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  1. Redneckerz

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Any foundation for that statement? Because its not like stencil shadowing was not done before.
  2. Redneckerz

    Looking to disable my account

    Just DM a mod @Zacnate or report your thread and put the request in there.
  3. Redneckerz

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Interesting. Though Duke 3D is a tough game for starters, i liked the level design quite a lot, relying a lot on back tracking (In a similar matter as Dooms). The humour and interactivity ofcourse were a big plus, so Duke 3D has a vond place in my heart. As for DNF: The only thing i legit thought would change were better visuals and the carry limit. But Triptych Games did what they could to make the game a console title. Its just that Duke Engine was a PC-first engine due to its UE1 heritage. It never was mean't to be a console title. Why the everloving fuck would you want that? Ion Fury literally is a good game because it harbors back to everything that made Duke 3D a classic, plus it actually has a badass chick that can flip Duke off (Even more so because Duke is stale and boring these days) John St John's VO work in DNF was also really sub-par and simply says this because he likes Randy. The rest of the world however, does not like Randy, and not just for DNF. Randy is a guy who, even without knowing personally, you can label as a legit airhead. Not really. I think the biggest flaw in the criticism is those who label it a wreck or completely without merit which is hyperbole, but understandable. Its understandable because it is compared against either Duke 3D (To which it hilarious fails) or FPS games of the same ERA (To which its sub-par). DNF would be an okay game if it didn't carry the Duke Nukem moniker and 15 years of development behind it. Its a nameless romp, it just has Duke Nukem in it. Wolfenstein 2009 is also not the greatest Wolfenstein. I liked the hub system though, but the constant replenishing enemies in said hub that trickle you down and stop your progress was just a dumb design flaw, especially in missions where you had to move back and forth. You couldn't really sneak past them either, so you wasted so much time and ammunition on them. They were a bigger threat than actual in-mission bad guys and gals.
  4. Redneckerz

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    :) I like this, similarily to how i like the architecture of the 3DO. Question time! Optidoom obviously takes into account MADAM and CLIO, but would this also work on 3DO's that had the later revised ANVIL chip, which combines both MADAM and CLIO into one chip? I have read numerous issues arising with it because the layout is not like for like the same.
  5. Redneckerz

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Unpopular opinion: - Its ''eh''. Its a travesty when compared to Duke Nukem 3D - None of the stuff that worked in Duke 3D didn't work in DNF - Its 1996 humor in a 2011 timeline. Doesn't work. Also loading screens after each tiny area is baller bullshit. It's a travesty when you know it runs on the Duke Engine - A completely ostracized Unreal Engine 1 with netcode from that era, static meshes from UE2/Warfare, and shaders onto the level of Doom 3 and early UE3. Because the renderer is not optimized for modern CPU's, its very lightweight on specs and it only looks modest at best. It's a travesty when compared to the game that actually got a Duke Nukem cameo - Bulletstorm. That game is far more badass and dick-tits like than DNF, and its ironci that the cameo, a DLC, is the model literally lifted out of DNF. However: Compared on its own, its a decent romp. There are fun mini games, the levels can be large (if just chopped up by loading screens) - There is potential of a great game there. But the decision to have Duke only hold two weapons when he could carry Fort Knox in Duke 3D is just dumb and something Randy effin' Pitchford would think of just to spite at the fans. Having played through most of the game, its decent, but not worth the insane wait. Its interesting seeing an UE1 based game doing the visuals it does - But its also clear its visually a 2006 game, not a 2011 one. So: It's basically a 4/10 game, primarly because of the delays, the numerous flaws and what not. It scores points for being somewhat fun to play, but as a whole, completely unworthy of being Duke3D's successor.
  6. Redneckerz

