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  1. CacoDoomer

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Blazkowicz Escapes did come from an animator's personal site. The author's site no longer works so I am glad I put that copy on Youtube. It is a fantastic piece.
  2. CacoDoomer

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    I have been curious about the second to fourth tracks I posted here. Also does anyone know the track in the Blessed Trainer in the infamous The Sky May Be WAD?
  3. I hope you can execute this idea. Like Lila Feuer said it would feel like an expansion. I had thought about if any of the cut monsters could work in the preexisting levels but those levels were not created with them in mind so it might be kind of tough to fit them in.
  4. CacoDoomer

    Full Weapon Sprite

    Revenant100's Minor Sprite Fixing Project has them in the WAD.
  5. CacoDoomer

    The old Doomguy adventures

    Those remakes of the tracks are really funny. I would love to hear the whole soundtrack in that style.
  6. CacoDoomer

    Graphic Rip Request

    Thanks a bunch Zanieon.
  7. CacoDoomer

    Graphic Rip Request

    I only have DOOM 2016 on PS4 so I am unable to get this myself. I was curious if anyone here has the PC version could provide me rip from the game data of the white icon of the Doom Slayer's helmet found on the main menu. Thanks.
  8. CacoDoomer

    Jovian Palette

    You did a good job bringing back the darker look. I will definitely be using this.
  9. It is a common theory that The Doom Slayer is the same marine from the original three games. I was curious if a sequel is made and the developers make him the same marine would it be a good idea to say that his biology had been changed after all the exposure to the blood and energy from Hell's inhabitants? This would explain how he has survived so long.
  10. CacoDoomer

    Doom Movie FPS Scene MIDI

    I was curious to what this MIDI would sound like if ran through a MIDI Flipper program. The results were mostly not good except for the last 43 seconds which I have posted here:
  11. CacoDoomer

    Doom Movie FPS Scene MIDI

    This is not a bad demake.
  12. CacoDoomer

    A Proper Doom Movie

    I thought it would be a cool idea to open the movie with Karl Urban in a room about to be questioned about the events on Mars. When a person (maybe more?) comes in and asks what happened we see him just he look up. Most of the movie would be a flashback of the horrors he faced on Mars except this time we see a proper Doom movie. I would not be surprised if something like that happened however I am not the biggest fan of opening the movie with a scene like that.
  13. CacoDoomer

    Petition to Nintendo to release Star Fox 2

    According to this, the game was completed. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/05/a_totally_complete_version_of_star_fox_2_really_does_exist
  14. CacoDoomer

    Quake Test Question

    I have not been able to find any information about this online but I thought maybe someone here would know. In Qtest ( http://quake.wikia.com/wiki/Qtest ) did Bruce Campbell provide the voice of the Ranger? I know Trent Reznor did in the final game but a lot of of voice samples found in the Ranger's section for Qtest on the wiki sounds a lot like Bruce.
  15. I ordered this very recently and it did not turn out exactly the way I hoped. This is brand new and there are no rips or stains. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Doom-Video-Game-1993-MS-DOS-UAC-Vintage-Logo-Large-Black-Shirt-From-Teepublic-/171904226301?hash=item28064a53fd From: https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/253350-doom-uac-vintage