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  1. Fonze, thanks for the answer, I will write to you if i plan to be in Virginia.
  2. Btw, can anyone help me with the rental agreement (i consider any state)? I have heard that people are reluctant to rent accommodation without a credit history. Leave me a message PM. Thanks.
  3. Take it easy, I'm one of the green card lottery winners (3% chances of 100%), a permanent resident of the United States in the near future. Thank you all people very much for your support and advices, it was very interesting to read and learn something new from the real citizens of the USA! Particularly pleased by Doomguy's. The friend in the company where I work for a long time advises against Chicago because of the crime, and secondly this morning i learned of the recent incident, a wounded 4-year old child, I felt a little alerted by this horror news. Finally i decided to abandon Chicago and is now firmly determined - go to Boston. Generally such plans - to learn in the Drive school and become a CDL truck driver. There were also plans to work as a programmer (PHP, JAVA etc), but I do not know much of the OOP. I will be glad to new acquaintances, my fb: https://www.facebook.com/andrey.morozov.9277 Crete, Greece one year ago, nice car :)
  4. Plans changed, I decided to go to Chicago, there's someone from Chicago?
  5. No, I need to make sure that there will be difficulties in rent (need to confirm the credit history, etc.)
  6. Why should I live in a tent, if i have enough money to rent room/studio :)
  7. thanks for the reply, however, may be interested in someone rents a room for the first time ...
  8. I move for a better life and just because I'm bored
  9. I have some real plans to work . But no credit history for first time. First of all, I move to New York JFK, then probably go in NJ, for the drive license without need to take the road test (I have foreign 10 years license)
  10. Yes, I got the visa and the right to work in US
  11. Hello everybody! I'm MAZter[iddqd], I live in Moscow, a long-time fan of the original DOOM games. Some of the members of this forum know me as the maker and owner of the well-known in narrow circles of the Internet "Doom Power" / iddqd.ru / "Russian Doom Community". Some time ago I decided to move to the United States forever (New York, Chicago, or even any city, haven't yet decided). Why not Texas, you may ask? Because of some problems with the public transport. At home I work in IT sphere, I know php and java, know how to make websites, while at the same time I know little of object-oriented programming. In August of this year, I'll arrive in the US. Don't have friends nor relatives in the US, also I'll be with limited funds. Therefore, for the first time, most likely I will need support, assistance in obtaining various documents, finding housing (rent room), work and all the other problems associated with immigration. So, I'd like to ask local Doomguys, who live in the United States and would do anything to help - any advices you can give me/can you help me? I will be glad to have new acquaintances!
  12. MAZter

    Chocolate Doom 1.1.0 released

    Version 1.1.1
  13. MAZter

    Someplace took my doom art!

    I would be glad, if anybody which would help me with translation even to a part of a site on English language as I in it am not strong. Also notice, that search the fan art is not easy job too :)
  14. MAZter

    Someplace took my doom art!

    I apologize, if someone has offended. I promise to add on a site an opportunity of a filtration on the author so that everyone who looks through pictures could learn a name of the author.
  15. Dan Hill - It's a long road (theme from Rambo), remixed with Doom III scenes: http://youtube.com/watch?v=OKKxu5Y806o Chris Cornell - You know my name, remixed with Doom III scenes: http://youtube.com/watch?v=oTRRPGFc2Eg