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  1. Alboroto

    What is your Xbox Live gamertag?

  2. Alboroto

    God as the Final Boss...

    Nietzche could kick his ass if he believed on him. And voilá, twist ending.
  3. Alboroto

    Stuff to read that will make you mad

    Your girl always gives you sex out of pitty. Oh, sorry. You are a virgin.
  4. Alboroto

    Christmas gifts (what did you get?)

    I bought the Tv for my mom, but they forgot my name on the list. Today we got toghether for breakfast, and they told me they'll help me pay for some repairs on my car. That's going to be really helpfull. Next year, I'll put my name in the bag.
  5. Alboroto

    Christmas gifts (what did you get?)

    A cheap wallet. We played a "secret santa" type of game in my house. They forgot to put my name on the list. The wallet was a "don't feel bad, here's something for you type of gift" from my nephew My sister got an iphone My dad got a new laptop Mom got a 32' LED tv. My nephew got a Xbox/kinect bundle pack
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egU2DCGjO6I&feature=related
  7. Alboroto

    What Is The Worst Music You Have Ever Heard?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzMUyqmaqcw I win
  8. Alboroto

    Top 10 Doom Mods

    http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/top-10-doom-game-mods Comment :)
  9. Alboroto

    nominate best weird music video

  10. Alboroto

    Violent Books

    Many good things are left out from the movie...
  11. Alboroto

    Violent Books

    Clive Barker. Anything by him. Or, A Clockwork Orange. A taste of the good old ultra-violence.
  12. Alboroto

    Sherlock Holmes via. Robert Downey Jr.

    Will it have a FPS type scene to please the fans? sorry, that was some other movie that got its original story fucked up...
  13. Alboroto

    Peeing in the Shower (as reported AOL Health)

    So it's okay to piss on the kitchen sink?
  14. Alboroto

    Germany to ban paintball & laser tag

    Kill 'em all. That's the only way to stop violence.