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  1. Redneckerz

    Happy 15th anniversary, Doom Wiki!

    As a starting contributor, the Wiki has been invaluable for me over the years whenever i needed to look something up, and now partaking in the process, it has also become equally invaluable to learn more about the background processes. The veteran editors deserve nothing but the highest accolades. Id like to single out Ryan W, for the sole reason that the majority of his DOOM activity has been on the wiki. But without further deviation, the Wiki is the place i can slowly but already surely call home. Thank you, editors, for the endless amounts of work pushed since inception.
  2. Redneckerz

    WinMBF goes 64 bit (WinMBF64 aka 3.0)

    I can give this a whirl. Glad you decided on a name and congrats with this release under the new name!
  3. How's that for the 64 bit versions, if there are any? Ive edited the thread to reflect that it only works in GZDB/BBF in 32 bit UDMF to some extent.
  4. Redneckerz

    Doomsday 2.2.1 released

    Thank you for the Doomsday release and also for the extensive history the team has undertaken on its own website. For research purposes, this has been endlessly useful, so thank you :)
  5. Redneckerz

    GBA Doom (source port running on Game Boy Advance)

    A GBA Doom level editor once existed with its own special lumps. Perhaps someone can find that, it might be useful.
  6. Redneckerz

    Mars 3D Re-Release

    I thought you were referring to Rolf's Land of FPS who covers all of this or this: Welcome MrFlibble, i am glad to have found you here, given your interesting obscure games!
  7. Redneckerz

    Creating Megawad using Oblige but modifying it?

    One can also try Radge by @jval for a different random level generator. See also:
  8. Redneckerz

    Dusk VS Ion Fury

    Ion Fury. As much as i like Dusk for nailing the 90's, Ion Fury IS the 90's. It also looks beyond incredible. Despite Build being an uneasy to work with, Ion Fury and TC's like AMC Team, WGRealms 2 and Imagination World 1+2 definitely showcase what is possible. AMC TC in particular is just a huge undertaking from start to finish, which each episode being a full game in its own right. Plus, the custom voice overs give it a great, campy vibe.
  9. Redneckerz

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    The thread you are in. Running alongside the main discourse there is also a seperate metadiscussion on how to name the thing (And it also had a seperate thread last year). UBoom has some wide recognition from Seed, but Linguica's ProBoom also has some admirers. However, Graf wants no name change because he is hoping Proff picks this up. If not, then a name change can be considered. (Seed has kept referring to this as UBoom as a way to plant an idea in our heads similar to the movie Inception. For my own stubbornness ill keep referring it as ZahlonBoom because i like the nonsensical cleverness of the name.) ;)
  10. Redneckerz

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    Offtopic, but hand me a list of stuff Fandom has and Wiki does not and ill add it in before doing anything else. Its time the Fandom Wiki stops being a viable option. There is a reason why there is an official Wiki.
  11. Redneckerz

    [WIP] Supplice

    By hell that looks sexy. You are the one they (Other Doom WADS) fear. Thanks for the new supplicement, @Mechadon!
  12. Redneckerz

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    Surprisingly it does not use Id Tech 2 like the original. Slipgate and 3DR communicated this really poorly on their PR feed. So i took to their discord. Turns out that the engine is custom, but it uses Unity as a framework and an editor. Existing BSP maps are supported. So a custom renderer with Unity stuff, basically.
  13. Redneckerz

    Doom 3 vs Half Life 2

    I would love to know which games aren't carrying your label of bad in the shooter realm. Lets say you don't like the games. Which is okay. Even then we can still appreciate what they set out to do for gaming on a bigger scale. Were stencil shadows and physics new? No (Severance had both of these back in 2001 and did so without shaders even.) But they made these techniques available for a the consumer userbase, using household names. HL2 concided with the rise of Steam, Doom 3 was legit enough that it warranted its presence on two extra console generations after its PC and Xbox release. So subjectively, they can be bad (Because obviously you do not like them) But on a objective basis, both games were a good stepping stone for the industry as a whole.
  14. Redneckerz

    COD Modern Warfare or Fortnite?

    You should make another thread for that and compare it against the last day, week and month. To answer the OP and his unbelievable ability at generating good haha and hihi for us internetters: Neither. They aren't the same genre. Its like comparing Doom with World of Warcraft. I should make a thread out of that.
  15. Redneckerz

    What's the best time to make a wad?

    What's the best time to make a wad? - When you make a thread on DoomWorld asking when the best time to make a WAD is. What is the best time to make a map? - Around the same time that you previously asked what the best time to make a WAD is. How should you make one? - Using a level editor like Ultimate Doom Builder. Or go oldskool - Draw by hand. Use an A2 or A1 sheet for that. And why should you make one? - To demonstrate the ethical and moral concepts of level design versus explaining what dabbing is to a Fortnite player. Seriously, why should you make a map? - Seriously? To demonstrate the concepts of fun that one will experience because making maps is fun. In your case, the fun is not making maps, but opening threads asking what the best time to make a wad is. So let me tell you what dabbing is...