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  1. insertwackynamehere

    Is it Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    Doomba because he glides around the floor cleaning up demons
  2. I don’t like the fact that US companies get to enjoy all the lobbyist driven perverse incentives of operating a business here but then get to use their power for the favor of foreign states. Something about it doesn’t sit right. Also, so many companies are going to look like IBM building death camp tabulation machines for Nazis in the long run. Imagine explaining to your grandkids who openly learn about early 21st century Chinese government moral failings that you worked for or supported a company that took its position of comfort in the US to support terrible things across the globe in the name of greed. In the name of video game competitions lmao. That’s the kind of shit read off to you about your life before you get sent to hell if there was an afterlife. “So you got greedy about video game competitions and defended an awful regime for..video game competitions?”
  3. insertwackynamehere

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    I remember this thread but I don’t remember my mindset when I was commenting. It’s like an out of body experience. I can’t remember if I was trying to be ironic-stupid or actually just posting stupidly.
  4. insertwackynamehere

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    That’s true from the lore perspective but the reality is Lovecraft wanted made up Semitic-deity sounding names and frequently used the n-word as both a name and in white supremacist writings and it’s harder to imagine he didn’t come to “niggurath” through word play given his track record and the otherwise notable lack of anything else in English sounding close to it. People can’t come up with “random” things as well as they think they can. Regardless, the way things would play out when the bad guys name is that would be “what did you just say?” “no you misunderstand it’s a made up name by this author” and then a short googling later would revel the author’s not great track record bringing the discussion back to square one. It’s a can of worms either way. I should clarify I’m not for white washing or censoring. It is what it is, Lovecraft both made some extremely influential lore and short stories and also was known to be racist even beyond the baseline of his time. I don’t think there’s anything to do but acknowledge it and move on. I’m just pointing out that I think reviving that character now would just bring up the point I’m making and probably fairly so.
  5. insertwackynamehere

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    It’s interesting they don’t say Shub Niggurath. I’ve always wondered if the name (made up by Lovecraft) was rooted in his frequent use of the n-word (he was not shy with his slurs) and further, I have a feeling whoever controls the Quake IP now probably has similar concerns. Which actually makes me wonder if the constant refusal to return to Quake 1 storyline is related.
  6. insertwackynamehere

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    What are rocks but not sand glued together by nature
  7. insertwackynamehere

    should tim burton direct the next doom movie if there is one?

    Johnny Depp Doomguy? Have we finally settled the perfect Doomguy actor debate?
  8. I think there’s a common thread though in these cases and it’s members of a nerdy fandom get angry about pretty boys due to preconceived notions that any actor who appeals to women couldn’t possibly be a good casting choice for something they are fans of. Then someone has the balls to point out they are good actors and everyone sees them do a good job and they fall in line. It’s also a thing with kids, who are all over the Internet in fandoms but one might assume is an adult. When I was younger, the rumors/jokes were that Leo DiCaprio was going to play Anakin. Or the Backstreet Boys were going to play Anakin. This is the kind of thing that enrages fifth graders, for some stupid reason.
  9. insertwackynamehere

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Lmao dammit, it's too early. I literally just downloaded 1.666 and fired up my hex editor to go searching for this string in case it had gotten lost during the open sourcing or something. I was so excited for some random datetime easter egg everyone had somehow missed and forgotten about
  10. insertwackynamehere

    Things about Doom you just found out

    (Re: Doom 25 year message in vanilla) Wait what? Is this a joke? Has no one ever uncovered that Easter egg in the source or IWAD or wherever it is until now?
  11. Phosphorescence is trance music playlist builder powered by the Spotify API. It is created by me and this is the beta launch :) Playlists are cohesive in track selection both in the sense of harmonics and BPM, as well as in the sense of "evocativeness". It has been built in a very pluggable way as I have plans to make it even more exciting to use for people who wish to script their own playlist building within my framework. The best experience is using Chrome with Spotify Premium. Opera, Firefox, and Edge should all work just as well (although Edge I can only test through the VM so please let me know if it's not working). Safari does not support in-browser playback but falls back to a simpler form of the application gracefully. IE is not supported. Spotify free users will not be able to control playback in their browser at all; they can generate playlists and save them to their account. This is in beta. It's possible (hopefully not) that your first impression is awful due to some unforseen bug. Please let me know here if that happens, preferably with system info and a screenshot and some description of events leading up to it. I've been personally using the product for a while now and fixing bugs but it's hard to test all user behavior when it's just yourself set in your ways. Here is the link: https://phosphor.me I know Doomworld is more metal than trance but I seem to remember some level of trance music contingent here. Why/how/history/etc
  12. insertwackynamehere

