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  1. Great video. He says that because the bar in modern mapping is so high, we would tear apart and make fun of any map he would make today. Some people will, but I think as long as it's at least on par with the original maps, everyone would love it. John, you have to make at least one new map someday before you die.
  2. how about lowering floors so a voodoo doll lowers onto a power-up? works in vanilla too.
  3. what editors were u using? check the folder for auto backups
  4. how do you make maps for goldeneye 64?
  5. example regular doom2 editing config. u can make the sliver of a sector even smaller like 1 unit
  6. I can get it to work with old nVidia drivers :) I have no idea if it looks any good or not because I cant find the glasses right now. Theres a lot of tweaking options. But it proves that it does indeed work.
  7. fascinating. also enjoyed his breakdowns of doom1 and quake source codes
  8. :)
  9. yay
  10. No it was a joke wad those glitches were on purpose =). But I havent tested it in vanilla to see if there were any actual glitches to prevent play even though its only a 1 minute map
  11. No check it out search for my name SonicIce or a partial title "anaco" in the whole textfile and it's not there.
  12. Oh ok. It's been 2 weeks though, is it not updated since then?
  13. I submitted my wad and it was accepted to the ftp but why is it not showing up on doomworld idgames?
  14. i think there has to be sufficient space behind the mirror to fit the geometry in the back? at least thats how wall mirrors in zdoom work
  15. oh it did work on map30 what do u know