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  1. DooMtheThird

    Doom Turns 12

    Today I'm wearing my DooM shirt. Happy 12th birthday long live DooM!
  2. DooMtheThird

    Revenant is a resurrected what now?

    I'll just take DooM3's word for it that the Revenant is a resurrected species of its kind, but has transparent skin with launchers slapped on its shoulders.
  3. DooMtheThird

    Grabber mod?

    I think I remember playing Doom3 with Dbl Shotgun and Grabber by just launching a doom3 map from the console while ROE is running. I may be wrong though.
  4. That jump rope Xbox360 one doesn't count as a video game commercial, wtf?
  5. DooMtheThird

    Most satanic looking wads/mods

    one of sitters' many jDoom maps was called "Welcome to Hell", which is reminiscient of the hell in Doom3
  6. DooMtheThird

    DOOM stuff for Quake 3?

    Theres many levels with the Icon texture on the walls, but the only one I can recall is Uriel's tourney map
  7. DooMtheThird

    Doom\II hardest maps

    There is a way to beat Pharoah without a fix, just not the way it was intended. I didn't know that it was broken originally. You get to the room with the frozen arachnotrons, and on the passage to the room with the tall stairs and big silver chair, there is a little ridge. Just strafe-jump onto the chair (takes a while in vanilla) and hit the open key as there is supposed to be a switch that opens from inside the big chair. You will hear the sound when you do and the icon door will open. Get the megasphere and the passage-way to the outside will be clear. You can then either jump in the exit or go to Carribean. Edit: Just played to make sure; its the silver-chair on the RIGHT.
  8. DooMtheThird

    SONY uses Crippleware for Antipiracy

    Maximum PC says the Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats using this anti-piracy technology (AACS) could also be implemented in PC optical drives as well. For PC, it could go as far as requiring an internet connection. I always buy games new, so I could really care less, as long as it isn't buggy or broken in what it is supposed to do.
  9. DooMtheThird

    So where does your username come from?

    A formal character name for my favorite game, always had versions of DooM as nick before, then when I had to create a char for an RPG, I thought DTT would be nice.
  10. DooMtheThird

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    Wendy's mushroom melt burger is awesome! The BKs near Oxford (when I used to live there) made some of the best tasting burgers I've had in a while, though.
  11. DooMtheThird

    Should I buy this card?

    I have an 6800 Ultra PCIE, it is sweet with DooM3, Serious Sam II, FEAR, and Quake 4 at pretty high settings (/w 2.4ghz & 1gb ram) Only precautions you should have about this card is whether you have a good power supply; anything under 480W is not recommended. If you have good power, make sure you have good ventilation as the 6800 Ultra gets hotter than most cards; but I'm using it with a SFF so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also make sure you have enough slots if you get a 2-slot one.
  12. DooMtheThird

    Quake 4 - Fun!!

    Vegeta, you have no idea....
  13. DooMtheThird

    Quake 4 - Fun!!

    Just beat Q4 yesterday *minor spoilers* It is one of the funnest games I've ever played. The story is developed (from QII) but not a real major factor in the game so Half-Life 2 has better story if you're looking for that. The part about becoming a Strogg is probably the most memorable experience you'll have from this game. No, the real reason this game rocks is because of the graphics and the weapons, even if it is not revolutionary. There are a lot of areas that look like DooM3 (tech-bases and dark areas) but there are many more levels that are awesome and is unique to Quake (like the human processing levels). If you look around, the staggering amount of detail in the game is overwhelming;the strogg alphabet its little things like this that kept me playing the game The weapons actually are nothing special in theory, you got your shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher, railgun,etc. but once you actually use these weapons, it feels great, especially with high quality bass (??!!). I like how they added reloading and mods in SP, gives it a different feel. The vehicles are interesting, although scarce-the hovertank that has the mobility of Halo's ghost-just plain fun. Most of the people who talk about the squad-based gameplay has played a good portion of the game, but you will find that it isn't the heart of the game as many solo missions like QII make up the latter of the game. Just feels frickin fun, even though it isn't complex like HL2 or FEAR or any game with more realism; ignorance is bliss i guess. Haven't played much MP, but its an updated QIII, which can be a good or bad thing. The end is dissapointing, but it was fun until the last strogg. Ayu, did you not notice that the nailgun was just a modified D3 chaingun?
  14. DooMtheThird

    the doom movie

    I finished the novelization on friday http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=CX0w4ZHCot&isbn=141650995X&itm=5 and I have to say it's not as dissapointing as the rumors make it ought to be. Yes it's missing a lot of stuff from the games but the things that are based from them seem true to the game (both old and new).
  15. DooMtheThird

    WOW, utterly disgusting

    You can do it 2 ways: Open the console and type [Com_Fixedtic -1] Or put it in an autoexec.cfg file line [seta Com_Fixedtic -1]