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  1. robindegen

    Reviving dogs from the dead -- humans next?

    woo cool insect heh, good thing we dont have those here
  2. robindegen

    Who plays xbox doom?

    you havent compared doom 3 on pc with the xbox version have you? Damn i hate consoles, they're so ugly
  3. robindegen

    Crappiest games to review

    but now that i know... im gonna die :( That stupid thing even took over the netherlands and belgium (maybe more, but i know those 2 for sure). They should run him over with a car... not let him race one, and that rocket he's flying on should explode while he sits on it.
  4. robindegen

    Reviving dogs from the dead -- humans next?

    geez they argue about anything. But i dont really care about them and neither will the scientists
  5. robindegen

    Who plays xbox doom?

    it looks awefull imo
  6. robindegen

    doom movie sculptures

    yes i have a doom 2 book from when doom 2 just was released. It has an interview with john romero in it and said something like this: We are planning to make a doom movie, with a leading role for Arnold Zwartzenegger. I guess that didnt happen, but the idea was there.
  7. robindegen

    Having trouble with sound and music in Boom 2.02

    isnt windows 95 osr 1 16-bit? Becuase i think it has the FAT16 file system to. So that wont work then.
  8. robindegen

    Moving trains.....

    depends. Maybe he wants it to move to another station so you'll actually be somewhere else (take half life's train for example) then this wont really work. This only works if the entire level is inside the train
  9. robindegen

    Great Source For Pickup Sprites

    nice, i can make this of other use (skinning my 3d models ^_^)
  10. robindegen

    Moving trains.....

    But if you had read the thread he clearly said he actually wanted it to move, not to appear is if.
  11. robindegen

    Sound FX

    Called Noise gate or Compressor
  12. robindegen

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    about that last bit... yea they even work quite the same. Only you cant keep picking things up :(
  13. robindegen

    Part two of lost city

    dunno, i never released my stuff ^_^
  14. robindegen

    Moving trains.....

    what's that got to do with an actual moving train?...
  15. robindegen

    Part two of lost city

    awesome made, are you going to release it?