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  1. Redneckerz

    The Summer of Slaughter - RC2 | 38 Map Slaughter Compilation

    @BluePineapple72In the OP, MAP31 seems errornousely listed as MAP31 when it is MAP32 in game. Turns out there is an error: The pk3 and wad have different map numbers. SOS_Boom.wad has map32 as the pentagram, Summer_Of_Slaughter.pk3 has it as map31
  2. Redneckerz

    Common wad mistakes

    < User with less than 10 posts < First reply nails it < Users with less than 10 posts does not participate in the thread despite being active Seems like this thread meets the bingo chart! However - It is a rather original topic for once. The most common WAD mistake i see happening is that beginning users do not improve from their previous work despite elaborate feedback. When a Boredwad (Not a troll or Jokewad) is pointed out as being boring, the next release often is the same work, disguised as ''improvement'', or ''I really did my best on this''. Not many deliver an outstanding map from the get go: Most people start with exploration. But from exploration comes experience and thus lessons to be made and learned. The people i refer to, do not do any of these. They keep on churning out the same Boredwad, which often gets a lot of replies (Stealing away thunder from maps that actually are good) and apparently this is their idea of fun to them. No it isn't. It is a Boredwad. Don't be bored, learn something from your mapping endeavors.
  3. I'd wish there was a screenshot of that. But suppose ill installa Arena (Its free after all) and figure it out myself. Interesting stuff.
  4. Redneckerz

    Source code 25th anniversary

    Tried with CWSDPMI version 7 and version 5, both go bonk. Googling the error, it is doing a memory allocation error, so perhaps DOSBox needs to give it more RAM? There is this Google Groups thread, but this is far less interesting for me to go through (Setting up a dev environment and all that jazz)
  5. Redneckerz

    Source code 25th anniversary

    Ill fire up the first original release of DOSDoom and play E2M1 on it. 25 years of source code and people still find new ways to work with it. The Doom Engine really is an apparatus of incredible might.
  6. Redneckerz

    Describe humor stereotypes by country

    Germany: None Dutch: Insult humour, thinks Germany has none
  7. Redneckerz

    Does any of you know this fps game from the year 1991?

    Exceptions exist apparently. People have heard more about a Game Boy than of Catacomb 3D, if we are going to make baseless ad populum arguments. I mean i could point to GB sales to gain merit, but that's not the point. I have heard about 1991 and Catacomb 3D.
  8. Redneckerz

    Does any of you know this fps game from the year 1991?

    One of the most recognizable pieces of gaming equipment in the world but you haven't heard of it. If it were a Swatch it would be believable. I have heard about Catacomb 3D by the way. 1991 it was.
  9. Redneckerz

    Does any of you know this fps game from the year 1991?

    I like how you are totally not addressing dasho's point here. Heck, you aren't really addressing any feedback thus far. Makes you sound dense. I have heard about Catacomb 3D (1991). It came before Doom, so no need to remind me (or anybody else). Have you heard about the Game Boy?
  10. Redneckerz

    A_Detonate and the Suicide Bomber

    Is that yes definitive, or would you say there is another answer state that can be triggered?
  11. Redneckerz

    Was there a 32mb gpu available in 1999?

    I am glad you signed up to write this.
  12. Redneckerz

    Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)

    Basically Doom RTX with Music as a subfolder. Target folder is perfectly valid nomenclature and phrasing.
  13. Redneckerz

    Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)

    What it says in the instruction i mentioned. To every and even to all the subfolders isn't even needed as those aren't mentioned by the industrion. The .OGG file themselves should play just fine under any player that supports this (So not talking GZ here) Yeah, probably not.
  14. Needs to be on /idgames. A fun benchmark map.
  15. I may have found a reason why our performance metrics are so different. Yes my CPU trounces your Celeron, and my GPU is better too, but your rig only has 4 GB of ram and mines has 16 GB. Intel IGP's dynamically adjust system ram based on the amount of RAM you have - I believe a HD 4600 can addres up to 4 GB. Considering you are at 4 GB total RAM, it may well be that your system gives you only 512 MB's to work with. Bandwidth might also be a variable considering we are sending stuff to the GPU. My 16 GB DDR3 is in dual-channel configuration - The best allowed. It might be tht UMA memory plays a part in performance, because dualchannel-quadchannel memory configs definitely do. IGP's love this stuff. Furthermore, an HD500 believe it or not actually has more modern OpenGL support. So it may either be driver degression, of maybe even a CPU-related bug that stalls on this kind of large static maps. I wish i could do more to verify this, but you may need a similar Haswell system for that. It isn't terrible though: As soon as you hit the ground in The Focus it gets back to framerates that are good enough, so its just the approach that tanks it. Still, 15 FPS on something like that, still impresses.