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  1. Redneckerz

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Try playing it as it is and you will appreciate what's on display a lot more.
  2. Redneckerz

    which monster do you hate the most?

    For sure. But can i expect a modicum of effort. This isn't OP's first rodeo. Then again i also wanted to make a word pun, so there's that.
  3. Redneckerz

    which monster do you hate the most?

    I dislike these real-life monsters who end up making the most mundane of forum threads. I prefer something more fleshed out.
  4. This game was the SHMUP for my youth. For years i never could remember what it was called. But it is a forgotten classic.
  5. Redneckerz

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    I for one am glad you kept the spelling error of the Major in it, very apt. (Yeah in case nobody noticed, they can't even spell those who they dislike correctly.) Wait, the origin story for this whole grudge was that? Well then. And indeed - ZDF's thing has literally nothing with DW or the Caco''s.
  6. Redneckerz

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    If the Cacowards are @Bridgeburner56 and @Major Arlene's promotional tools, i say: who cares? They make the most awesome maps, mods and have you now. Having said that, the reason why the perception exists that community members get top favor is simply because said community members constantly churn out quality. That doesn't mean newcomers get eskewed: If anything, the Cacowards spends more and more time honoring the new, the unusual and what not. Writing them is a monumental task. Heck, if i ever develop personal hyperfocus, i would want to join the team aswell and be part of the writing. Having to balance it means it takes a lot out of the likes of @Not Jabba, @Scuba Steve, @esselfortium and what not in order to present everything as is. Heck, we have folks like @Arsinikk putting out amazing stuff when they are still basically just looking around. Seeing the awards were powered by ChatGPT, how one of the users is John Momero (really), i feel overall it screams ''I just want to devalue the awards by complaining that the prominent community members give eachother asspats yearly during the Cacowards'' which is simply not true. IF you really wanted to devalue the awards, come up with something better. Don't go for the lowest common denominator, outbeat it! Doing what Hakros (That's the software guy, right?) did is, really now, just lazy. I feel the golden rule to any and all Doom criticism starting from 2024 should be: GO MAKE A WAD ABOUT IT.
  7. Redneckerz

    [WIP] ColdWire

    Well now you made me feel happy too, making my opinion more grand than it actually is (Seriously, that is very generous of you, thank you) But yes it looks fantastic. I have seen those shades of blue before, but it meshes very well on the screenshots shown. I know the Caco's get more crowded by the year, so at the very least it should be mentioned on next's years iteration if the level design holds up aswell as the palette and the screenshots do. Also - i am a sucker for any map project that utilizes custom palettes, colormaps or interesting sector lighting. A well crafted colormap or palette showcases consideration in your own work and although an amazing level is still an amazing level with stock assets, it just adds a little more to the scene.
  8. Redneckerz

    Helion - C# ( 4/24 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    My pleasure. It was long overdue. Helion's a unique project since it technically isn't a source port. I hope this brings even more attention to the project, considering the obvious performance benefits.
  9. Redneckerz

    [WIP] ColdWire

    That looks insanely good. I love mapsets that partake into custom palette madness. I also highly approve of the word Bespoke as that's what Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter also does - and it works so well. Smelling a little Cacoward contender entry here.
  10. Redneckerz

    Which sourceport to use to play heretic nowdays?

    To be frank, that comparison list doesn't get updated a whole lot. I did keep it up for a while on a different list, but if you are posting so many that i (used to, i should pick it up again this holiday) to do, it becomes kind of trite. But in the here and now, DSDA is a general excellent option for all things Doom. Its very all-round.
  11. Redneckerz

    Any sort of mp3 -> midi converter that actually sounds good?

    It literally says you need an URL. So i suppose Google drive would work?
  12. Redneckerz

    is there gonna be a new doom game in 2024

    Can you just stop with these low effort questions?
  13. Redneckerz

    GZDoom compat issues

    That's literally not how it works. Just target GZDoom. Unless you use specific GZDoom tools like ZScript, then there is a default version that is the minimum.