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  1. insertwackynamehere

    What Was Fight Club All About?

    Also sorry to double post but to keep it out of a wall of text, Mr. Robot is a great homage to all these stories plus 70s-90s (but mostly late 80s-90s) hacker culture but I actually haven’t even finished it. As another related recommendation.
  2. insertwackynamehere

    What Was Fight Club All About?

    What’s interesting is actually if you read the book it’s clear Bateman is a loser also. That’s my favorite part is that he represents a successful yet mediocre guy who’s an unreliable narrator but there are times where he can’t unreliably narrate himself to be cool due to the circumstances and you see through it. He’s probably a fairly attractive guy. He’s probably fairly successful. He’s probably fairly tasteful. But he’s ultimately just a guy without purpose who’s still many rungs below the elite. There’s a scene in the book where Tom Cruise who lives in his building treats him with contempt in the elevator and it turns out Bateman’s nose is bleeding and the veil is ripped off, he’s just a sort of wealthy sort of attractive laborer with weird social issues. I’d be lying if I said these books don’t resonate but they shouldn’t resonate in a way where you feel like “yeah these guys are cool”, it’s supposed to be an insight or in some cases a mirror.
  3. insertwackynamehere

    What Was Fight Club All About?

    It’s a film based on a book that’s in a similar genre as American Psycho and Bright Lights, Big City. Basically an existentially dissatisfied yuppie goes off the deep end and its sort of comedic but also grim. The main characters get lionized by viewers because a lot of their cynicism is relatable but the overarching point is meant to be a criticism of the things that brought them to the precipice in the first place, not something to hold up as “good”. Also, just as a side note, there’s this film “How To Get A Head In Advertising” which is like if Fight Club or American Psycho was a weird British comedy from ~10 years prior to their release dates. So if anyone is looking for something to watch. I don’t think it’s as good but it’s an interesting addition to the genre.
  4. insertwackynamehere

    What fake name do you use at restaurants?

    Talk to a fast food employee long enough for them to learn my name? I slap down my Centurion card and don’t even make eye contact. Sometimes my man Chadwick says his name is “alosersayswhat” but he’s the group’s comedian, I’m more of the serious type and I’m not here to waste time talking to whoever is getting my goddam mcdoubles
  5. insertwackynamehere

    YouTube just went down.

    It’s probably not a coincidence, they may all just use Google Cloud Platform. That being said I don’t know what caused the downtime or if they were all related. But if they were related it was probably not malicious targeting of three sites but rather a mistake that affected infrastructure of at least three sites.
  6. Trump’s speech the other night was a disgrace to liberalism and the values of a free society, calling into question an election by despotically using his powerful role to sow discord about the fairness of a race he is a part of. That kind of thing should go to the courts, which it did, and they rejected it. It should never be the incumbent contender making baseless claims to the public. It was seditious and pathetic. I’m not a huge fan of Biden nor am I someone who believes Democrats can do no wrong but Trump hates every value the US stands for and it’s good he’s gone. It’s a shame so many people in the US support him though. Already there were domestic terror plots foiled in Philadelphia.
  7. insertwackynamehere

    What do you think of Italian food?

    I’ve always enjoyed it. One of my go-to meals is cooking pasta and sauce from a local Italian deli. The pasta has to be kept frozen and the sauce frozen or refrigerated so it’s “fresh” without any effort. It can otherwise be treated like the simple act of boiling pasta and heating up sauce but it’s locally made in NYC and isn’t just shelf stable grocery store stuff. The pasta takes like 2-3 minutes max to cook from the water boiling to it being poured in still frozen. I also don’t like cheese or dairy and so my favorite pizza is Neapolitan marina pizza which is the original style of pizza anyway. I made it once and it turned out pretty well. I was only in Italy once and only in Naples to catch a ferry to Sorrento but I wish I had spent a bit more time in Naples. It’s always panned for being shady but I don’t how much of that’s a sheltered suburban tourist take. It would be cool to visit some local bespoke tailor. Also, Negronis are a great if food includes pre-dinner cocktails. And so is espresso.
  8. It’s simple. In menswear, black leather gloves are oddly enough less classy than brown leather. Doomguy initially assumed the opposite due to the tendency for black to be a color reserved for dressiness and formality, but quickly learned of his faux pas and realized black gloves only made him look like a burglar (if you don’t know what that is it’s like a ham burglar but for things other than ham).
  9. I think regardless of legality, the thinking here is too negative. Everyone here claims that this would be worse for game devs, and maybe it would be. So what happens then? Every dev that doesn’t allow streaming suffers and those who allow it (probably all the indie studios) would succeed. So honestly it could play out almost better where the only games that get attention are the ones that aren’t coming out of studios constantly trying to squeeze the player for an extra dime. And so without that advertising vector the studios that would ban streaming shoot themselves in the foot and they are probably studios who’s practices no one likes in general. My only quibble was that I think copyright law is too quickly dismissed, but I don’t think banning streaming is a smart move for a game developer. I do sort of think if someone makes $50k a month streaming video games then perhaps they should be kicking some of that money back up, just because of my aversion to “eXpOsUrE” types and also because all other media licensing in the history of media licensing follows rules like this. But I don’t think some random guy streaming for fun should get squeezed, on principle, even if I’m not convinced the law is on their side.
  10. The “exposure” argument sounds too Instagram influencer. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills. I don’t think that changes just because it involves gamers instead of lifestyle influencers. Would someone be allowed to sit there streaming an entire film from beginning to end while talking over it? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fall under fair use. Any game company that believes they benefit from streamers can explicitly choose to not litigate or somehow license the work as streamer friendly. Perhaps this would be the smartest course of action for all game companies. But if a company says “no” for better or worse, I think that is their right. Realistically, in the long run, it would work itself out through deals with YouTube, etc, where they detect the game being played and pay out some of their ad revenue to the game company.
  11. insertwackynamehere

