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  1. Martens

    My First Two Wads : )

    Ack, a few of them accidentally overlapped. But well, this will have to do, for I must now run. (Besides, noone is interested as it is) http://www.geocities.com/kaisermartens/sc1.jpg http://www.geocities.com/kaisermartens/sc2.jpg http://www.geocities.com/kaisermartens/sc3.jpg http://www.geocities.com/kaisermartens/sc4.jpg http://www.geocities.com/kaisermartens/sc5.jpg
  2. So after a month or so I've finally got my first two wads done... This is all for Legacy, by the way (easy 3D floors..) The first one, is a Weapons Patch and Enemy Patch, it comes with a Dehacked file too. http://www.geocities.com/martensdoom/Waffen.zip Most of the weapons are strong as hell, and the new graphics are there to make Doom more wolfensteinish, and also just for the hell of it I replaced the Lost Soul with the Metal Lost Soul from the Press Release, but without the Psychic Attack (But hopefully, without being too lame unlike some mods i've seen) To compensate for the stronger weapons, the enemy-type soldiers are stronger, and there are some other few surprises. Map 32 does not end right, but one can just "exitlevel" after all. And then, my first map: http://www.geocities.com/martensdoom/Himmelfahrt.zip Which is ment to be used with Waffen.zip and with MGFX which is a Graphic Resource Wad I'll work on later on, but it is not needed in this map, so don't mind what the Readme says...it costed me quite a while, and I think it's kinda decent for a first map. Mh, I'm a bit nervous. What do you all think? Next map, I'll actually throw some Gradient Lights and Fragglescript in...
  3. Martens

    Duke Nukem MOD

    You can try Mapster.
  4. That idea about the Running from Evil thing is actually good, I ought to use it, I just have to make the thing faster.
  5. Hmm I myself am going to need to do some Dehacking onto the SM for a map, but I am facing a little dilemma, this is, should I make it somewhat less resistant so it can be used more often (Like one would use a Baron of Hell), or should I make it much stronger? For now, all I have done, is making the sloppy thing faster. But, what do you think should be changed in it? I'm still new at this, so I am not sure what Doom players would like to see
  6. Martens

    Seeking Wads

    I decided that I had enough of regular Doom and Doom2 and so i'd like to ask some of the experienced Doomers around here where I can find a few good Wads to entertain myself with...well...thanks in advance.
  7. Martens

    Preferred method...mapping, what is yours?

    Mmh. Nein. Still it is worth a try. I use Legacy anyways.
  8. Martens

    Preferred method...mapping, what is yours?

    It's called map2wad, it's for DOS. It reads heights and shapes, no sprites and no textures. It is actually the most useful to me.
  9. Martens

    Preferred method...mapping, what is yours?

    My Method is probably the weirdest one yet to be seen. I make all the sectors stuff and the heights using Build, which is for Duke Nukem 3D, because it has an easy 3D mode and since I have some experience for me it is some 4 times faster than using doombuilder, then I convert it to a wad and proceed to do all the special effects, then I add all textures, and finally the sprites, and last but not least the enemies, so yeah, it's rather unusual for someone who makes Doom maps not to make them straight off in Wad format huh?
  10. Martens

    Beta Doom Graphics

    Well I must thank you that was rather useful although I most likely will not use the whole resources since I plan to handpick some 5 textures or so only, plus the "Old Lost Soul", but I'll give it a look anyways, I'm sure I may find one or two textures more,heh. Thanks.
  11. Martens


    Actually Arctic Wolf is not as good because it abuses Duke3D textures and has a big number of rats, unlike Rhein or Eisenmann.
  12. Martens


    I like Rheingold and Eisenmann a lot, but when I tried the others I was mostly dissapointed. Rheingold especially, you need to give it a shot, you will not regret it. (The first level is a b*tch - Can I say that in these forums? - but afterwards it gets really nice, especially when you start fighting Panzers...)
  13. Martens

    Beta Doom Graphics

    I will try XWE now, for Deutex does not seems to recognize any of the sprites or patches, so I could not extract anything, heh.
  14. Martens

    Beta Doom Graphics

    I'll give it a shot. Hmm, that is when I actually figure how to use the program. v_v I'll get it right eventually. Thanks.
  15. Martens

    the sky-paradox is underrated

    Mh, my first map is somewhat close to completion, my second map will include this type of thing for sure (The first one is indoors anyways >_>)