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  1. Killionaire

    The /newstuff Chronicles #290

    Way to be redundant, moron. I'm kidding death, I love you baby.
  2. Killionaire

    ZDoom or not ZDoom?

    Haven't bothered to read the replies here, so I may be echoing someone, but regardless Making a PWAD directly for ZDoom would definitely limit the playerbase (if that's your concern, I'd just use whatever features I want and screw those that don't like the port), but I'd still say it's the more popular source port out there (im ignoring GZDoom right now). Specializing in any other port would most likely limit the playerbase more than going with ZDoom. Personally I'd recommend sticking with ZDoom, but the only other alternative I would see worthwhile is to make it compatible with all of the ports.
  3. Killionaire

    need some levels

    I think you should check out some of dutch-devil's stuff. I haven't played doom since the summer, but I've remained on the boards and his screenshots look pretty promising. Not sure what category they fall into, but I'm almost positive a few fall into one of your 5.
  4. Killionaire

    the doom movie

    Damn straight. One thing has nothing to do with the other.
  5. Killionaire

    The Ultimate DooM ForeveR released

    It definitely has good features, I can't really explain my reluctance to play it other than that I've played zdoom since i got back into the game (I played it when I was 5 for a while and then didn't even think about it until a friend told me about the port)). Legacy and Edge have similar problems (for me, not everyone). Neither feel smooth to me, they run noticably slower, and i can't seem to get my sensitivity the way I want it. I also don't like how the resolution looks on the other sourceports. I use 800x600 in zdoom, I can go higher, but it looks badass the way it is. Still, I think a good wad can override a sourceport im not crazy about. I really do enjoy this project (or what i've played of it) and eventually I'll put up with legacy to finish it up.
  6. Killionaire

    Technical Darkness [new project]

    It'll be a nice change of pace though (at least for some of us that want something a little different). I mean, maybe it's unnecessary, but how bad could it be? Anyway, I think it looks pretty good man.
  7. Killionaire

    The Ultimate DooM ForeveR released

    Yea, I'm not stupid enough to try and run a port specific wad in a different port. GZDoom has legacy map support. Still, I'll download legacy anyway, I really want to try out this wad. The monster speed thing is pretty crazy though, I was pretty convinced it was a bug when I first saw it.
  8. Killionaire

    The Ultimate DooM ForeveR released

    I had never played or even heard of doom forever before. I thought it was pretty damn awesome though. The pistol and shotgun were done very well (all I had seen). I also liked the music and the textures that were used. Now...are the monsters supposed to be super-fast, the imps especially are royally kicking my ass, or is it the fact that im stubbornly trying to use GZDoom to play it?
  9. Killionaire

    Best levels/wads of all time.

    I understood that those particular wads were not out yet, I was wondering where you found them out. Anyway, this is just for clarification, as you already answered my question.
  10. Killionaire

    Best levels/wads of all time.

    Where exactly do you guys go to find some of these wads? I check Doomworld and Zdoom.org regularly, but I never see anything about a "Plutonia 2"..maybe some of this stuff was a while before my time (I made an effort to catch up). Should I start checking EDGE and LEGACY port websites too? Not a huge fan of the ports but if they have maps deserving a spot on some of your favorites list i might suck it up for a change. EDIT: To contribue to the actual topic of this post, I don't have nearly as much dooming experience as some others but -Megawads Alien Vendetta Memento Mori (haven't played the 2nd yet) Eternal Doom -Episode-Like Wads Simplicity Italian Doom (very underrated wad in my opinion, although a bug prevented me from getting past the 3rd level-I heard it has been fixed) To keep from getting burnt out on Doom, since im always on the verge, I wind up playing a lot less and checking the forums here and at zdoom a lot more.
  11. Killionaire

    Exorcist.WAD (?)

    I'd stick with it, just for the sake of not only to do something different, but to be the first one (well...that *I* know of) to do something like this. You can't make everyone happy.
  12. Awesome, I'll be nice to play the rest of this now. Thanks.
  13. Killionaire

    Simplicity Released

    Only gotten to the first couple of levels, but I like how you aren't throwing ammo and health around like nobodies business. Yea, the games a slugfest, but I like to use my brain somewhat, props man.
  14. Killionaire

    Simplicity Released

    I like the fact that you threw some new stuff in (i.e. New monsters/bosses). Of course, I'm just going off what I see on the site, gotta wait till the weekend till I can try it out, but I have to say im unnaturally psyched. If your previous work is any judge of this project (which...i don't see why it wouldn't be), I don't think im going to be dissapointed, especially by the feedback here and at zdoom.org.