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  1. insertwackynamehere

    Unidentified person in pic, anybody know who?

    I remember this used to be a working link: http://www.doomworld.com/pictures/ Unsure if anyone knows what happened to it, maybe it could help? (I believe it was just a "post a photo of yourself" but from the 90s-early 00s era and not a thread but just a webpage) Edit: Archive.org has this saved with all photos; no one looked familiar though
  2. Great timing for this bump; by the "end" of the pandemic I'd gotten a bit fat. No one would notice and say "oh you look fat", just waist size had gone up, muscular definition disappearing, etc. So finally by my early 30s I know what it's like to accidentally gain weight. But there is a silver lining, I got back to gym, waist already shrinking, now I'm heavier than I ever thought I'd be back when I was trying to bulk 7-12 years ago, but also getting back in shape. So I guess it was sort of an accidental COVID bulk that pushed me across the threshold to "the next level" of weight gain I sort of wanted as a young, skinny lifter lol. But yeah eventually you start getting fat I guess if you aren't careful. It comes for everyone one day it seems.
  3. insertwackynamehere

    What is the "nukage"?

    This made me realize, was "nukage" a term before Doom? Is it a term now? It feels like it's a term outside of Doom but when I think about it, I guess it might not be. That's weird
  4. I have this whole internal dialogue with myself whenever I play a game, lose, read about it, find information on how to minmax, proceed to still do badly, and then walk away feeling like a failure. It's basically: - "Okay I want to play a game to relax and get lost in a fake world for a bit" - "Darn, I suck like I suck at every video game as a casual 30-something video game player" - "Lets see how I _should_ play" - "Wow this person on Youtube is really good and is explaining their minmax strategy while effortlessly crushing everything on the hardest setting" - "Hmm I still am terrible at this game despite now being acutely aware it is not really a game but a spreadsheet with win conditions" - "I guess I should keep playing to get better" - "Wait why would I try to get better? What is the point of playing video games anyway? What am I doing?" The answer of course would be to just ignore the external stuff, but what happens really is you are forced to abandon the childlike mindset of a video game as a new world to explore (which is really all I enjoy about them) and remember that as an adult, video games are just sets of rules with nice art. I get ripped out of the enjoyment mindset by remembering what things actually are. I think maybe a lot of this is just adulthood, versus childhood of playing games with friends and talking about them and exploring them as genuine new worlds (and based on my age, without 50 million videos on how to play, but just strategy guides and vague rumors of easter eggs).
  5. The scene change thing is almost certainly it. I'm far from an expert on this, but I once was trying to figure out how to detect scene changes to remove the (potential) bumpers from before and after downloaded Youtube music videos. I skimmed a few papers, had my eyes glaze over on a lot of the complexities, and then made a relatively naive and simple scene detection change thing based on histograms that worked fairly accurately. Long story short, the fact that the teleportation flash takes up like 90% of the screen and pretty much completely changes the resulting image from the frame before is going to result in a new "scene" for most "dumb" image detection purposes (in theory, an AI with the power of human reasoning would conclude it is the same scene with a teleportation flash, but we aren't there yet, at least at scale). Also, it might even be on purpose; it depends whether Youtube is hoping to find "chapters" or just considers massively divergent frames to be "exciting", disregarding the scene change implication, but still using similar math.
  6. insertwackynamehere

    Is it normal to be afraid/anxious about my future?

    I think it can be pretty normal. I had a hard time even imagining what my future after high school would be like, despite having a concrete plan. It was stressful to realize the shift to being an "adult" was racing towards me with no clear idea on how "I" would be an "adult", if that makes sense. I saw myself as "me, the teenager/highschooler/kid" and I just couldn't even visualize how the other side would be. In the end, the line between high school and college really wasn't so extreme and now as a 30-something adult I can't imagine being a highschooler again lol. In general, I prefer it on this side, and it also is not as much of an immediate crossover as you might fear. You don't just wake up being "an adult" after high school. Like someone else said, if you feel crushing anxiety regularly, talk to a doctor not an internet forum. This reply is just assuming its low-level anxiety about unknowns, not something more clinical.
  7. insertwackynamehere

    Worst color conbination

    This reminds me of 3M respirator cartridge color code "magenta/olive", 3M P100 Respirator Cartridge/Filter 60926. I had to look in to this fairly recently because I was deep cleaning my bathroom but the chemicals can be really irritating. So I bought a respirator and had to look into what filter cartridges were appropriate for cleaning products I was using and this color combo actually indicates the one I need (I guess its convenient for actual job sites where you may need to quickly identify different filter mediums visually).
  8. insertwackynamehere

    Worst color conbination

    [double post]
  9. insertwackynamehere

    Genres of Cringe Comments Which Can Be Found Online

    comments about 9/11 on video game messageboards
  10. So I don’t know who else watches The Orville, but it’s basically Seth MacFarlane’s version of Star Trek, but he isn’t trying to be funny, it’s done completely in earnest and I think it works really well, personally. It’s finally back for season 3 following COVID delays, and the second episode of the season explored typical space horror tropes. It was a very Doom-inspired episode, no way the people in charge didn’t use it as a reference point.
  11. insertwackynamehere

