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  1. all doomz. wolf3d, heretic, gp2 (don't ask why)..
  2. marines the "eric harris" sp wad uac_dead wolfendoom moonbas2 hellbnd2
  3. alice in chains - dirt -especially would, down in a hole, rooster, them bones, damn that river soundgarden - badmotorfinger marilyn manson - typical portrait of an american family ... mandy moore - i wanna be with you...for the gory stuff.
  4. I recently signed a petition trying to stop governments from legalizing spyware in computers monitoring everything you do, the rule is only in the interest of the USA but still, that is pretty harsh.
  5. Yeah you're right [Bloodfalls]. I only just realised that this year...
  6. DOOM monsters were truely original, probably because it's based around the futuristic scope and not some scientific accident on Earth or Medievil scene..
  7. Well, just don't live in big cities, they're the haven for hot weather. Especially London(UK) in summer, all the smog mixed up with the humidity is pretty chaotic. I'm smack in the middle of England and we've experienced 26-28c this weekend, that's our hottest so far. I was watching CNN and its like 44c in Miami?!?!? woah...
  8. Nelly Furtado is better.
  9. I think I recall Peter H scanning in some idAnthology pages into a Yahoo Briefcase, he later took them down so there must be someone who has downloaded them.
  10. Umm

    Sun bathing, rofl. I can't think of anything more tedious. Get your surfboard/bodyboard and kill some waves!!!111 - well only if there are waves... or join some other families sport game, they won't mind if you lose.
  11. I disagree. I see a few exceptions when it comes to bad level design in Doom 2. There are many of the best levels ever tied in Doom 2 which can create a unique atmosphere. Notably, map 27 is probably one of my favorites, the music helped towards this but the eerie darkness and overall level design was amazing. I think map 13(downtown) could have been designed better, a good concept but it was too wide and big, I think the idea of shootings between buildings through wall windows close up would have been better. I feel DOOM 2 is better than DOOM, Doom 2 isn't about being DOOM, it's a totally different scenario, if D2 was totally 'original DOOM' then there would be no point in releasing it. The process of military base > city streets > hell was damn good.
  12. The Internet is out of control. I can never see it been controlled in something which people could say was reasonable. Companies should look to employ convicted hackers, look at the guy who cracked the FBI in 95, forgot his name but he's getting good money now.
  13. I was really small, under 10 and playing on my grandad's *new* computer which had DOOM installed on it, I had watched my uncles play it and one of them let me be the shooter while he directed around. Eventually when no-one was about, I grabbed the keyboard and entered teh doom, I can't remember what level it was but it was a dark room and a medkit was slotted between two walls and all of a sudden this pink like gorilla came chomping me down and I was inevitably stuck. I caked my pants. And died another four times... Another cliff hanger was "Gotcha!" on d2, the first room was a classic. trick and traps was also scary.
  14. "Speaking of which, why are there so many "ARENA" (Q3A, UT, etc.) type games out lately? Why don't people apreciate good ol' fashion deathmatch anymore?" It's all complicated now, it's the end of the internet as we know it. But I make UT an exception, that game kicks ass.