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  1. Ebon

    Beta skull frame set

    Thanks, that's all. Mods, you can close the thread.
  2. Ebon

    Can you...

    Take bird's eye shots of Starcraft, any other strategy game, or zDoom's fly mode. Then it's easy.
  3. Ebon

    Will there be TSoZD?

    Woah, no, I don't want it to cancel :). It'd be bad to do so. Just a possible situation: a project may cancel or continue :D. So good luck, hope it will break the good records :) Glad it's "this short before it's done."
  4. Ebon

    Will there be TSoZD?

    The fourth choice is a paraphrase of your option. Hah, you voted for it.
  5. There's no TSoZD, but it might exist, who might know? After KDiZD gets finished, will people start working on TSoZD? Sounds like a great idea, much greater than remaking Knee-Deep, because Ep. 2 was quite a bit spookier than Ep. 1 but wasn't very well implemented. This is also a poll.
  6. Ebon

    Quake = ten

    Quake 1? Really? Where? I shall switch.
  7. Ebon

    Beta skull frame set

    Gee, thanx alot :) But what are its things stats? Same as lost soul's?
  8. Ebon


    NO! It's your project... Make a map, submit it somewhere and tell us where to download it from. DON't quit. Well, unless you lost your interest.
  9. Wolf3d maps are quite easy to build up. Very easy. Quake has only 31 levels, if I'm not wrong, even less than Dooom 2.
  10. Ebon

    Question about MP3s...

    I don't care like shit what music you put in your maps, unless it sounds like crying big babies singing in choir, as in SERENITY, ETERNITY, INFINITY, EARTH map01, 2002ADO, PE_DT2 and lots of others with blabbering music. EDIT: By moving into the Empeethri subject, I might say that I haven't found anyy wad which uses MP3 in it. Comm'on, it's ridiculous, by commercial MP3 you hear both instruments and voice, how possibly can you afford too hear voiced music in a game??? Great idea actually, may I use MP3 remixes of Doom MUSes?
  11. Ebon

    Making a Border-less Image

    msPaint: Copy the patch with the smurf into an empty space and clear what's not important. Now you have the smurf on an empty space. Right click the space color, select the smurf, make sure you have selected the lower funny picture from the left, and place the smurf on the destination. Got it? :D advanced drawing utilities (Adobe Photoshop, Photo(whatever)): Use that magick magic wand tool which is common in such utilities. Smurfs are blue, but they also have clothes, so look which colours are taken. OK?
  12. Ebon

    Beta skull frame set

    I'd like to know the exact frameset of the beta lost souls: their action frames, their duration, their loops, which is bright and which not etc. Please in DECORATE style ;)
  13. It gets a little harder when you draw the hand. But.. I remember having done something similar with layable land mines.
  14. Ebon


    thx zarkyb. The same point I was gonna say :)
  15. Ebon

    Can you...

    Has anyone cared yet for WIMAPx style intermission maps? They were IMO much better than the simplistic INTERPIC. They give a sense to your mission. I find it sad that all DOOM 1 pwad episodes I've seen don't make use of them and instead choose an INTERPIC-styled painting. C'mon, no port programmer has ever bothered to program a lump where you can reposition the WIMAPx hot spots (level areas, animations, special effects?)