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  1. Laimiz

    The Cacoland

    Ok, if I want to do that, I will need a good info of best doom level editors or something. Since I'm a young doomer (took it seriously couple months ago), I don't know much. So why don't you guys give me some info, links, etc?
  2. Laimiz

    The Cacoland

    Less masturbators, less.. pain?
  3. Laimiz

    The Cacoland

    Ho ho fellow doomers, check out my new doom comics - The Cacoland! What do you think?
  4. Laimiz

    addmap zdaemon

    yep, it works now, i'll try making max rate 2500
  5. Laimiz

    addmap zdaemon

    alright, i've got a server up and i only want to run map01 map04 and map06, so that's what i have so far: rcon_password :P set cfg_activated "1" set hostname "Ze Swamp" set motd "bla" set wadurl "http:\\laimiz-doom.tk/" set email "laimiz@xxx.lt" set skill "4" set fraglimit "40" set timelimit "60" set max_rate "8192" deathmatch 1 set dmflags "594948" addmap map01 addmap map04 addmap map06 but when map01 is over, it goes to god damn map02, what's the problem?
  6. Laimiz

    map30 endboss

    cool, i already ripped it but didn't reverse. Thanks! Also, unreversed it sounds like some old evil magician saying something in a terrible language :)
  7. Laimiz

    map30 endboss

    What does the end boss of doom 2 map30 REALLY say? I only hear some *MUR MUR MUR* :)
  8. Laimiz

    help me with my zdaemon server problem

    k, i'm remaking my question: is it possible to show zdaemon a different ip or something like that?
  9. Laimiz

    help me with my zdaemon server problem

    fods, since we were not using lan, my servers were running as hell, i mean very good. and fraggle, i'm a lil' dumb at those things :) but i guess there is a firewall...
  10. i host a zdaemon server and on the master server list i see my server's ip, but the name doesn't show up. The ip there is - 213.bla.bla.bla.bla. :) once i try going to that ip with zdaemon.exe, zdaemon just crashes. BUT, when i enter another ip 192.168.blabla... it works perfect. I guess the problem is that zdaemon might be showing my... LAN ip or something :S. But my own ip works, is that possible somehow to... uhm do something?
  11. Laimiz

    World Cup footy

    soccer is the best game. I play it almost every day so I just love it. And who says it's gay game is a dumbass and himself is gay. Now american football is what i call a ga... quite good game :P
  12. Laimiz

    World Cup footy

    yeah, football is the best game. Do you think France will defend their cup? I guess so :]
  13. Laimiz

    my map02 wants opinions

    traitor's doom is... uhm I dunno, i just thought this title out in random :P it sounds good for me.
  14. yup, my map02 for traitors doom is finished :). http://www.geocities.com/laimishere//map.html it also has a few screenshots i'm still a new one at mapping so don't expect much, i just want some critics and stuff like that!
  15. Laimiz

    zdoom no errors :]

    hey, thank you! :] i didn't notice that could be so simple!