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  1. insertwackynamehere

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    It's interesting that now more than ever split screen would be less of a mess also with regards to enjoyment. I can't believe I used to play split screen video games back on 27 inch CRT televisions and think that was a friend with a good television. I don't even know how I made out the characters. Now everyone has 50"+ screens with amazing clarity if they want (practically disposable to buy a good enough large HD television) and you'd have more screen real estate and visibility for your half of the screen then you would have had for a single player game during the split-screen heyday.
  2. insertwackynamehere

    Requesting advice from PC gamers

    That's what I like to hear 😄 I see that there is an XPS that is currently marked down to $500 that seems more than okay and I didn't even shop around the site to see if I could go lower. Maybe I'm overthinking this, since I don't actually want a "gaming PC" just a PC that can play games.
  3. insertwackynamehere

    Requesting advice from PC gamers

    Back in the early to mid 2000s, I was super into keeping up with PC rigs and specs etc. However I went to college, switched to MacBooks and now program and work entirely on Macs. I’ve fallen out of the PC world entirely. I really want to play Doom 2016 and have been avoiding spoilers for 2 years now, but I couldn’t justify buying a PC for it alone and I’m not much of a gamer these days, just Civ and classic Doom which I can play on my iMac. Now I want to start looking into PCs again, but I don’t even know where to start. I want something that’s a small form factor and not covered in lights because I live in an apartment and it would be in my bedroom. I also would like it to be “Oculus ready” as that is one of the only other things I feel excited about re-entering the PC gamer world for. I’m comfortable putting it together myself but I’d rather not unless the savings would be ridiculous. I can assemble PCs (at least I used to 12 years ago :D) but I’d rather it just show up and work fully assembled. Is this something I can do for under $1000, preferably in the $600 range? I see Alienware has a small form factor gaming machine and they are a Dell subsidiary too now. I remember Dell and Alienware had good reputations besides being seen as overpriced. Is this still true? They are offering the machine for ~$650 it looks like. It has the GTX960/4gb which seems to be bare minimum for Doom2k16 and Oculus. Is that too weak of a card? I guess I’m just very far removed from where to even begin when building or buying a PC these days. I know tech stuff well enough but I’m out of the loop and don’t know vendors or what the word on the street is about which graphics cards are best/worst/most overpriced etc.
  4. insertwackynamehere

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    I agree with OP. I think that the music for E1M8 is the musical equivalent to what is being described (fighting out of desperation and with the pit-in-your-stomach lonely despair of being the last survivor against all odds) Edit: beaten by seconds regarding lonely music as another factor 😄
  5. insertwackynamehere

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I think it’s culturally amazing how a free and publicly worked on product exists in such an important capacity. I don’t use it as a desktop, but I work with servers running Linux and I do most software development on containers run on Linux virtual machines, on my Mac.
  6. insertwackynamehere

    How are you doing?

    I know that the new Star Wars movies are fairly controversial already but I'm really wondering if they are going to let us down for Ep 9 by not retconning midichlorians. Right now they are ignoring them but they could so easily retcon them. All they have to do is say midichlorians are a natural microscopic flora present in or on all living beings that have found an evolutionary niche surviving off of force energy. This means that very force sensitive beings who emanate large amounts of force energy have a larger amount of midichlorians present due to flora imbalances one would typically see with gut flora based on diet and genetics or whatnot except in this case it's related to force emanations. The reason why Quigon then tested Anakin despite recognizing his force sensitivity on his own is just a further symptom of the Jedi council's ongoing demise in which they refused to simply trust their feelings and instead insisted on categorizing and measuring and accounting everything which while good for scientific inquiry represented a huge departure from the Jedi way which was much more feelings based rather than charting and bureaucracy based. Right now, midichlorians are a frustrating loose thread. They are mentioned in Episode 1 so you can't say "just forget about them" because anyone doing a full watch-through of the series is going to be made aware of them. Perhaps a special edition release of the prequels (should one occur) just edit out that segment entirely or do some cutaway voice-over where present-day Liam Neeson re-records and explains to Yoda (while the camera is on Yoda) that he senses Anakin is force-sensitive and just cut the midichlorian counter shots entirely. However, I think my first idea would be very easy at filling a plot-hole as well as adding more depth to the prequels at the same time; the audience's disgust with midichlorians becomes the new Jedi order's disgust with how strayed the Jedi Council had become before it's fall. Luke's ghost could just explain to Rey "before the rise of the Emperor, the Jedi Council had lost it's way and ranked force sensitivity based on microscopic bacteria that fed off of force emanations". How would Luke know? The audience can just assume Obiwan or Yoda explained it to him at some point. Luke would be telling Rey this to further drive home the point that the new Jedi must not become about dogma as that has always been their downfall.
  7. insertwackynamehere

    Nostalgic for the 90s

    I feel like nostalgia for the 90s is more just nostalgia for being young again for the majority of 25-40 year olds on the internet.
  8. insertwackynamehere

    Rank title meaning

    I like the idea that with no prior context, “Kevin bacon” sounds like a thing not a person. Like some kind of regional cut of pork that is described as bacon natively
  9. insertwackynamehere

    Deimos Anomaly

    But dying in Doom does lead to resurrection :D Anyway, reading your post I was reminded of Star Trek transporter logic in which technically every teleportation event kills you in one place and reconstructs you somewhere else. I wonder if that could factor in at all. Besides the fact that like others have said this was just a hook to get people to buy the registered version and not actually something that was ever thought about by Id for more than two seconds. It’s still fun to think about though, been confusing me for decades.
  10. insertwackynamehere

    Deimos Anomaly

    This always reads like you died to me. You die which is a twist since you just "won" and now you're on the shores of hell and can't escape without fighting through it.
  11. insertwackynamehere

    What are you listening to?

    Huh, I always liked Ecstasy - This Is My House and it has the same backing vocals. According to Discogs it's called "Jack's Sermon" and was used in a lot of places. Never knew the sample's history, interesting. https://www.discogs.com/Fingers-Inc-Can-You-Feel-It/master/5664
  12. insertwackynamehere

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    Yeah, you know I guess you are right. Everything is going to be an error-prone physical process at some point and I'm conflating the use of magnetic tape for analog storage in certain instances with the notion that all magnetic tape storage is analog. Still my main point stands which is that older media is not useful beyond collectability for games or software.
  13. insertwackynamehere

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    While it was never in analog, a floppy disk is a very analog method of digital data distribution compared to a downloadable copy, however the antiquity of the medium offers nothing except more potential for data loss. Doom and other video games are digital data which has to be reproduced without error, whereas magnetic mediums are analog which offers only shortcomings compared to purely digital distribution methods for things that have zero error tolerance and no subjective difference in quality based on storage medium.
  14. insertwackynamehere

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    My point was about the preferences people had regarding CD masters and how there was a loudness war by purposefully over-compressing during the era of CDs, not about the technical capabilities of the CD versus the record. But my real point was that games don't benefit from analogue storage at all objectively whereas vinyl at least has a subjective appeal. Which cuts out half of the reason to want an old release of a game in the physical sense.
  15. insertwackynamehere

    id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    Yeah, also the compression wars or whatever regarding CDs’ mastering in which people actually wanted smaller dynamic range and louder sounding music. Anyway my point wasn’t to start an argument about vinyl, I don’t care one way or the other since I like buying vinyl for fun but also just listen to Spotify for convenience. My point was that buying old games is more one dimensional in that the collectibility part is there, but there is pretty much no value in the older mediums themselves on account of games being digital and the more analogue the medium, the more chance the medium just became corrupted which doesn’t make the game have more character, just instead not work.