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  1. I found DMMUSIC for extracting midi's from doom wads but it seems to only work with Doom 1. It only shows the E1M1 type entries like it will only work with the doom 1 wad (not even ultimate doom!). I've tried several google searches for a music extractor that will work on any of the wads but no luck. Anyone know of a program that will extract music from all iwads and pwads? Thanks.
  2. godfist

    Strife Question [Leaflet Items]

    What is Strife anyway? It sounds like an rpg based game? Is the engine based off of Doom or something?
  3. I have boom 2.02 and used asetup.exe and autodetected my soundcard settings. It said autodetect was successful but in the game only the sound plays (no music) and the sound effects have a lot of static in them. Also the sound fx is distorted and such. If it matters i'm using windows 95 osr1 (yes i know i should get a new comptuer but i can't for reasons I don't want to go into...). I just have a regular soundblaster (probably sound blaster 2.0), nothing special or strange.
  4. I love watching new demos (mainly pwads as I've watched the hell out of Ultimate Doom, doom2, and both final doom wads heh). Give me a new pwad and I don't want to play the it. I'd rather have a full 32 set of max demos of it to watch :). Yeah I'm lazy. I really love doom, but I just don't like PLAYING it that's all heh. I've found the demo sites for HR2 (at opulent's archive) and Kama Sutra (through the thread here). I checked out what Opulent has at his archive, and other than AV, HR2 and some other really popular PWAD's he doesn't seem to have much (either that or I'm looking in the wrong place??). I've played a few levels of Strain but I haven't found a web page that has a bunch of max levels for it. Can anyone point me to other demo pages that have a lot of pwad demos? Thanks. Edit:I found the Strain demo pack from DSDA. Just took me a while to notice where the lmppack zip was :). And it sounds like DSDA compet-n and one other site are the only places. Oh well its better than no demos (heh).
  5. Is there a site for it, or is the wad too new yet? I'm a demo freak lol.
  6. I watched an early run of Map 20 of Kama Sutra KS201536 (you can find it in the demos forum under the title Kama Sutra.... I 2 WEIRD things. 1. Early in the level it LOOKS like two barrels teleport and then explode. I didn't know you could make barrels teleport! ...Either that or its an optical illusion and something else happened :) The other thing is that near the end of the level where there's a Cyberdemon and a Spiderdemon next to each other on a cliff a ways from the player...the cybie teleportsto the cliff where the player is, the guy starts bfg'ing him, and when the cybie dies he gets pushed...no more like THROWN onto the other cliff 50 feet away! Now I've seen some monsters get thrown pretty far back from a BFG blast but this was INSANE! The cybie got thrown back in a straight line like there was no gravity involved at all. He just levitated in a straight line all the way to the other cliff where the spiderdemon was! Heh, the more demos I watch, the glitcher and cooler the doom2 1.9 exe becomes :)
  7. Thanks for the link, however when I try to load level 27, using prboom or av.exe, I always get this error GetNumforName flat12 not found (or some gibberish like that :). Is that the finished version of the old wad or some unfinished version that is giving me this error? Thanks.
  8. godfist

    Can I get some help in Spear of Destiny?