    Why is there a Fandom Doom Wiki?

    Wikia back when they were Wikicities seemed to be kind of noble. They were basically running a free service to create your own Wikipedia, run by some commercial arm or offshoot of Wikipedia. I don’t remember there being the ads or obnoxious full page takeovers yet and I remember talking to one of the main administrators/executives a few times about stuff (Angela) and we somehow became friends on Facebook even at some point due to a mass contact import friend request thing most likely. This was maybe 15 years ago. I actually worked in the same building as their NYC operations for a bit maybe 3-4 years ago but I think it was likely all sales there. Apparently Jimmy Wales was actually coming to visit that office occasionally (according to someone I talked to on the elevator) but sadly I never got to run into him (it was a fairly small office building so not out of the question). Anyway, being frank, I don’t enjoy what it currently is but I also don’t enjoy most ad-drenched online publications which most people seem to tolerate (hypocritical of me somewhat given my job history) but if it gives Jimmy Wales and other Wikimedia people a sort of isolated “selling out” zone to profit off their brand while keeping Wikipedia pure, I have a hard time being angry about it. Wikipedia is up there with other WWW giants of it’s era but it had an actual mission and never sold out. Jimmy Wales’ contemporaries are billionaires, he is not even close to being one and yet his product maybe provides equal or greater value to products that made people yacht-owner money.
  12. The irony is that UBI and negative income tax are liberal and capitalist solutions to social and economic infrastructure woes. I agree with them personally, but I also don’t identify as a socialist, nor would people like Milton Friedman or Andrew Yang. My friends who lean much more “abolish property”-left think UBI is a trick to get rid of other social programs. Just another victim of the constant politicization of everything where instead of arguing how to improve society, there is a vague accusation of “socialism” anytime some ideas are pitched to help rebalance society. I know you aren’t saying it to be dismissive but there needs to be a mass deprogramming of people to stop thinking that any opposition to the status quo is an opposition to liberal principles. I’m not far left and I resent all these progressive policy ideas being bucketed under the far left umbrella whether it’s out of endorsement or rebuke.
  13. I’m in NYC and we have mask wearing, restaurants (outdoors, limited indoors), gyms (with limits). Things are going fine. They aren’t going back to March/April. Not even close. The whole situation is all in all disappointing because I’m not a believer in the “new normal” being a positive thing, only a temporary necessity (some people seem giddy by the situation which disturbs me, like their antisocial tendencies can now wear moral a high-ground mask). On a personal level the number one improvement is clear guidelines on how to hang out with friends in small groups without there just being a screechfest of shut-ins yelling “stay the fuck home” whenever someone asks “so is my future a 500 square foot apartment alone for the next X years or...” Doomkid is right about the politics. I was saying this back in the early DW corona threads here. This was going to become political, it had the potential to cause issues during a US election year including what we are seeing now with Trump acting like voting is no longer trustworthy, and somehow the argument became “masks are evil and covid is made up” versus virtue signaling about how many years one would remain in their apartment if it saved even one life. It’s not possible to express frustration with lockdowns or even criticize the long term viability of lockdowns while acknowledging the situation because everyone assumes it’s politically motivated or has a glib take about how life is more important than economics. The ethical and moral discussions around the topic also seem to mostly be driven by people who never once thought about anything existential and perhaps drifted through life never pondering mortality, and now suddenly they were jolted awake to these things. Discussing the future from here on out doesn’t have to be a political discussion or a discussion of absolutes or a complete embrace or rejection of the temporary measure that must be put in place. And the ethics of moving forward are not as simple as it’s made out to be. I don’t know if people like the WHO or not these days but even they are critical of lockdowns as primary method of control. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/who-official-urges-world-leaders-to-stop-using-lockdowns-as-primary-virus-control-method/ar-BB19TBUo
  14. This is my point exactly. You don’t have to go with either of those.
  15. Is there anywhere in the world currently advocating for March and April levels of “literally stay home, no exceptions”? The glib idea that months/years can be spent not leaving your home isn’t productive, realistic, or even ethically higher-minded.