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  1. Damn, he made trailers seem so epic too... :(
  2. Well when it comes to fried fish, I only like it fried in a thinner batter, not that real thick stuff. :(
  3. Heh, I love strogg humor!
  4. Aww, I missed DoomConnector. This rocks!
  5. Wow, you took a chance.
  6. Hmm, nice! thats a few steps above mine.
  7. I just wanna know, what type of computer do you have?
  8. Im the usual Zdoom enthusiast, I play skulltag for the usual multi-player action, and occasionally I play Gzdoom. Even though I had Doom for 3 years, Im still kind of a newcomer.
  9. Consoles are poisonous?? Then I must have some fatal disease with all the consoles I have!! This really reminds me of those sites where if you have an opposing opinion, they would either Lecture you in an angry way,or beat you to death with Protest signs,or both! *Shudders*
  10. Hmmm, I wonder if the wii can handle Doom3? Its specs are a small step above the original xbox right?
  11. Heheh...My bad...D:
  12. Oh god,Robin Williams is in it? *Snickers uncontrollably*
  13. Jeez... what is up with these Peta-esque wildlife laws? Whats more important, Protecting the crops, or protecting psychotic perverted monkeys? *shudders*
  14. Amen brother! To bad Im still afraid of quake4 though...
  15. Meh, Raven's ok but Quake 4 was kind of a let down to me.