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  1. Redneckerz

    Star Trek discussions

    I couldn't get into Enterprise. Really, after 2005, my interest in Star Trek waned. At the last 3 episodes of DS9 and ill be watching them all tonight. I really wonder how it turns out. Also,
  2. Redneckerz

    Whatever happened to Bloodcrusher II?

    They just ceased to exist after July 2014. They are a TV Trope though. It just died off much like Black Days (a fascinating looking Darkplaces game) died off aswell.
  3. Redneckerz

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Doom 64 being overrated when in practice it deviates so heavily from stock Doom that it is its own canon-game, i am not sure. And with current PC-efforts being able to replicate vis-a-vis the look of the game and an aspiring community taking place on 64 EX thanks to the re-release, i say Doom 64 has a bright future ahead. I would expected more of a proper take than going with a stylistic choice that is just so boring.. whatever serious you may had gets redundant fast through such choices.
  4. Redneckerz

    Tomb Raider has been ported to the GBA!

    It certainly is impressive, but full 3D engines did exist on the GBA commercially. The usage of a 32 bit ARM processor makes the development of such engines quite a bit easier. Here is a rather elaborate explanation on the architecture. Nevertheless this is extremely impressive considering this is PSX levels of visual fidelity. What i like about OpenLara is that optionally, this game could also be played as if it were an FPS. Sadly the GBA port does not show this, but the Dreamcast port does. I believe XProger does most of these versions by himself which is quite saying something! The OpenLara engine really goes places.
  5. The only correct answer is Find the one that suits you best. Stuff like Protracker SDL/Renoise are tracker based, which is different in form than a piano roll based sequencer, such as FL Studio.
  6. Redneckerz

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    20.5 GB. But those aren't really WADS, but all kinds of software/utilities, patchers, source ports, area 51 level stuff.
  7. Redneckerz

    Star Trek discussions

    Yeah, they really did Nog good. And i absolutely love Vic. What an amazing character to add as a mentor. I have to say that introducing Ezri is on one hand necessary, but so far (at Episode 16 now) i feel there are too many episodes that have her take centre stage, compared to Jadzia. Damar's Kanar obsession is just fun, haha. But i am definitely pining for the bolded. There is something at bay and i hope the Emissary follows suit ;) If you happen to have a PlayStation 2 lying around, the first game is available for that aswell. Nicole De Boer looks far younger than she actually is in DS9. Surprisingly so, she looks much the same even today at 51. AR-558 is one of those episodes why i say DS9 in Season 7 definitely goes in for the grim and dark and they are saying it as it is. But, like i said, Dukat is getting a tad redundant at this point and just obnoxious.
  8. Redneckerz

    [vanilla] "linedef" scripting

    I did manage to find various KGBuild files as pk3's, but not as a separate program. I also managed to find Skulltag Extra, which is interesting as it is a source mod. Considering ACSC, could you take an additional look considering the rather awesome features it possesed? Would an OMGFILOL script be worthwhile? Or a plugin? In the latter i honestly have no idea how UDB does it (Lua scripting comes to mind)?
  9. Redneckerz

    Ironwail - The superfast Quakespasm fork is here

    Its going to be Ironwail. (For now). Version 0.3.0 released. Changelog: Interestingly, requirements have been lowered: Before 0.3.0: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series (GCN1, 2012) or newer Nvidia GeForce 600 series (Kepler, 2012) or newer Intel HD Graphics 500 series (Skylake, 2015) or newer Ironwail 0.3.0: Minimum GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 ("Fermi" 2010) AMD Radeon HD 5450 ("TeraScale 2" 2009) Intel HD Graphics 4200 ("Haswell" 2012) Recommended GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or newer ("Kepler" 2012) AMD Radeon HD 7700 series or newer ("GCN" 2012) Intel HD Graphics 620 ("Kaby Lake" 2016) or newer Good luck for me since i am rocking a HD 4600. I guess this might go a long way in providing a Quakespasm fork with modern rendering paradigms.
  10. Redneckerz

    Star Trek discussions

    Just buy the Elite Force games. They are ace :) Currently Final season DS9, episode 13. This final season really goes for the bizarre at times, but the Dukat angle is starting to wear on me. Not going to spoil anything but i feel Dukat's charm is slowly lost here. He is the villian you love to hate and then love again. I also have to add that the end of S6 and S7 the series really just turns bleak and dark. It definitely is more about showing the consequences of a crew's action and not shying away from it. Picard does not like her and i get that. I understand her comic relief targets a different kind of person than i am. It really is a lot more omnious, is it?
  11. Redneckerz

    Editor On Linux!

    At the behest of stating the blatantly obvious, is it in the menu now? Before you say ''It is'' or ''It isn't, it didn't work'', describe the steps you did that lead to it working/not working.
  12. @Doomkid bumping this for the following: People surely know that you can *replay* a demo in stock Doom2.exe (And Strife1.exe) using the *-control* command, so you can *re-record* a demo. Because that's what Fraggle did. But did you also know that: You can playback a longtic demo in stock Doom2.exe utilizing this trick (No Doom 1.91 hack needed)? Called Longtics.exe. Basically, you can achieve a TAS demo using Doom2.exe (No TASMBF/TASDoom needed) (Note: This does not record a longtic demo, but that should be possible aswell.) You can enable SR50 with turning in stock Doom2.exe, circumventing the *''Turning resolution is lowered when recording demos''* demo limit? Called SR50.exe. Might be useful to have. These are additional uses by Linguica of the External Control API, were posted before, but deserve to be included.
  13. Redneckerz

    Serious Sam's seriously flawed level design

    Considering Sam hails all the way back from 1996, it is befitting as retro. And yet it is small for a game that tries high end visuals. You assumed the game was huge in file size. I showed it isn't, before you bring in a pointless comparison. Your point? ''games powered by a Doom or Build derivative are a lot smaller in size''? In a world of 1 TB HD's and SSD's, this is -quite literally - irrelevant. Feel free to read the latter part of that sentence and you will find that there is actually some merit to your suggestion.
  14. Redneckerz

    Serious Sam's seriously flawed level design

    It is very much a retro shooter, just not the kind you are looking for.* Assumptions are the worst of all fuck ups. :P Its 25 GB in size (versus 40 GB for Sam 4) It runs the same engine, which for Sam 4 initially had some issues. But Timelock is comprised of folks who know the engine inside out. The level design already looks a lot less like Sam than Sam 4 did, which in my eyes is a plus. They started on the Amiga, so there is little Doom experience there. They could however, because of their indie program, do what you suggest. But since they have always worked on their own engine since 1996, this is again very unlikely.
  15. Redneckerz

    Serious Sam's seriously flawed level design

    You mean, like Siberian Mayhem? Because Timelock is a indie dev team and SS is, well, retro...