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  1. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    Hey Grazza, could you upload your pics somewhere ?
  2. Radeg

    Doom Is A Game For The Ages

    I love Sensible World of soccer!
  3. Radeg

    Scythe2 Demos

    1.92.4 then
  4. Radeg

    Scythe2 Demos

    Hey, sorry for an offtopic question, but you guys might help me. I'm just trying to play Scythe2.wad with doom2.exe ver. 1.94. Cant make it working, always get this error "W_CacheLumpNum : 2230989 >= NumLumps". Any idea how to fix that? thx
  5. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    First demos and pictures available here http://www.doomaniax.net/
  6. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    That was a great party! Looking forward to watching the demos and the pics too :)
  7. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    Oh I see, in this case I can't join you. Hoped you lived more on the south. Nevermind, see you in prague.
  8. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    The address is: LASERGAME palac Metro Narodni trida 25 Praha 1 It's close to Vaclav square, so its pretty much in the center of Prague.
  9. Radeg

    LAN in Prague

    Hey Belial, where exactly do you live? If you go by a train, I might get on it too.
  10. Hey, this is the first demo I watched in a really long long time, maybe a year or so. Its pretty good i gotta say. Almost forgot what was the original doom like.
  11. All I remember we had just couple of nics, we called demon a pig or a hen. Hell Baron was Santa Claus. :)
  12. Radeg

    Heretic Demos - Max Demo Pack

    I dont see a word about the reward, Vince! :D
  13. Radeg

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    Its hard to believe this is true, its like living a bad dream. I've known Toke for couple of years, we used to chat on irc a lot. We never got into argument or anything, he was a good friend of mine. Now the good times are gone. Rest in peace mate...
  14. Radeg

    Revolution! demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP11 pacifist - 0:31 http://members.chello.cz/radegd2s/tv11p031.zip First demo beaters must be punished :)
  15. Radeg

    compet-n incoming demos

    Oh god! Poor Henning, now he's crying in his room that he lost his almost 7 year old record, you guys are real evil.