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    The divisiveness exploitation is the fault of mainstream media companies as well, for example CNN and OAN being sister companies under ATT shows that traditional media is more than happy to utilize social media for rage bait by playing both sides and becoming click-driven.
  12. insertwackynamehere

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    I think one of the largest threats to free speech on Twitter (and Reddit and everywhere else it’s free and easy to make accounts) is the asymmetry of disinformation sock puppets to people acting in good faith, and I think that might be the most interesting problem which I hope gets tackled. The town square concept of free speech is disrupted by paid mobs acting on behalf of someone else’s bad faith, and so to truly return to “public discourse, but on the internet”, I think that has to be solved. This is a more subtle issue with free speech on the internet, and is why so many people now associate free speech with racist shitposting or disinformation. The problem is that wrongthink from good faith actors is now basically the worst possible thing ever and that is the greatest threat to actual free speech that exists right now. This is because of weaponized mob rule and the ease of mob rule when it’s asymmetrically easier to be a fake account posting bullshit 24/7 than a real account trying to post in earnest. I really hope if Musk is serious, he starts thinking about how to reconcile all these different things; anonymity, affordability, not being beholden to any advertiser, accountability, spam and shitpost prevention but in some transparent way so that no one can come and claim they are censored when their garbage is hidden from most people due to preference, etc. I really find the idea of cutting out bad faith actors (from site operators to users) while maintaining the internet message board experience an intriguing topic, and I’ve come to some conclusions personally that certain things are fundamentally incompatible without trade offs, when going down the list of requirements. But I really hope this is what Musk has in mind as well, and since I don’t think he can make Twitter any worse, I’m tentatively excited to see.
  13. insertwackynamehere

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    I think Twitter is garbage and I think Elon will either fail at fixing that or succeed, so I have a hard time understanding why people think it was some perfect place that he can ruin. It’s also weird to see how quickly polite western cosmopolitan society turned against free speech as an ideological concept over the last 10 to 15 years, but it’s also refreshing to see at least the hope of liberalism make a come back. I’m tired of apologizing or explaining myself when I express liberal viewpoints, and I don’t think I’ll bother anymore; there is a clear divide that has grown in the west between non-conservatives and all these discordant views get lumped in together as “left-leaning”, but it’s clear some people are for liberalism and some people are for a new illiberal left leaning ideology that has yet to be fully broken off. I assume it’s similar to the Mao apologists of decades ago and not entirely new, but it’s in a new “wave” or “generation” and seems to have become more subversive. I agree billionaire fanboys are annoying and Musk is not some pure altruistic machine, but I’m at least going to give him the benefit of the doubt that this falls under “billionaire wants to fix social media side project” versus “billionaire wants to control a media outlet”. I think the former is completely plausible, because social media is an interesting problem and whether or not you like Musk’s antics I think he legitimately enjoys trying to solve problems. So if you need some self-serving motive assigned to him in order to function, it could very well be he just wanted to buy a puzzle.
  14. insertwackynamehere

    Pink Floyd's Hey Hey Rise Up

    This is just not true. I know Russia and Putin don’t represent communism, but I also see tons of whataboutism mixed with outright support from real people, living in NYC and generally being surrounded by varying shades of Democrat voter to self-proclaimed far left. I see people argue the threat of NATO membership was justification for the attack frequently, or just argue that the US in the Middle East was worse or equivalent (in order to justify Russia doing what it is doing, which is separate from legitimate criticism of USA). I see people saying Ukraine only gets attention for its European citizens, which is framed as being problematic and racist. All criticisms of Putin (and on another note, the CCP when it comes to China) are framed as western propaganda by plenty of very real people I come in contact with, but mostly avoid because I find them frustrating. Maybe they are useful idiots to some greater machine, but they would say they are far left, unapologetically red, and that everything in western media about Ukraine and Russia (and outside of this scope, China) is outright lies and that Ukraine and the west should have respected Putins request to not entertain NATO membership.
  15. Russian visas are not easy to get for western nationals (at least US citizens). It's "easy" but it's a drawn out process and potentially expensive. When I got one, it was the "best" visa a normal person can get (afaik -- 3 years, multi-entry), and even it was relatively stringent and I think it cost my company $600 to go through a third party who helps coordinate, and even so, I had to fill out a ton of stuff like everywhere I worked and travelled with exact dates. You have to have an official host as well (hotel or family) which didn't seem to be super-enforced, but still adds to the headache of knowing that a border entry guard having a bad day might find some bureaucratic subtly you missed and send you home. Besides that, I would never get rid of any passports I had if I had the opportunity to have multiple. I have friends with multiple passports and it makes your life a lot easier when traveling to pick the optimal passport for the country you are going to. Plus, you will have a lot more potential escape routes if things every really start going downhill. My point is, I wouldn't judge someone for having multiple passports.