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  1. I remember a DooM RPG upgrade version with ceiling and floor graphics. Anyone knows exactly what version is? I wonder if can be possible to play with that .jar emulator...
  2. Hope a release soon. I extracted all enemies sprites almost a year ago. Hope this mod made uses of them :)
  3. Very, very nice. :)
  4. Because as I am not playing anymore on a 14'' screen, old SB16, neither MsDos... and now its possible to play at 60fps, hi-res gfx, hi-res sounds, hi-res music, smooth sprites... To me, really makes no sense.
  5. Yeah, thank you you all you make DooM as frash... what the hell, even better!! as first day.
  6. Yeah, very nice mod, but how hard could be just an option to add only aliens? Not all enemies to be turned aliens, some of them just are eggs for decoration or nothing at all to compesate how hard aliens are. For sure, not only me will enjoy it. :) Regards.
  7. Well, if Mr. Romero wants, what about a community work making a texture pack just for him to make a level with it?
  8. Mmmm arenas? That's not good to me...
  9. Yes YES EXACTLY! I really want to explore! :_)
  10. Doom 2 used lots of brown colors... but that monocrome color doesnt blend with the enemies, making them almost indistinguishable from each type as Doom 4 showed on the video.
  11. A cinematic killing, vs a full-ingame event. The same happens with the latest Mortal Kombat. Hope they add a good "feedback" when you hit (not killing) a monster. Good nice blood flying, some flesh, etc. So you can said: Uh... that's hurt....
  12. yeah, its hard to explore, when the game is just a pretty corridor. Probably the issue is that, too many assets asigned to decoration, so no space to make more places to explore.
  13. New Shadow Warrior was colorful. And was nice looking. Not needed to use just one color. To me, that stupid filter makes all the enemies looks the same. We live in a colorful world... c'ome on, lets use the rest of color!!!
  14. Totally I dislike it. Only for humans, and not using that blue-ey-this-you-can-pick-it!!!
  15. Then again, hope you are right (I have yet to see how mapping will be, did ID speak about it? anyway for for god sake, they needed to do a hologram to show you need to go downstairs to pick the arm?) that map probably its just a show-how-cool-game-is than a map for the finished DooM.