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  1. chainsoul

    Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.1 (Updated)

    Has the stair glitch where you can get stuck going up it been fixed yet, its the one you go up to get to a secret if you need a video or screenshot of what i'm talking about i can provide one if needed
  2. chainsoul

    Best players

  3. chainsoul

    Best players

    mathayus has already stated he does not like odamex, capo
  4. chainsoul

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    i managed to get my doombuilder working again, so if its possible i would like to have slot 15 back
  5. chainsoul

    Best players

    CTF Best capturer: Jenova Best mid: RottKing Best defense: DevastatioN Best "jack of all trades": Mikehail Duel Oldschool: DemonSphere Newschool: RoSKing
  6. chainsoul

    Winter's Fury

    Which version of gzdoom are you using
  7. chainsoul

    (W.I.P) Awesome Deathmatch

    ill take slot 15 if it's still open
  8. chainsoul

    Community's Doomed Videos

    Karakurt did you forget Cecil's frag videos
  9. Vanguard was a pretty good wad https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/55256-vanguard-wad-now-on-idgames/
  10. chainsoul

    Knee-Deep In the Jungle

    this was really awesome sgt. mark 8/10
  11. chainsoul

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    RIP Ty Halderman
  12. chainsoul


    sweet Jesus and i thought i was the only one trying to work on a multiplayer mod for this wad, gj m8