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    This is truly becoming FUD just like every argument in this thread. “What if this terrible thing happened! Let’s react as though it already has!” Centralizing trust is not an awful answer to security threats. It’s one in which active research is going into decentralized alternatives (which of course will probably fire up the anti-blockchain brigade so you can’t win) but in the name of security, some central points of trust are currently necessary whether it’s Certificate Authorities or repositories of signatures for code and/or executables. Apple as a corporation in the capitalist framework is driven purely by profit, I don’t believe in inherent benevolence of corporations, but what is being described here as looming is nonsensical for many reasons, mainly Apple not standing to benefit from making themselves into a late 90s MS target as politicians argue already they should be broken up and the EU has made their stance on technology companies monopolizing things very clear (you can’t even ship Windows with IE there as I understand it). So Apple, worth almost a trillion dollars just selling their products, is not even likely from a greed and capitalism perspective to want to become a monopoly in the eyes of the public and the various regulatory bodies that dictate the rules because of self-preservation. I don’t believe the cut of App Store profits they’d in theory get would be worth it to them relative to their size and the regulatory cost they’d bring upon themselves when they inevitably lose in court at least in the EU and then get the politicians on their back for real attempting an actual takedown. And if GZDoom ever cannot have OS X builds maintained any more by the current maintainer because of code signing issues then I tentatively volunteer to consider doing it so let’s not panic lol
  13. insertwackynamehere

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    Sorry to spam the thread but frankly things like signing executables is a step forward in the right direction. So much of the expected flow of web and OS behavior has been insecure or less than ideal secure due to historical requirements and pushback on UX complexity but signed apps is completely correct from a security perspective. This is like pushing back on HTTPS which people were doing 10 years ago. And Windows has been doing that kind of thing for ages hasn’t it? I remember people complaining about Vistas confirmation pop ups. I hope Apple allows people who know what they are doing to bypass or self-sign as a developer but this kind of behavior should absolutely be part of a secure environment. And if a game dev company can’t be bothered to sign their applications that’s more a statement of their level of motivation. This isn’t some huge burden. Think about what happens when you visit a (HTTPS) site that’s been hijacked. Your browser nowadays freaks out and prevents you from visiting without digging deep into the warning page. This is the kind of thing people 10 years ago would say makes the internet more closed off, but in fact it’s the browser protecting the hapless user from likely being exploited. The browser doesn’t stop you from going but it makes it very clear it might not be a good idea. Imagine now you download Tool.app but it’s actually Malice.app because someone owned the download link. It’s a positive that your OS would know to not trust it. That kind of behavior should be present for most users. Downloading random crap was the bane of the 90s throughout the modern OS era and the root of a decade plus of AOL newbie users getting “hacked”. So now it just feels like more complaining about security while getting mad at other vendors valid security solutions.
  14. insertwackynamehere

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    You’re right about Apple dismissing power users to a detriment in different instances but the crux of these arguments is still “Mac is closed so you can’t trust it” which is a very FOSS attitude and completely legitimate when dealing with certain types of security analysis but also not really relevant in a comparison with Windows or with regards to a security analysis for a regular Joe versus the full on paranoia driven “every single thing has to be compiled by me after I personally do a security audit before it runs”. An Apple device isn’t selling your keyboard input data whereas one of the top play store keyboards was. That’s more concerning then the mindset of “what if Apple has a direct line to the NSA deep in their source code” for 99% of people especially since those concerns exist for Windows and even open source projects where in theory “more eyes” but in practice, that’s been shown many times to not be a magic bullet to finding flaws or malicious additions. As for the home brew build is cheaper, that looks specifically at hardware costs. Yes a spec to spec comparison of Apple devices to PCs makes Apple look overpriced but my point is that the cost of the entire machine is you paying for an Apple product and all that entails which is the system and their commitment to privacy which is why they sell their own “overpriced” machines not filled to the brim with crapware in an attempt at offsetting the cost to the consumer. A home brew Windows machine clocks in at less money and presumably no crapware but that’s also the result of hobbyists who aren’t likely a huge threat to the general PC buying marketplace. Those costs would shift around I bet if everyone started building PCs from scratch.