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  1. Naitguolf

    [On Hold] Doom 32x: Delta

    Man, super exited to see it :) Thank you for your work! I do really hope for someday the music is fixed, as it does improve the overall experience soo much!
  2. Naitguolf

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    I don`t hate it, but I do not like it. At release time I thought it was such a meh game. Much years later I played it (and finished in one of those TC) and to be honest, I cannot see why is so appreciated. I mean, lot`s of people here seems to love it, and I truly I don't get it. Anyway, I am sticking with the original DooM...
  3. Well, I dont really know if the Brew version is the same as 1.11.61. Or maybe 1.11.61 is just the normal java version with ceilings and floor. The most advance version I have is v1.8.94. Does anyone have an upgrade version of the game? Yay for the turn based version :)
  4. Cool. I am replying again the original DooM RPG, before trying DRRP. I love the original game, very playable. I guess the only DRRP available in the real time version, not the turn based. BTW, the enhanced version of DooM RPG with floors and ceilings was never released isn't?
  5. Not by me! I am pretty excited of the project! But I waiting for an even more complete version to play!
  6. Naitguolf


    I remember a DooM RPG upgrade version with ceiling and floor graphics. Anyone knows exactly what version is? I wonder if can be possible to play with that .jar emulator...
  7. Naitguolf

    GZdoom Zero tolerance

    Hope a release soon. I extracted all enemies sprites almost a year ago. Hope this mod made uses of them :) http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=48804&p=840758&hilit=zero+tolerance+sprites#p840362
  8. Naitguolf

    Map16: CALLED IT!

    Very, very nice. :)
  9. Naitguolf

    R.I.P DOOM on DOSBox?

    Because as I am not playing anymore on a 14'' screen, old SB16, neither MsDos... and now its possible to play at 60fps, hi-res gfx, hi-res sounds, hi-res music, smooth sprites... To me, really makes no sense.
  10. Naitguolf

    Thank You to All Level Designers . . .

    Yeah, thank you you all you make DooM as frash... what the hell, even better!! as first day.
  11. Naitguolf

    ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom (Beta 9.2)

    Yeah, very nice mod, but how hard could be just an option to add only aliens? Not all enemies to be turned aliens, some of them just are eggs for decoration or nothing at all to compesate how hard aliens are. For sure, not only me will enjoy it. :) Regards.
  12. Naitguolf

    New textures for John

    Well, if Mr. Romero wants, what about a community work making a texture pack just for him to make a level with it?
  13. Naitguolf

    More new info here.

    Mmmm arenas? That's not good to me...
  14. Naitguolf

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    Yes YES EXACTLY! I really want to explore! :_)
  15. Naitguolf

    E3 discussion [outdated]

    Doom 2 used lots of brown colors... but that monocrome color doesnt blend with the enemies, making them almost indistinguishable from each type as Doom 4 showed on the video.