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  1. I think the main issue with Eternal is that it has potentially been over-gamified. You can call it a "combat puzzle", and it is fun and exciting and challenging, and it gets the blood pumping, but you're right, it is exhausting when there's pretty much one strategy to defeat several of the enemy types, and there are tons of them in every encounter. When the encounters come one after another, which, let's be real, is kind of the point of the game, and you're on UV or Nightmare, it starts to feel tiring. Not tiring, like, man, I'm bored. Tiring like, this is physically and mentally exhausting; how much are you going to put my adrenal glands through? That said, consider the alternative. The original games, which are great and can never be replaced, are mechanically simple to the point of a 2020 gamer probably not finding much reason to play after experiencing them once, or in-part. Seems to me that without the modern games' mechanics, you're left with something that's actually a lot less fun to play. Too one-dimensional, perhaps. One last thing on that point. It might just be that they've let the genie out of the bottle on combat, but now that it's out, they can't put it back in. It reminds me of how, after WoW, every game, no matter the genre, was practically required to add in grindy, reward-laden engagement systems because this one game showed the masses how fun (and profitable for the dev studio) it could be to spend 18 hours per day playing a game. It kind of ruined the industry, from a gamer's perspective, and yet, now that I am so used to the model, I can't exactly go back and play Super Mario World for more than 10 minutes at a time. Can there be too much of a good thing? Interesting topic.
  2. Mogul

    Can you help me get past my New Doom issues?

    If you don't feel compelled to intelligently make decisions about what weapon or skill to use and when to use them, you've got to be playing on one of the easiest difficulties. If you can actually succeed by just running around and shooting mindlessly, you should up the challenge. Try Nightmare. Not because it's super hard or whatever. Just because it forces you to play more intelligently. You will find yourself using plasma stun frequently, and switching to a smart weapon to finish off the enemy, and it will be a different decision all the time. It will force you to use the chainsaw intelligently, as it's a scarce resource that you have to plan to use in order to restock ammo at the right time. This game never felt mindless to me. Each part of each engagement was its own little problem to solve in order to survive. On that note, Nightmare makes your upgrade choices more meaningful, too. Maybe you seriously *need* more health. Maybe you *need* higher ammo capacity, etc. Finally, it forces you to understand enemy mechanics and behavior more than the other difficulties. I legit didn't know that pinky demons were only vulnerable from the back on my first playthrough. That's a lesson you absolutely must understand going into nightmare. Plasma stunning, strafing around its back, and using SSG pointblank will win the engagement. There you can see actual strategy and intelligent weapon use for a specific enemy type. Nightmare really does require that kind of thinking from you. Try it. It's better. Oh another thing that people have pointed out (and probably in this thread, but I didn't read the entire thread) is that you can disable enemy flashes that notify you when to glory kill. The flashes didn't bother me and I didn't feel that they detracted from the gameplay, so I don't turn them off. But some do and think it's a better experience. Those are my suggestions.
  3. Mogul

    The bitching about game difficulty

    It's easy, even on Nighmare. But -- only after you've upgraded/specced intelligently. You can get plasma stuns fairly early on. Everything's cake after that.
  4. Mogul


    Because I'm a horrible player, both the number of hours and matches could be considerably lower, but it ended up taking 532 matches over the course of roughly 60 hours. If you're one of those players that gets like 25 kills every single match, it would be faster. I also played TDM almost exclusively (less than ten matches in other gametypes, combined) and I'm guessing there are other, more efficient ways to get XP. But that's how I did it. edit: I want to re-emphasize that I think the climb should be far, far longer. I remember playing Halo Reach years ago and making a go at Inheritor rank. I was something like 50 hours into the grind and absolutely nowhere near the top. I remember doing a rough estimate that, at my skill level (again, pretty low compared to the legit players out there), I would have to play for several hours every day for like six months or something. The grind was insane, but when you (extremely rarely) saw an Inheritor, and saw their skill level they had built up, it was on a totally different level. I wish 50X felt like that in DOOM, but it's not that rewarding, unfortunately. I'm proud that I did it, but 60 hours is really no big deal, compared to some other games.
  5. Mogul


    Hey folks. I made it to 50X. I feel like the leveling process in this game is way, way too fast. I think it should literally take ten times as many experience points. It's weird that you start running out of cosmetic rewards sometime during Echelon VII. It's weird that your personal performance, and not your team's performance, not winning or losing, is by far the largest determinant for XP. But it's pretty damn fun. Any questions or discussions? I'm happy to talk about the process and share any insights I might have gained. http://imgur.com/R8GWNUg
  6. Mogul