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    ... goodness. @Optimus Holy heck, it becomes more impressive by each and every build! The colored lighting puts a heavy strain on the framerate. Is this a limitation of Madam and Clio accelerators (Cel Engine), or is there something else causing this (Like the ARM processor)? There is never a day where you actually are impressed by a port's work do you. Here you have a vastly impressive and improved port of one of the worst Doom versions out there, with fancy colored lights, improved framerate, even more graphical effects putting the underutilized 3DO to good use, but all you want is to make the game more like what's promised. You are obviously entilted to your opinion as always but why not take a stab yourself? Which is a backport, so it runs natively in the same vein as PsyDoom i believe. So its not really emulated, it just runs the 3DO feature set graphically on PC. Which is a better carbon copy than recreating it in a modern source port like GZDoom. Not that projects like DZDoom aren't impressive, mind you. Its just that their root base is vastly different.
  7. Redneckerz

    I hate people who expect you to be online 24/7

    I hate users who make threads to complain about people who expect you to be online 24/7. Kidding aside, Those people don't have lives of their own, spending days on 4chan, 9gag, Qanon. I literally cannot be bothered (But here i am replying so obviously i must be bothered to some extent..) for meta-complainers like that. I am not here on this planet to wage discussion wars when i could be landing the next Doom related goldmine.* *This becomes more common as you go older. ** ** You will find you will start to take this approach through work aswell. Im here to help you, not to listen to you complaining that you don't feel too hot yet to go inside the Hospital. Stay and work at home then and stop getting in my way. I used to do this with some geniunely nice people only to be given the lick of time out of nowhere. So that ship has sailed. One was a particular close overseas friend with a friendship lasting 12 years. I blame Trump unironically for this.
  8. Redneckerz

    DW loads really slow rn

    I know my posts are epic, but i didn't flick on my elite 1337 mode for a reason. Perhaps someone felt the kind of questions asked by greenhorns was not enough. Inspiration for a WAD.
  9. Redneckerz

    DW loads really slow rn

    It has been happening for most of the weekend here. This happens every now and then and so a thread like this will also occur every now and then. It will sort itself out. Play some Doom in the meantime.
  10. Appreciate the new build DoomKid! One nitpick: Viti95 isn't saying its the final build of FastDoom - Just the final build of FastDoom 0.7. His changelog shows 142 new commits since that release with the latest activity on January 22. Ive also tagged you for something else and soonish (i hope) i can add something new to your package that surely is beneficial for Doom 2.
  11. Holy omega bump: A bump of this magnitude obviously needs merit. Luckily, i believe this one does. The story so far: The OP's original link has been in absentia for numerous years (dead link). Knowing that @entryway still visits this place, i decided to put on my Dooming shoes and do an enquiry regarding this (and something else, but that's for later). He lost the actual executable. The story continues: Even though one could patch this themselves given the patch was directly posted, Entryway did a most generous thing: Some testing: Entryway recreated the DEH (From the page) and then crafted a Doom-2Plus executable out of it. The executable is called DOOM2PSV.EXE. Tested it with Astro.WAD. Gave a nice 0 back as a reading. So now we have a working link again and a unique tool to detect VPO's. I reckon this is most useful for vanilla mappers and editors like @Doomkid, @fraggle, @Linguica, @esselfortium and @JadingTsunami for instance. More lost Entryway obscurities are to come but ill put that in a seperate thread.
  12. Redneckerz

    Episode 1: Ankle Deep in Gibs

    A similar thing was Covid Doom. That was also very funny because it was made around the start of the pandemic. Some mods do not age well. Its a memewad. But like any good current day meme, it isnt funny and its set to travel to the memeyard in no time. Its horrendous that Doom plays host to near-stale memes and isnt even given the privilege to get legendary memes.
  13. You are welcome! I am aware that these unusual threads don't generate as much recognition as asking why a Zombieman is green or how Lost Souls travel through the air, but unusual Doom is still Doom, however unusual. It does not beat Doom on a pregnancy test, but its surely a completely nerdy and visually impressive way to do Doom.
  14. Vulkan is a lower level driver with increased performance. OpenGL originates from the workstation market for accelerated graphics. DirectX11 is similar but primarily for Windows, DX12 also includes a low level driver like Vulkan, but for Windows only. SoftPoly is a software renderer but it does utilize acceleration i believe to map the contents on the screen.
  15. Yes. Hardware rendererw employ your graphic card to do most of the effects whereas software uses CPU. Quake comparison: Accelerated Doom and Software Doom do a similar thing. See the difference?