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  1. Does the Doom song "Sinister" utilize phrygian mode?
  2. fezzador

    Hated music tracks?

    I don't particularly dislike any of the Doom songs, but if I had to pick one, it'd be E2M4 since I can barely hear it. I don't mind ambient music, but that one just doesn't cut it. I love, love, love E2M6's Sinister though. Very nice use of phrygian mode.
  3. fezzador

    Your most HATED monster?

    Maybe in zDoom, but in Vanilla they only shoot fireballs at you.
  4. fezzador

    zdoom gripe

    Grow up kids. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to try different places some of those zdoom forums haven't been touched in days.
  5. fezzador

    Your most HATED monster?

    Barons and Cacos. Both have way too many hit points (probably twice as much as necessary) and pose very little threat to a nimble player. Cacos are even slower than Barons, their fire-lightning balls aren't all that powerful, and don't have a real melee attack.
  6. fezzador

    zdoom gripe

    I tried posting this in the zdoom forum but that place is rather dead so I'll see if this place gets a quicker response. Whenever I run zdoom, I keep getting these foreign-looking characters (vowels with diacritical marks, grave accents, greek-like letters, ect) instead of regular text. When I start it up I can type in there no problem but about a minute into the game it changes to these weird characters. how can this be fixed?
  7. fezzador

    Knee Deep In The Dead Episode Review

    Level 2 - Nuclear Plant Difficulty: 3 Considering the relatively high amount of monsters, the vast majority of them are imps and pistol-toting zombiemen. And most of them are found out in the open at that. The closest thing to a 'scary part' is the dark maze with the flickering lights which eventually leads you to the chainsaw. Ambience: 6 The music is rather bland, lava pits are sparingly used, and the textures are pretty homogenous with some techy graphics thrown about here and there. Hardly anything in this level suggests it's an overrun nuclear plant but at least it makes good use of different light levels. Architecture: 7 Much more complex than its predecessor, it has many more staircases, lifts, and other nifty things than Hangar. There's several major parts to this level, each distinctly identified by its main wall texture and light level. All in all, it's still relatively plain. Intangibles: 9 This level's one of the most fun to play. There's an abundance of ammunition and health, and the monster placement is about as good as it gets. It's still very easy, maybe a demon or two could be thrown in to keep you on your toes. It's a deceptively large level, the secret areas account for about a third of the entire level. Overall: 7.5 Slightly disappointing for a second level, even on ultra-violence there's no monster more difficult than an imp and there's a surplus of ammunition, it's also the first place you can find a chaingun and a soulsphere (not that either of them are really necessary here). Just a fun medium-sized level with plenty of baddies waiting to get pelted with that 12-gauge.
  8. fezzador


    *raises hand* I suck with the mouse for some reason, guess I'm not very coordinated.
  9. I'm reviewing each level in the first episode because I'm bored and because I haven't done anything here for a while. I'm evaluating several aspects of each level and will come up with a composite score that isn't necessarily an average of the reviewed aspects. Here's a brief rundown of the review template: Difficulty: No-brainer. How hard a level is (UV mode only). Ambience: The feel of a level (i.e. fluidity, music, usage of environmental hazards) Architecture: Basic structure of the level. This measures how pleasing a level is to the eye, and also measures the placement of objects such as barrels and decorations Intangibles: Basically anything not covered in the prior 3 areas. Monster and ammo placement, general level enjoyment, crap like that. And here we go: Level 1 - Hangar Difficulty: 2 It's the easiest level of the easiest mission so anything above a 2 would be ludicrous. The only thing to really be careful of is the sergeants guarding the armor by the entrance, but once you nab the shotgun the level's yours. Ambience: 8 This level itself is nothing spectacular, other than being the introductory level to the greatest FPS of all time. It doesn't even remotely resemble a hangar. The slime pools, lift, and staircases serve little more than eye candy, merely demonstrations of the Doom environment. The music is great, ranks up with the Mario theme song as one of the most recognizable songs from a video game. Architecture: 5 If it weren't for the fact that it doubles as a fantastic deathmatch level (lots of open space yet plenty of places to hide - love that hidden 'sniping window') I'd rank this lower. Very bland map with little difference in either elevation or texture. Intangibles: 6 Monster placement is solid, some of the sergeants are rather sneakily placed (when you open the first door you know what I mean), but being the first level I suppose it should be straightforward and the surprise element would be best served for a later, more difficult level. Way too much ammo on the level, especially for the shotgun. There's probably 150 rounds worth on this level if you take the sergeants into consideration. It's abundant with health too. Overall: 8 It's not all that great of a map in itself, but as the introductory level it serves its purpose quite well. After facing the imps for the first time you're left wondering what other demonic beings are waiting beyond that exit switch? Next part of the review to come later.
  10. Firstly: How do you merge multiple maps into a single wad file? I've never intended to make a multi/megawad before... until now, and I'm not sure how to do this. Secondly: How do you synchronize blinking lights? I want adjacent sectors to blink at the same time, but one of them seems to be just a bit off so it looks kind of weird. Thirdly: This might be the dumbest one of all, considering I've made quite a few maps: What's the easiest way to make a curve? I've made some manual curves but they're just too tedious, is there a shortcut that saves time? Thanks.
  11. And whenever I try to change a texture, it crashes. I have UD's wad file loaded and I'm making a Doom level, so that's not the problem. Basically I don't want to press Tab every time I want to find a texture... without crashing!
  12. fezzador

    Looking for an old Doom wad...

    For some reason belial's link doesn't work...
  13. fezzador

    Looking for an old Doom wad...

    I don't think that's it... I think the executable file was doom3.exe (of course it has nothing to do with the Doom 3 we all know and love!)
  14. fezzador

    Looking for an old Doom wad...

    I can't remember what the name of it was, I played it probably 5-6 years ago. It's obviously a modified version of the Doom 2 engine (300% red armor, spectres that actually walk through walls, etc) but if anyone knows where I can get this I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  15. Best monster: Arch-Vile, when used properly. One or two per level is usually all that's necessary, any more would be a complete waste and with all those resurrections I'd be fighting monsters ad nauseum. Also, a well-placed AV should have the following characteristics: Relatively obscured as to surprise the player, at least one place for the player to crouch and attack (fighting an AV in the open isn't very fun) and if there are monsters in the vicinity try to limit those to imps and other weaker enemies. I don't want to fight three barons and a couple of arachnotrons all over again. At least I can get rid of imps in a couple of shotgun blasts apiece. JMHO. Worst monster: Spider Mastermind. Just not a very imposing monster, particularly if you shoot it point-blank with a BFG. Hell, if you play your cards right, especially in Doom II maps 23 and 28, the Arachnotrons will kill it without you having to fire a single shot. And believe it or not, I've witnessed a Baron take down the SM in E3M8 once without any help. I think it got stuck somehow and couldn't fight back, can't remember the exact circumstances. I think the SM would be more deadly if it were armed with a super shotgun or something - a single, powerful blast that would be absolutely devastating at close range. Most annoying: Pain Elemental/Lost Soul. The only good thing about PMs is that they have no attack by themselves. But after they unleash 4-5 Souls then the fight gets rather dicey. It's even worse when I'm fighting multiple PMs... I usually have to use my BFG to kill the PMs then use the SSG or chaingun to finish the Souls. Most underrated: Imp. If you're fighting 4-5 in dark, cramped quarters they can inflict some serious damage. Their strength lies in packs and well-placed imps can be just as devastating, if not more so, than fighting a Baron one-on-one.