    Thanks for the link to the forum, but I tried registering and it told me that my n00body@yahoo.com address is a third party email address and has been banned. Are there any other wolf3d forums out there to use??
  9. I downloaded the Alien Vendetta Level 27 Max Run done by Vile (pretty sure it's him) from Opulent's SDA archive. I wasn't surprised that the demo desynchs using PrBoom as the alien vedetta wad was made to be run with it's own special doom2.exe called av.exe. But then I tried running the demo with av.exe and the demo STILL desynchs! What gives?
  10. There's an odd (but hella cool :) glitch I've seen on some demos. The glitch always appears when I use Doom 2 v1.9 to play them back (a.k.a If you watch the SAME DEMO in prboom 2.2.x or some other source port the glitch may not appear, so DO NOT reply and tell me that I hallucinated the glitch 'cause you did the same thing I did and didn't see it!!!). There are at least 2 or 3 demos that I've seen this glitch on, but there's only one demo that immediately comes to mind. Xit Vono and some other dude from COMPET-N did a cooperative tyson demo of Ultimate Doom E4M1. The glitch occurs JUST BEFORE one of them hits the exit switch and the demo ends. I don't remember on which player's screen the glitch occurs, but I'm pretty sure it's the player who does NOT hit the exit switch. That player is inside one of the rooms that requires a skull key (blue/red, I don't remember). The player is just standing there and the floor starts doing that hall of mirrors glitch thingy. NOTE:The E4M1 tyson cooperative demo is 70+ minutes long, so if you don't have the patience to watch the entire demo, don't complain that you've never seen the glitch. Hardcore demo watchers only :^) Actually it's been awhile since I've watched that demo, so tonight I'll go back and watch it to make sure I'm right about this glitch. If anyone knows what glitch I'm talking about, feel free to explain it in more detail if you know, or alternatively, give a link to a demo (or demos!) that you've seen this glitch in, as I think it's a hella cool glitch. Also if this glitch occurs when playing back the demo(s) in prboom 2.2.x let me know. Thank you. P.S. Correction at very beginning of my post. The glitch occurs when I've used the Ultimate Doom v1.9 exe and also the final doom version of the doom2.exe on either TNT or plutonia (don't remember which). The glitch may occur using the doom2.exe or other exe's, but I can't confirm this as I've never seen it using those exe's.
  11. Hrm ok not a Doom based game, so if I need to post this somewhere else, someone link me :). I'm stuck on level 12 (well ok not technically stuck as I can warp to level 13 via cheat codes but anyway :). I have the silver key and used it on all the key doors. Actually the key doors are both light silver AND dark silver (or um just a dark color, i dunno if dark silver is actually a color). I've never encountered a level where one key works on BOTH differently colored key doors so I'm assuming whoever made this map wants to really screw with your head heh. The only key door that I can't get open is near the beginning of the level. The door is positioned between two gray colored blocks, or walls. I've looked EVERYWHERE in this level for the gold color key, as I assume that is the key that will open the door. Since I couldn't find that key after looking all over the level I thought maybe the key was hidden in the secret. But I've spaced on at least 95% of the walls in that level for all secrets and none of them have given me the gold key. So what do I do?! Also I found the 1st secret level floor 19 and got stuck on that level but I digress... Thanks for any help you guys may have P.S. I warped to the last level where Angel of Death boss is...I took one look at the hellfire in that blood colored level and went HOLY F!!!...it was almost better than any hellish looking Doom level I've seen :) P.P.S. I noticed that the level music in Floor 21 is the same music used in Doom2 Level 31. I think I like the SoD version better. VERY cool music heh. Too bad I haven't seen a PWAD that uses that as a Level music yet...
  12. I played (well TRIED to play heh) Darken2.wad or "The Darkening 2" (you can find it on the cdrom.com ftp). The intro screen after loading is cool, it's a 3 way symbol or something. The 1st level is awesome, you see the sky it's a bunch of mountains. You climb down the hill and see this HUGE complex. The textures are great, the complex is big and the enemies are pretty easy on easiest skill...well for level 1 anyway. The textures and design are good through out the wad but there's only like 12 levels! And the difficulty seems to only have one setting. Also I seemed to run out of ammo easily and finding health was very hard and I died alot. And this was all on Skill 1 (or is that 0? I'm too young to die, anyway). After you quit it shows what looks to be a good number of map makers on the team like Anthony Soto, etc. Some of them I recognized, so I thought it would be a good wad. Problem is it just wasn't finished. Only 10-12 levels :(. Anyone know why this wad seemed to die in the process? Also, I'd be interested to hear of other "half finished" type wads that seemed promising in beta but just never got finished. Oh and I would at to this this wlfdoom. Or maybe that's Wolfendoom. Anyway it's a Wolf3d Doom2 wad makeover that was only 3 levels long. However the graphics were VERY good, it was an almost complete makeover to wolf3d. It redid some classic wolf3d levels but even added a few doom features like stairs and trigged lifts. The boss was a Hell Knight that you had to defeat with the changun (lol!). It's really too bad the author didn't add more levels.
  13. godfist

    Another 'first' question.

    I think I played doom2 first on this guy's computer at work. Funny thing was there wasn't any sound. Later on I played through almost all of Doom2 on easiest skill except I got stuck on map 24 with those reaaaaly narrow walkways. The one save file I had I had fallen down into the lava and there was no way out! That just ended my run right there heh.
  14. Reading those two First.... threads jarred a memory loose.

    For some reason I ended up playing Doom2 before Doom. It actually jaded me 'cause Doom2 had more original levels, more colors in the textures, more enemies, etc.

    I was on Level 10 using the cheat codes...I made it to the room with the exit and outta nowhere this HUGE enemy teleported in front of me (yeah it was the cyberdemon.) He scared the crap outta me 'cause I had never seen him before! (And no I hadn't played E2M9 Tower of Babel yet nor had I played Doom 2 level 8 so for me it was the first time).

    1. Coopersville


      What's the question?

  15. Well for awhile I tried making my own "speed runs" in Doom2. Actually calling them speed runs does them too much justice. They were more like max runs 'cause I suck so bad... All of these were on ultra-violence mode obviously. Anyone can do the whole thing on easiest skill or 2nd easiest. You get into hurt me plenty and on and that's where the skill comes in, imo. Actually after some trial and error I found that the biggest jump in difficulty comes between Hey not too rough and Hurt me plenty. That's in my humble opinion, feel free to differ. Anyway the hardest levels that I actually completed were 9,11 and 12. Obviously level 9 is hard 'cause you go into that circular room with the mancubi on the outside and the lift with the lava in the center with all the hell knights plus imps/zombies/shotgun guys and very little ammo. I circle the room until most of the weaker enemies are killed and then proceed to try and survive killing the remaning hell knights/cacos/manubi with my shotgun. It only took me like 30 times to finally get past that room. The rest of the level is pretty easy. Level 11 is tough at the very beginning 'cause of enemies everywhere and the 1st room with the hidden soul sphere and cacos with only a shotgun to fight with. Level 12 was tough with the mancubi mostly. I tried level 13 and couldn't even get past the first room! Even if I had the skills to survive, I wouldn't want to finish 13/14/15 because they're so nonlinear and mazey. 16/17 aren't too bad but 18 is hella hard with all those monsters in the open court yard. 19 is another long mazey map and so is 20. 21 is pretty easy but there are so many monsters everywhere. The only maps that I think I could finish are 28, maybe 30, 31, and 32. Yeah I know maybe I'm hella lazy. But even after watching compet-n speed runs of all the levels like 20x apiece I still have trouble remembering where to go. Now that I've dug up this old experience I think I might try just doing all the levels on skill 1 just so I can get the routes down in my head and then go from there...