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  1. Rank title meaning

    I like the idea that with no prior context, “Kevin bacon” sounds like a thing not a person. Like some kind of regional cut of pork that is described as bacon natively
  2. Deimos Anomaly

    But dying in Doom does lead to resurrection :D Anyway, reading your post I was reminded of Star Trek transporter logic in which technically every teleportation event kills you in one place and reconstructs you somewhere else. I wonder if that could factor in at all. Besides the fact that like others have said this was just a hook to get people to buy the registered version and not actually something that was ever thought about by Id for more than two seconds. It’s still fun to think about though, been confusing me for decades.
  3. Deimos Anomaly

    This always reads like you died to me. You die which is a twist since you just "won" and now you're on the shores of hell and can't escape without fighting through it.
  4. What are you listening to?

    Huh, I always liked Ecstasy - This Is My House and it has the same backing vocals. According to Discogs it's called "Jack's Sermon" and was used in a lot of places. Never knew the sample's history, interesting. https://www.discogs.com/Fingers-Inc-Can-You-Feel-It/master/5664
  5. id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    Yeah, you know I guess you are right. Everything is going to be an error-prone physical process at some point and I'm conflating the use of magnetic tape for analog storage in certain instances with the notion that all magnetic tape storage is analog. Still my main point stands which is that older media is not useful beyond collectability for games or software.
  6. id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    While it was never in analog, a floppy disk is a very analog method of digital data distribution compared to a downloadable copy, however the antiquity of the medium offers nothing except more potential for data loss. Doom and other video games are digital data which has to be reproduced without error, whereas magnetic mediums are analog which offers only shortcomings compared to purely digital distribution methods for things that have zero error tolerance and no subjective difference in quality based on storage medium.
  7. id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    My point was about the preferences people had regarding CD masters and how there was a loudness war by purposefully over-compressing during the era of CDs, not about the technical capabilities of the CD versus the record. But my real point was that games don't benefit from analogue storage at all objectively whereas vinyl at least has a subjective appeal. Which cuts out half of the reason to want an old release of a game in the physical sense.
  8. id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    Yeah, also the compression wars or whatever regarding CDs’ mastering in which people actually wanted smaller dynamic range and louder sounding music. Anyway my point wasn’t to start an argument about vinyl, I don’t care one way or the other since I like buying vinyl for fun but also just listen to Spotify for convenience. My point was that buying old games is more one dimensional in that the collectibility part is there, but there is pretty much no value in the older mediums themselves on account of games being digital and the more analogue the medium, the more chance the medium just became corrupted which doesn’t make the game have more character, just instead not work.
  9. 2018

    I used to let myself get enraged by this kind of stuff, and sometimes I still do get enraged in spite of myself, but it's not worth it. Why? Because that is the endgame for the people you are enraged *by*. Let me explain: 1. Someone does something that has the potential to go viral. Outside of cute or funny things, the best thing to go viral is outrage-driving things. 2. Around the time "viral" became a term-used in the mainstream regarding internet stories, it was already becoming recognized by advertisers as the future 3. Now, there is an entire industry of advertising based on having viral content on a 24 hour cycle 4. The best viral outrage is when someone says something ridiculous that can trigger two sides fighting over it due to each side's preconceived notions for and against, neither one listening to the other and using the worst examples of the opponent's position as proof the other is wrong. In the old days, this would have just been trolling or trying to start a flamewar. Now it's an entire industry that does better for itself than most traditional media (which can be dry or boring unless something interesting actually *does* happen). So even traditional media is doing it more and more (although arguably this whole trend traces back to 24 hour news cycle from cable news, or even further back to tabloids, or even further to yellow journalism) Now, as a post-script, this has even further disturbing effects. The media's main interest is in ad revenue AKA clicks. If an inflammatory article gets everyone to click on it, whether because the clicker agrees with the viewpoint posited and wants to be mentally jerked off or because the clicker disagrees and wants to feel the sweet flood of addictive meaningless outrage, a click and therefore an advertising opportunity has occurred. The publisher wins. The advertiser wins. The much darker side, however, is that this is driving people apart more and more. People's views become more dogmatic in response to the perceived dogma of the "opposition". People argue past each other based on money-driven provocateurs mis-representing the other side. Since people talk less and less in person (especially about hot-button issues due to social pariah fears of othering themselves), one might start to think they are in a war of ideals with the enemy and not just in a mild disagreement with a peer. This helps make the political climate what it is today. Some of this is just due to people wanting short term gains in the advertising world not caring about the social fallout of their irresponsible journalism, but it's becoming more and more realized now that the other part is made up of coordinated psyops disruption campaigns by government entities (foreign or domestic). I used to avoid saying things like that last sentence because it makes you sound like a nut to most people, but it's gotten to the point that the mainstream media now acknowledges this is a very real possibility, regarding Russian bot farms (but they are most certainly not the first or last). Media consumption is a drug and the addiction people have to it is growing. That is very much the goal by social media, advertisers and those happy to disrupt social cohesion through manipulation of public platforms. When you read about someone stupid and feel that enjoyable sense of self-righteous rage, stop yourself and think about it for a second. Try and quell it. You are letting your buttons be pushed so at best you can be someone's piggy bank and at worst you can have your entire outlook on society be puppeteered for someone else's gain. Also, the "innocuous" clickbait like cute cats or celebrity facts are there to bring you back up. They get clicks without there being controversy, but they provide another emotional flavor so that you can ping pong between rage and happiness like sweet and salt. Don't buy into it, these are conglomerates who are running a feminist news website on one domain and a sexist celebrity blog on another and then a stream of cat pictures on yet another.
  10. What do you think comes after death?

