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  1. Has the stair glitch where you can get stuck going up it been fixed yet, its the one you go up to get to a secret if you need a video or screenshot of what i'm talking about i can provide one if needed
  2. mathayus has already stated he does not like odamex, capo
  3. i managed to get my doombuilder working again, so if its possible i would like to have slot 15 back
  4. CTF Best capturer: Jenova Best mid: RottKing Best defense: DevastatioN Best "jack of all trades": Mikehail Duel Oldschool: DemonSphere Newschool: RoSKing
  5. Which version of gzdoom are you using
  6. ill take slot 15 if it's still open
  7. Karakurt did you forget Cecil's frag videos
  8. Vanguard was a pretty good wad
  9. Sign me up as a mapper
  10. this was really awesome sgt. mark 8/10
  11. RIP Ty Halderman
  12. sweet Jesus and i thought i was the only one trying to work on a multiplayer mod for this wad, gj m8