid him back for that long ago! My bottom line: know your kids, talk to your kids, be firm with boundaries, teach them well, and spend as much time as possible with your kids. If you mess up and they turn out to be imps, you can't just blame society. You have their future in you hands. -Peace out
  14. OldMan

    Update shots Risen Egypt

    Looking good, as always, Sitters. I'm happy you are going with the Egypt theme, Hell on Egpyt is my favorite of your creations so far. I have a Risen3D question that I can't find the answer to. I finally got R3D up and running in preparation for this new map, and just to check it out and compare to Doomsday. The instructions say to increase the memory in the graphics tab in the launcher but the 'Zone Memory' only lets me choose up to 48 MB. The instructions say to up that to at least 256 MB for models and hires graphics. Anyone else have this problem? And how do I up the allocated memory in the launcher so things don't lag when the fighting gets out of hand? I haven't seen any real lag playing through a few maps of Doom II with models, but I want to be prepared for the glory that is a Sitters map. Peace out-
  15. OldMan

    The /newstuff Chronicles #244

    Not true, and don't take just a few people's comments as representing everyone. I enjoyed your attention to detail, and had fun playing through this map. A little work on the gameplay and this would be awesome! It's given me a few ideas for things to try in my maps. I'm just getting started in mapping, and I truly stink at it so I know what I'm talking about when I say you don't stink at mapping. I look forward to your next release. Peace out.