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  1. TheHappySpoon


    For great germania! My spoon is bigger than your spoon. Your mothers pudding makes me giddy.
  2. TheHappySpoon

    Demo-Recording Blunders

    If you break your keyboard, you're dead. If I break my keyboard, I'm merely crippled. I rest my case on mouse/keyboard superiority.
  3. TheHappySpoon

    Demo-Recording Blunders

    I prefer to play runs out until I get a few solid exits, because practice is practice, and there is no point in optimizing the first bit if you're going to do horribly for the second bit. When I already have a few exits and I'm fully comfortable with the run as a whole, that's when I start doing that.
  4. TheHappySpoon

    Demo-Recording Blunders

    I rarely ever piss myself by hitting Q accidently. This is mostly due to my key layout: J = Forward M = Backwards H = Strafe Right F = Strafe Left Space = Open Doors Left Mouse = Fire Right Mouse = Strafe On I recently decided to readd my ST50 hooks. And laughed when I found (after looking at my old 2002 config file that I had chosen the exact same keys now). R = Turn Right , = Turn Left I also rarely swear. The most I ever played Doom straight was 5 hours, and I was so tense that my eye was twitching. Every time I nicked a wall the wrong way the tenson built up. I think if someone would have touched me, I would have literally exploded on them. No, seriously. Turn around, and explode. Game over. Fortunately I decided that self termination ocelot style was not the best route to go, took a break, came back 10 minutes later and nailed the run almost effortlessly. Practice rules.
  5. TheHappySpoon

    Map01: Good or bad

    There seems to be a really important element that you don't get here. Doom 2 is a game. People are free to play it how they wish. If there was no skill involved in playing Map01, players wouldn't be consistently better than other players in it. If you think that the skill required to become good in map01 is trivial and stupid, then that is your opinion. Do not play map01; nobody is forcing you to. If players claim they are better than you, but will not play you on the maps that you like to play, then dismiss their claims. It is not your fault that they won't back up their words with action, is it? I have personally found that the intense, tight gameplay of map01 has made me a much better player overall because to be good at map01 you have to focus on the following elements: 1) You need to be fast, 2) You have to be able to aim good, 3) You have to react quickly, 4) You have to think on your feet to get yourself out of a really tricky situation. And you know, even when I have all the weapons on that map, and ocelot is cornered with a pistol, I'll be fucking damned if I could kill him. This goes for every single map01 god I've ever played. They are fast little fuckers and can get past you to get a big weapon and then shove it down your throat before you know what happened. I'm sure if the map was different and more open, and they had better weapons I would stand much more of a chance though.
  6. TheHappySpoon

    About A Sub-Fourteen Minute Doom 2 Demo

    I had sent windi a patch and he built a Windows binary of PrBoom 2.2.6 that does force that flag to be set. Here is a download link: http://www.dashevil.sytes.net/.temp/prboom-monsterhazardhack.zip Small warning though, the binaries inside it are named "prboom.exe" and "glboom.exe", so either rename them, or put them somewhere else. If you overwrite your gl/prboom.exe you will end up being frustrated. :)
  7. TheHappySpoon

    About A Sub-Fourteen Minute Doom 2 Demo

    Errrrmmm. I was under the belief that this problem was rather contained, because I had seen nobody complain about it before. *scratches head* I was also under the belief that all those hours I spent swearing and debugging a mysterious desync were essentially wasted on myself. I am glad to see that this is not the case and that it has helped other people.
  8. TheHappySpoon

    About A Sub-Fourteen Minute Doom 2 Demo

    Yes, it is. I am not sure if there are any others, although I find it highly unlikely. There are a great amount of PrBoom demos floating around... I was actually very surprised when I found out what this one does. Surprised, and well, pissed off because it ruined my e2-0459, which meant I had to record another one (e2-0501) which sucked and ensured that I would have to record yet another one (e2-0451) which I am somewhat satisified with.
  9. TheHappySpoon

    Map07 on NM

    ZDoom, pfft. Map07 is like, one of the easiest Doom 2 maps to beat on Nightmare.
  10. TheHappySpoon

    About A Sub-Fourteen Minute Doom 2 Demo

    I am not so sure trying to modify the demo after it was recorded is a good idea at all; especially not if you are trying to modify the demo to gain time. Doom demos are extremely fragile. I'll explain: Doom pulls random numbers linearly out of a table. A great many things use this table, including some blinking lights. Monsters use it to determine what they are going to do, how much damage is done, etc. Now if you modify a demo in a movie so that it ends 1 gametic earlier, and in that gametic that you pulled out a monster pulled a random number out to determine what direction it wanted to move in.... the whole thing will desync.... badly.... and you won't even know why, because it won't be obvious. I've had a demo in e2m4 that, due to a bug in PrBoom, had one extra random number pulled out while I was recording (but not while it was playing back) near the crushing ceiling. Guess where I noticed the desync? The caco's near the teleporter. In the demo I recorded, they weren't there, in the demo I was playing back, they were, and they were pissed. Totally different scenario caused by ONE random number mixup. Was a pain in the ass to debug too. Note: When recording, even in compat mode, prboom pulls monster_avoid_hazards (or whatever) from your config, if it is set to 1 (afaik it is by DEFAULT) then monsters near crushers will pull out a random number to determine if they should try to avoid the sector. When you playback a demo recorded with compat mode, it forces monster_avoid_hazards to be 0.
  11. TheHappySpoon

    n2m7-017 -- Return of the thing glide

    Yea, it would require invulnerbility, but for maps with both it could be interesting to see what potentials there are.
  12. TheHappySpoon

    n2m7-017 -- Return of the thing glide

    Btw, Opulent, are you aware of any coop tricks that use the BFG to launch the other player? My calculations on that say that it would give a 245 unit/gametic boost (aprox), and that kind of a speed boost gets me all interested in what kind of tricks are possible.
  13. TheHappySpoon

    n2m7-017 -- Return of the thing glide

    Map03's jump came up as this in my program: (I assumed the most likely jump points) Maximum number of gametics allowed in air -> 6 gametics Minimum player speed required to cross gap -> 21.0 units/gametic Unassisted running type required -> SR40 Map07 is extremely iffy even if you are going at fully sr50 speed and are angled perfectly, as was already covered. I seriously doubt you'll be angled perfectly when you come sliding off the mancubus.
  14. TheHappySpoon

    A Neat trick evaluator type program I'm working on:

    Making some rough estimates for the launch and landing point, it says this: Source floor height: 128 Target floor height: 128 Distance between : 180 Average health : 100 Maximum number of gametics allowed in air -> 6 gametics Minimum player speed required to cross gap -> 20.0 units/gametic Unassisted running type required -> SR40
  15. TheHappySpoon

    A Neat trick evaluator type program I'm working on:

    I disagree. It's a very easy and accurate way to measure how difficult a trick jump may be, and what you can expect to need to do/have for it. For example, e4m3, Sedlo runs the long way, which is a pretty standard 192 sr50 jump (e2m7, e1m4, etc). But going straight the to exit with sr50 is possible if you incur 8 hitpoints of damage at the right moment. Now if only you could get a monster to do that for ya, and you'd be able to beat Sedlo's optimal record. Highly luck based, I know, but I digress. The point is that the program has uses, and that's why I'm making it. :) [Edit] It could also be used to guage how possible jumps are in a map you are making. Useful if you want to ensure that certain jumps are/aren't possible.