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  1. (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    Over the years I've seen a lot of PrBoom screenshots and bits of youtube videos and I've had a question about them for a long time. Do PrBoom players actually play with the default overbright washed out gamma setting, do they turn it up for screenshots/videos, do they not know you can change it?
  2. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    I'm working on getting a base up for the community to take over. I need to rewrite the graphics ripping code. What a nuisance. Still not sure whats up. I need to find the interface graphics and sounds. I might put together the switches and animated textures. I'll slap in some static DECORATEs for all the objects and let the community take over from there.
  3. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    The map format is clearly close to Doom's with some extra stuff layered on. I assume they started development of the engine for Doom and later realized they wanted DN3D support. The vertices and the lines referencing them make that clear. It is nothing like DN3D. Each enemy has it's own frame table that is VERY close to Doom's. The only thing similar to DN3D is maybe the thing types referencing the sprites. DNA is more like DN3D ported as a Doom mod than it is DN3D internally. It's also obvious since none of DN3D's maps are present. These are all hand made in this Doomish map format. Porting these maps to DN3D would be tedious and it lacks some features needed. I think the most viable solution would be a GZDoom mod. It support slopes and scripting. Ripping the maps and graphics would be the first step, both of which we can already do. I haven't looked, but I assume the frame tables are there and the same form as GBAD2. DECORATE could mimic these. Scripting? I don't know anything about it, but it's usage looks light and could be manually rewritten. However, DNA kinda sucks. Maps seem linear and rather bright and there are only 19 of them. I have no personal interest in porting these maps around. I will help out where I can if someone does decide to work on it though. Just PM me.
  4. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    New Info. A cursory examination of the Duke Nukem Advance levels shows them to be identical to Doom 2 GBA's. Looks like the engine was hybrid and meant to support both games in a common format. That would explain a lot of the extra/unknown fields. I'm looking at the map geometry in slade right now.
  5. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    In case there is any confusion, this decompresses the map data out of the ROM. The output data is only useful if you want to help reverse the map format. This does not convert the maps into anything playable. Also, yes, it works on the US version.
  6. Things about Doom you just found out

    Guys, I actually like this thread...
  7. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Here is a map decompressor for the Duke Nukem Advance ROM. Seems like there are 19 maps and from what I've seen. But, this is probably getting off topic now. dna_map_decode.7z
  8. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Well, the tool is mostly hardcoded and crap. I slap-dashed/copy pasted it to get it working and out the door. It would have taken me a couple more days to do it right. I figured it didn't matter as it was only going to serve one purpose against a single ROM. I know nothing about Duke Nukem 3D's formats, but I'll do some peeking. If you need any help with the code, I may be able to assist or adapt what I have from this tool. Edit: Also, the numbers may be difficulty specific par times?
  9. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Does anyone know the best way to copy contents from one map to another? I gave it a try in GZDB, but it messed up some textures. I can probably handle that, but just wanted to see if there was an alternative. I'd like to get the split maps "merged" for vanilla play in Chocolate-Doom.
  10. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Interesting, I checked that area already in my note file BeforeMap01.txt. I guess by the point I didn't need the table anymore and didn't look very hard. However, it does appear to be the table. 0 0 231924 <-- 379 230348 230728 261572 <-- 1105 258672 259780 300340 <-- 1226 0xD8180/885120 + those values.
  11. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    I was surprised to find that most of the PC fields were in place and mostly the same. Unlike PC Doom, GBA D2 decompresses the map into memory and uses it in-place. It does not read field by field into target structs. There is a lot of unidentified zero space. Although, this space probably doesn't matter. I have yet to locate the pointer table for maps. I located the maps manually. We need this pointer table to do any replacements. Each map has 2 unknown chunks of data before the compressed geo/thing/bsp. The BSP format is unknown. There are still a few unidentified fields in the various map lumps and the header. Grosse doesn't open the exit door, but has a weird sector with a switch outside the level. How does GBA D2 open the door? I dunno, some kinda flag or scripting? I'm not saying it's impossible, its more that I don't care. I just wanted to grab the maps and check em out. Edit: I can zip up my notes if anyone wants to peek, but I doubt they are useful or particularly readable. uploading anyway. gbad2_notes.7z
  12. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    Not without a lot more work and reversing more engine data. GBA Doom 2 uses a different engine and it shows in the data. I haven't been able to make much sense of what might be the BSP data, but then again I know nothing of BSP.
  13. GBA Doom 2 Map Converter

    For those who are interested, here is a command line utility to extract and convert GBA Doom 2 maps to PC format from a ROM file. gbad2_conv.7z The converted maps will require BSPing. I have provided a MAPINFO to match up the maps appropriately. GBA differences to note can be found on the wiki: Doom II for Game Boy Advance Edit: I should note if anyone is going to play through these maps, that I have no idea which maps work or don't. I do know the Grosse is not completable without re-tagging the exit door sector. The maps are direct conversions and come with any problems that the maps originally had. e.g. ghost secret sectors.