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  1. Aardappel

    Cube Is Not for Squares

    Well, that was certainly easier than integrating it into doom :) Coopedit with classical doom editing 2d view wouldn't be as much fun, we have to wait until there is a 100% 3d editor for doom. I was gonna write one at some point but got... distracted :P
  2. Aardappel

    Doom Builder One Point Five

    I've always wanted to do a 100% 3d editor for doom much like what I did for cube. Yes it can be done, and whats more it would rock to edit with. But among 101 projects... it never got very far.
  3. Aardappel

    Cube Squared

    It's made by metlslime, suprisingly, not goetz :) He made a lot of amazing q1/q2 maps too, check out http://www.celephais.net/levels.shtml
  4. Aardappel

    Cube Squared

    Sure, visually they have progressed, and metl3 is amazing. But you'll be glad to know that instagib is probably the most popular multiplayer mode, and that tartech is one of the most popular instagib maps :)
  5. Aardappel

    It's Cran-Tastic Ruby Red!

    WadC is not a map generator, its a programming language / map editor which can be used to program a map generator. And though Ruby-Doom is certainly cute, I very much doubt anyone can make normal sized maps in this. Many patterns that come pretty much "for free" in WadC because of its lazy evaluation have to be programmed explicitly every time in Ruby. That will get old fast. Neither of these programs have anything to do with SLIGE.
  6. Aardappel

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    awards format would suck ass, as you will never see the more interesting entries further down the list (it will have little statistical value). Assuming a single list for all kinds of SP wads, I am sure I have already played numbers 1-20, whichever they are. So such a list is only relevant to me (and most hardcore doomers, I think) if it has 50-100 entries, and for that many entries to be statistically valid, you need many votes, weighted votes, and not diluting the results by splitting things up into 10 million categories.
  7. Aardappel

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    Oh and if you are going to ignore my suggestion, or if you need some wads to put in a pre-selected list (good to get around the "name" problem), here are some wads I enjoyed playing a lot (by their .wad name), all getting 9 or better on my own little ranking list (in no particular order): 10sector, nightwing, bfl, self-ep, kzdoom*, slayer, ruinbros, equinox, av, hr, hr2, earth, requiem, eternal, mordeth, ahellday
  8. Aardappel

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    I LOVE seeing good "best ever" lists, as they allow me to spot wads I may have missed. But if you are going to do this, do this right, meaning something that is most valuable to the readers / most statistically accurate. My suggestion: collect best-ever lists from as many people as possible. Give points to items in each list similar to formula-1 rules, i.e. #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 6, then 4, 3, 2, 1, and every item from there on 1 point. Add up. This point scheme, besides being statistically relatively fair, also allows the lists to contain any number of items, as most items on longer lists only get 1 point anyway. You can safely assume that people that come up with a list of 50 wads actually know a bit better than those who send in a list of 5, but there's no big advantage either way. The bitch is adding it all up. I have a little C program which I wrote for a different occasion and does all the adding automatically (and tracks who voted what etc.), but still assumes everyone uses the same naming convention for a wad, which often goes wrong. Either way, good luck. Can't wait to see the results.
  9. Aardappel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #118

    The links ask for a "planetmirror password". I got them off 3dgamers, but for next time it may be practical to link to a more friendly site.
  10. Aardappel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #118

    password for these links? or alternative download site?
  11. Aardappel

    Gone With The Win

    And proud of it. Wouldn't wanna be intelligent, like you.
  12. Aardappel

    Gone With The Win

    Yup, played all of them. Of those, Mordeth and STRAIN have the best gameplay (to me), afaik Mordeth mainly uses it to replace sprites, not to butcher gameplay. I have a lot of respect for those who created Batman doom as it looks quite amazing and original, but the gameplay is far below average. Surely you can't say that it has gameplay on the same level as the likes of requiem, HR*, k*doom*, AV, etc etc.?
  13. Aardappel

    Gone With The Win

    whats the point of being able to change the exe in windows, which you can then only run in dos (or win9x)? also, dehacked files are easily applied by windows source ports anyway, without the need for poking around in the exe. Last but not least, why are people so excited about dehacked in general? almost all (gameplay) modifications made with dehacked in the past sucked hard, the best wads ever made all work with standard doom(2) gameplay.
  14. Aardappel

    The /newstuff Chronicles #99

    I am 30 and all my doom maps (except one I think) were made after the age 25, so there. There are plenty of other older doom mappers, for one kdoom is about 30 as well I think.
  15. Aardappel


    but maybe you could add the path to the search results table, so one can instantly see what kind of wad it is