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I thought about this, like maybe 2016 is the story that DOOM 3 referenced at the dig site, with the sarcophagus, etc. But the legend presented in DOOM 3 is really all about the guy using the soul cube. So no, DOOM 2016 is not that story.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kw4fqg1tuxpnxx/e1m4b.zip Just posted on Twitter.
  8. The loadouts don't bother me. Not even a little. Starting with (some) weapons narrows the item control game down to the big powerups and eliminates weapon starvation in TDM. It makes it easier to control a map, maybe, but that's really not something casual players (read: practically everyone) should be complaining about. Furthermore, the default TDM mode (which is all the beta is, plus Warpath) is basically just Clan Arena, only not round-based. CA is the ultimate casual arena FPS multiplayer experience, so I think they more or less captured a similar feel for the masses of casual players. I think it's fun as fuck, and I've historically been kind of a purist when it comes to DOOM deathmatch. I'm assuming there's a duel mode where loadouts aren't a thing, and even if there's not, it can be made (and instantly will be) in SnapMap. I saw a comment in the reddit thread about this where a guy linked a screenshot of the matchmaking lobby and was like "See? It's just a CoD ripoff." Seriously. Yeah let's play the game for five fucking minutes and judge it based off of how its matchmaking lobby looks. Wow, what an informed opinion. I've seen people complain about the movement. I'm like, bitch, this actually kind of feels like DOOM/DOOM II in a way. You can jump, but running on the ground is pretty fast, and I think it imitates the original game's movement style as well as you could expect in a 3D game, even though obviously straferunning/sr50 aren't here. In addition, I've seen some comments about the "speed of the game" and I'm like, how much fucking faster do you want this to go? You're not rocketblasting yourself off a wall and circlejumping around dm6 like in QuakeWorld, but really, the pace of combat is about as fast as Quake 3, I'd say. I don't think these "speed" critics know what they're talking about, frankly. People are complaining about customization? Good job, idiots. Are people seriously complaining about this? It's a little annoying to me that you randomly unlock one or two of the thousands of customizations after every match, so it could take a very long time to get exactly what you want, but customization in and of itself is fantastic and I'm thrilled this is in the game. Besides, games need multiple progression hooks. Sorry, they do. I know some players feel like the gameplay on its own should be "fun enough" to keep you hooked for a hundred hours+, and I do agree that it should be pretty damn fun, of course, but we live in a gaming world where we are saturated at an insane level. So many games that come out now are so fucking good, they would have been legendary if they came out 15 years ago. People know how to design games pretty damn well now, so there are way more developers doing it. Because of that, everything feels kind of bland, so we need other systems in place to keep us hooked. This customization system has a long tail and will help keep players that want to unlock aesthetic options hooked for a much longer time than it would have, otherwise. If not, players would just go find another awesome game, because there are thousands today. We're drowning in them. The final criticism I'll address here is one that I at least partially agree with. People have said the weapons feel too weak. I'll contest that by saying I've had many moments where I went from 100 to 0 (and prosecuted said moments, too) in like two seconds. That said, I'm not sure the spirit of the SSG is really here. Rockets do feel a bit neutered too. I don't know, we might not be used to the balance yet.
  9. Mogul


    Yeah I was originally planning on voting for that one, until I decided that they shouldn't be rewarded for pussying out on a proper pentagram on the back. It still looks really good, but I can't vote for it on principle. The other sleeve, on the other hand, is just straight up awesome.
  10. Mogul

    What's your opinion on a Clan system in Doom 2016?

    Yes, The new DOOM should have a clan system. In today's gaming climate, if you want to engage people in a gaming experience for tens or hundreds of hours (and you're not an RPG), you really, deeply, need to support team play. We've seen literally nothing from duel mode, so I think it's safe to say that they're putting an emphasis on team play. Codifying a social structure to it is important to keeping people hooked.
  11. Mogul

    Should Doomguy speak?

    If the story ever called for it, I'd say go for it, but keep it short. I think the Gordon Freeman approach is way too unnatural.
  12. That is my point. They make doom more like doom. edit: here comes some sacrilege. It's like Bowie's Man Who Sold The World. The original is great for what it is, but Midge's cover, in my opinion, is such a better expression of what the song could be. I'm not necessarily saying BD > DOOM. But BD managed to elevate the spirit of the original to new heights, and I believe that revelation/reminder is what caused D4 to change direction from the CoD-like project it used to be.
  13. I think it's inspired by Brutal Doom in that BD reminded many DOOM players what the game was really about. I think over the last 20+ years of playing, DOOM became pretty passe and the energy of it had diminished. I remember in late 2012, a BD trailer was released and one of the comments was "this is the only mod that makes doom more like doom." And the spirit of what he said is right. I think that revitalization is what inspired id, more than 1-to-1 ripping off glory kills or whatever.
  14. The scene he set up for the bruiser bros is fucking awesome.
  15. Mogul

    Full body armor sucks

    Eh, they could at least be faithful to their own source material rather than apparently ripping off Crysis or Halo or whatever it is. It just doesn't feel as much like DOOM without the bare forearms and gloves.