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  1. Naked Snake

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    It definitely weirded me out seeing reports of this hack on Twitter, thankfully the passwords are encrypted.
  2. Naked Snake

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    RIP I guess, SA was a fun site for a long time but I dropped off in the mid-2000s and never really looked back. Never was a forum member, seems like it was a happening joint back in the day.
  3. Naked Snake

    Hey, remember Metroid Dread?

    I am so stoked for this, the Metroid II remake seems neat and I have yet to play it but looks like I'll have to in order to whip myself into shape for Dread. Might be time for a Super Metroid and Fusion replay too.
  4. Naked Snake

    Doomworld's Opinion On Blood?

    I love Blood and was pretty happy when NDS was able to re-release it, it was one of my favorite games back in the day, the humor was great, the levels were fun, the weapons were satisfying.
  5. Naked Snake

    Mega Man Or Mega Man X?

    I like them both but Mega Man X was pretty solid and X2 made some major improvements to the gameplay of X1. Never really got into X3 as much but I played the hell out of the other two. I didn't make the transition to the PS1 games either so anything X3 is pretty much unknown to me beyond glancing at the TvTropes pages maybe. The original NES games were a bit too hard for me but I can see why folks really like those games. The GB games were also pretty hard, I'm not the best Mega Man player out there. They definitely deserve their place in the Classic Canon of Great Games though. Without them the X series wouldn't have come about and I thank them for pioneering the series and concept.
  6. Naked Snake

    What Is The Best Unreal Tournament?

    UT99 and 2003 / 2004 are pretty fun, I never really played any of the newer ones so I can't really say much about those. I recommend the Operation: Na Pali mod for UT99 because not only does it add a fun single player campaign but it adds the ability to change out between Unreal 1 and UT99 weapons individually, power-ups, and other stuff, it's pretty much a mandatory upgrade IMO.
  7. Naked Snake

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I lurk sometimes but I rarely post. I still consider myself a Doomer even if I'm not really active in the community as much anymore.
  8. Naked Snake

    What's with the fish?

    DSM made a lot of these fish avatars for people, he made mine. It's a reference to mewse's avatar, I am unaware of the origin of that however.
  9. Naked Snake

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    I mean, on one hand I can understand the argument "it's missing some functionality", I gotta question how many people are still out there mapping for Blood. If you're still that dedicated, you'll find a way to do it.
  10. Naked Snake

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Hell yes, this is a great day for classic FPS fans! Blood was one of the most memorable games of my childhood, I remember my friend had it on his computer and I was blown away by the action and dark humor and I've been a fan ever since. Thank you guys for working hard on getting this out to us all, it's appreciated.
  11. Naked Snake

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    I think it's really cool to see the use of older game engines for new games, quite often these efforts are lead by the fanatics who never stopped honing their skills and are now at the peak of their talents. A lot of these engines can still hold their own, when we reached pretty close to photorealistic graphics, then that level of fidelity stopped being special. Now the barrier of entry into the game business is much lower again. It's like a repeat of the 1980s and 1990s where all you needed was a PC and the gumption and you could go from sleeping on a matress on the floor to being a multi-millionaire.
  12. I don't blame them for taking over, the Gun Control Act was just another lubricant on the slippery slope. I'm not exactly pleased with their non-sensical ramblings and therefore am no longer a member, but I still don't support most of the proposed forms of "gun control" because I have genuine concerns over their implementation or effectiveness. A good example is the repeated call to ban "assault rifles / assault weapons". The problem lies in the fact that even if you take the pistol grip off a rifle and put it in a traditional-looking stock, you still end up with a semi-automatic firearm, so essentially you are just regulating the cosmetic appearance of a firearm, things that have zero impact on their ability to be used in a crime. One of the criteria that defines an "assault weapon" under current and proposed laws is a stock that telescopes in length to adjust for the height of different shooters. Can you really say with a straight face that a stock that is not rigid but instead adjusts to a person's physique makes it more useful in a crime or more deadly than a conventionally-stocked firearm? So yeah, of course I am going to oppose that, because it has zero impact on criminal usage and zero impact on the lethality of the weapon. A semi-automatic firearm, no matter what it looks like, is a dangerous weapon when misused. This is true of any firearm. Do I think that we need absolutely no new laws entirely? Of course not, there are certainly things we need to tighten up, like what records states have to forward to the NICS system. We CAN tackle this issue without abbrogating people's rights, just like we tackle all sorts of other issues without resorting to further reductions of civil liberties (shit like the PATRIOT Act not-withstanding).
  13. That's completely false, considering people who are "clinically insane" are already prohibited persons and have been since the Gun Control Act of 1968. The NRA supported the Gun Control Act, which did in fact create restrictions on who can buy firearms, where and how. Namely, it created the Federal Firearms License system for gun dealers, required them to conduct backround checks using a Form 4473 (it used to take a few days, now the FFL calls up the FBI National Instant Criminal Search hotline to conduct the backround check). It created criteria on who is a prohibited person (namely felons and those declared mentally defective). It requires a person purchasing a long gun from an FFL to be 18, or 21 for handguns. It does a bunch of other stuff too, if you want to know the other gritty details, it's on Wikipedia. The problem with using the terrorist watchlist to prohibit people from owning firearms is that there's absolutely no due process. It's a secret list, with secret criteria, and there's no known mechanism to have your name removed if it is on there incorrectly. Senator Ted Kennedy was infamously on the so-called "selectee list" and was constantly detained when attempting to travel by air, and he was a sitting Congressman. Children have been selected for additional screening due to having the same name as a person on the terrorist watchlist. I don't think it's unreasonable to be concerned about using a flawed mechanism which lacks due process when we're talking about restricting somebody's civil rights. If the government thinks people on their various watchlists are too dangerous to own a firearm, they should bring forth evidence before a judge in a public courtroom, make their case for the public record and determine the validity of the evidence presented to make a judgement. We already do this with restraining orders, which also prohibit a person from possessing or purchashing firearms. There should be a process to appeal the judgement, there should be mechanisms in place to prevent abuse of the system and to protect innocent people from being caught up in a dragnet. If the government can prove the person should be prohibited, then yes, they should be added to the NICS (National Instant Criminal Search) system as a prohibited person.
  14. One of the problems is the discussions being had are coming from two different ways of addressing the problem. One side is saying laws should be geared to punish criminal usage after the fact, another side says the best course of action is more regulation on civilian access. It results in a bunch of people talking over eachother instead of to eachother, and accusing eachother of not having the right approach to the issue.
  15. Naked Snake

    A New Doom Game Came Out

    That's the joke. </Ranier Wolfcastle>