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  1. CacoDoomer

    Post your Doom textures!

    I recently recovered files from a hard drive for someone and I thought this portion of this one picture that was found could make a good sky. If this is used, I would like to see where and or how it was edited.
  2. CacoDoomer

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    This really is a shame. It is unlikely the unused content would be used in an official release anyway. There is no good reason for something special like that to not be perserved and or used in some way.
  3. CacoDoomer

    Complete Weapon Sprites?

    Revenant100's Minor Sprite Fixing Project has them.
  4. This is probably the highest quality released. It is from that extraction a user here did a while back from the iPhone port which had the higher quality copies of all the sound effects. dsbosdth.rar
  5. CacoDoomer

    Original Jill Valentine found?

    dr_raichi and Mishimaryu1 on Twitter used some of those images from that page. She looks like her and her eyebrows are the same. She is nice looking.
  6. CacoDoomer

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    The deleted scenes from Demolition Man and the Bill & Ted movies. Also, there is supposely an unreleased album by Dink I would really like to hear as well. Supposedly the wife of one of the band memebers mentioned this in a review on Amazon.com
  7. E3M2 seems to be based on Air Supply's Even The Nights Are Better. I know that the ending music is the theme from NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.
  8. I am not sure if this was posted here before but the MIDI created music in this scene in Seinfeld sounds almost DOOM like doesn't? It would be cool if someone could recreate this track.
  9. CacoDoomer

    Doom 64 GamePro CD

    https://archive.org/details/gamepro_art_archive_010 gamehistory.org has also uploaded a lot of these on archive.org. The most interesting bit about this CD is that it contains a high resolution of an early logo design and a render of the Mancubus.
  10. CacoDoomer

    MIDI Originals [12/25/20]

    I really enjoyed your work so far. I also ran some of yours tracks through the The Ultimate Megadrive Soundfont and found that Nucelus sound good that way. I posted it on my Youtube channel.
  11. I had bought this shell from Ebay for a Terminator cosplay. I thought maybe someone out there may want to make a custom weapon from it so recorded a video with my old camera and took some screen shots. I would love to see anyones edits if you do end up using them and of course please credit me. T2 LIGHT GUN CAPTURES.zip
  12. CacoDoomer

    PS1 cover art in HD

    Did anyone else notice the setting looks like the end of Wolfenstein 3D episodes where B.J. runs to the outside?
  13. CacoDoomer

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Blazkowicz Escapes did come from an animator's personal site. The author's site no longer works so I am glad I put that copy on Youtube. It is a fantastic piece.
  14. CacoDoomer

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I have been curious about the second to fourth tracks I posted here. Also does anyone know the track in the Blessed Trainer in the infamous The Sky May Be WAD?