    OP, I'm not religious, and only half-Christian (ethnically half, non-practicing, not raised, not baptized, just vaguely aware of the tenants) but you seem to have a very incorrect view of Christian doctrine (which is what I assume you are basing your beliefs off of). Christians don't believe any human sin is unredeemable and pretty much the entire basis for the Christian ideas about life after death is about how the "misfits" are rewarded for their meekness. Your description of heaven as some sort of clique is pretty off-base regarding my understanding of Christian theological doctrine. That being said, whatever you are going through, I'm not sure I want to be the guy proselytizing here since I'm not religious myself and I think religion, at least the way it's implemented by humans who are naturally flawed and selfish, has a lot of issues and shortcomings. But I mean if you are already religious, I feel like you might want to at least understand what the beliefs Christians hold actually are, since you seem to be wrapped up in some of the darker aspects that aren't even canonical by any stretch but more just biblical fan-fiction. Also, in my opinion, Hell as a place like in Doom or pop culture is a vanity more than anything. It's people saying that a cosmic outcome for the human soul is a mirror of the fear humans have of animals in the night and the pain other humans can put them through. Hell's depiction in art and culture is almost always a reflection of the terror you would feel alone at night in a jungle or being chased down by violent attacker on a blood-and-body ridden battlefield. It's pure earthly terror triggered by an instinctive fear after all these millennia of evolution driving these base images deep into our psyche. It's nonsensical to assume that a "bad person" on a cosmic level would go to such a place should an afterlife exist. If a punishment existed for such people, it would (in my opinion) more likely be a complete removal from "existence" whatever it means in that context, not earthly terror for eternity. All that aside, it sounds like you're depressed which needs to be treated in this plane of existence, rather than letting your mind spiral out wondering about the unknowable.
  11. I 'made' a thing,but can I post it?

    This post made me think about conceptually, what if someone released an executable that accepted all these files as input (specifying the files must be legally obtained) and then combined them as necessary on a binary level by saying "put the first X bytes of file 1 here, then X bytes from 2, then X more from 1" etc. Basically, declaratively defining the mashup of files but not distributing those files, only a one-button way of the user themselves combining them at home. Would the user executing this program be violating any laws or is that considered fair use? I assume the distributor isn't violating anything in that case.
  12. Doom in the year 3000

    this is why we've historically had so much trouble with the press
  13. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I always found Minecraft to be scary when it's night or you are in the caves. Not like "I can't sleep" scary but unsettling and tense. I think there's something to be said about low-res stuff finding a balance between representation and imagination. I remember this was something I read in a book about comic books as a kid by Scott McCloud which talked about stuff like that in the context of comics being abstract representations of reality and the imagination filling stuff in or something along those lines. Also there's something much more haunting about old game engines to me in that the worlds seem more dreamlike and oddly immersive in that sense, more so than games that are "realistic". That might be because as powerful as graphics get, we haven't yet really escaped the uncanny valley level of realism, so we really only have the cartoony end of the spectrum and the uncanny part, but not yet the full on Matrix-esque plug in your brain level realism.
  14. id software Doom retail version anniversary re-release

    People like vinyl because either they like to hunt down an album they like in the record store (something that one could do with old games on Ebay, or if any still exist, a used software store) or because they believe the analog sound of a re-release on vinyl is subjectively better or more exciting. Games never really benefited from the "analogue-ness" of the media they were stored on. If anything, the more analog the media, the worse shape you'd potentially be in if you didn't store the game right. And the game wouldn't play "warmer" it would just be corrupted bits on a scratched CD or de-magnetized floppy.
  15. The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    a guy with 8407 more posts than you :P also good luck DooMBoy :(