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  1. Avenging Angel

    Bioware, anyone?

    Good points, and I see what you mean in IWD. But I don't play Morrowwind just for entertainment as far as comedy is concerned. ;) I love the music, as I said before, because I can use it to set my mood mentally and emotionally....even when away from the PC. Plus, it has a few Star Wars games songs in it(Stock music?) that I like. The only thing I dislike really besides what I said before is the long winded books you can read through in-game. Too much text in some, not enough in others....although some is "entertaining" to read, to be sure.
  2. Avenging Angel

    Favorite Id fps game?

    Quake 2 is awesome, that's why.....plus there's alot of free expansions. Quake 2 couldn't be doom....no demons. Lol. But Doom 3 was and IS good, I agree....despite what Belial and Enjay say. I mean, why critique it or compare it extensively(anally) to the classic doom games when it's obvious that(besides storyline) they are different games in spirit, and should be played as such? Case in point, Classic Doom for Doom 3 project....great use of a great atmosphere and engine.
  3. Avenging Angel

    Favorite Id fps game?

    and voted for Doom I/II, not only to fit with the status quo and be PC & such, but because they were some of the first FPS games I could actually play at the time that were fun and original(in a way). Tied for second would be Quake II and Doom 3. Quake II had awesome music/sound, killer(in more ways than one) gameplay, and people were always making new and amazing add-ons for it.....plus the objective based mission system and NavCom thingie looked cool. Doom 3 is amazing because it shows doom in a more in-depth and immersive light, with darkened & realistic looking rooms/etc & many interactive extras & sounds that draw the player(IMO)even further into the storyline.....and it's in 3-frickin'-D! :D Third choice would be Woflenstein 3D(Misspelled for humor, look at poll choices). The funny Nazi death sounds, the random seeming halls and puzzles, and the stoyrline(as such) made it something too "fun" to not get bored easily on/with.
  4. Avenging Angel

    Doom Turns 12

    You made hellgate2? I only ask as i'm reviewing it for another site, and didn't know a fellow doomworlder made it. :D Kudos! P.S. HL is pretty good, but the effects and some parts of HL2 are sweet as all get out. System Shock 2 was great because it was based off of a great engine....i.e. the same enging used for Thief 2(and possibly thief 1.) While the engine itself is hard as crap to get working for a newbie to design, it does/did offer some interesting design points for developers at that time. P.S. Ever play the rare and ill fated Blood 2? Another great game, destined for the junk bin because of poor marketing and sales. *Sigh*
  5. Avenging Angel

    Bra ad

    Nice to see the regulars such as yourself are "warming up" to us at last. ;) P.S. I only say regular becuase you've stuck around for over a year. Not trying to give compliments or nothin'. Yeah, that's what I said, as alot of places are worse.....like Newdoom in some ways. Not because of members or mods, but that Phoebus is a ***Censored*** ***Ditto*** for banning people for what he calls "spam", or anything he lists as spam, and the mods are afraid to let anything slide out of fear of losing their jobs. I like Doomworld alot better than that site. I also love reading the funny closed comments in post hell and the like. Gives me a good laugh every time. ;) Lol. More like a super solid barnacle(definition, plz, heh.), that hasn't really caused enough trouble to warrant a ban.....and a way cool & funny member to boot. Have fun posting friend.....I can call you friend, right? :)
  6. I'm like the pope of Myst. Lol. Thankfully those burger dudes didn't lock his ass up. I dunno. I see it, so it must be real.....right??? Imps are cool, but lost souls.....now there's a fun one to imitate. I do that sometimes when leaving the grocery with a full cart. Scares the old people shitless. :D Server failed to restore coff_cup pos 1......return error. End of line. "Beep". Heh. Red vs. blue? Quake related? I know some old stuff but not all, and that stuff confuzzles me. ;)
  7. Avenging Angel

    Bioware, anyone?

    Got Fallout 1/2/Tactics.....but only finished like 50% of 1 & 30% of 2, using only one or two of the characters to choose from, no less. Good games though, I concur on that as well. I dunno. I actually liked Dungeon Siege 1(Not 2, haven't played that yet), but only to a point. The forest/cave areas are HUGE and get boring after awhile, and then there's that annoying bug where part of the game "map" will be missing.....and you won't be able to advance any further in the game unless you restore an older save. Meh to that. I like Morrowwind only so far as to the facts that you can go wherever you want at any time, exploring/robbing/talking/etc. The characters do tend to repeat themselves alot though, in speech and mannerisms, but the grpahics & music are pretty good.
  8. Avenging Angel

    Bra ad

    I hope to be around awhile, and myabe become ONE of them, so kudos to both of us then. Anyways, what's with the title? Who'd you piss off? Lol. :D
  9. Avenging Angel

    Bioware, anyone?

    Ultima 8 was good....ever play that? Yes, I know it isn't a black isle or such game, but it is was pretty good for the time it was made.....dont you think?
  10. Avenging Angel

    Silent Hill movie teaser!

    IMO the whole "follow the lead rat" mentality of hollywoood lately, in which they copy the latest trend(mostly badly), to be nothing more than money grubbing execs out to make a quick buck off of two markets.....movie and game fans. Most times the movies are half baked with lame/corny acting or the like, not true to the original "plot" of the game/comic/etc, or combinations of both or other flaws. Resident evil apocalypse looked nice, and I even got a few laughs from it....and that whole gross out from the school children scene with the reporter. But then you have films like House of the Dead, which basically ripped apart the whole "origin" of the mad doctor from the films into some bloody(english phrase, not as in gory) romp through some jungle and a few ramshackle huts......which made even the original game in japanese look better to experience by comparison. Oh, and doom:the movie, while good in some aspects(like with the 1st person POV scenes and some good actors)......it failed in more stuff, like containing most of the film in some small corridors(where monsters could be seen coming at the soldiers quite easily in most cases), or calling the demons "mutants" because of some virus instead of making them hellspawn and having the walls foam/gush/drip/splatter blood. A shark tank of fake blood wouldn't be enough for a true doom telling, IMO.
  11. Avenging Angel

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    Also, kudos for the laugh, but don't DIE on me....for the love of Mike! :eek: Lol. I need people to enjoy my posts, not die from exposure to them. On topic: If I see anything else on this issue, i'll be sure to post it here, as I know other serious RPG players and talk to them and shit.
  12. Avenging Angel

    Bra ad

    Thanks for the screenshot, and good luck keeping place here. :) I've known stricter forums, this being not by far the worst......but it does cover one of my fave games, and as such is a good place to be.
  13. Avenging Angel

    Bioware, anyone?

    Black Isle made some good games, no doubt, but did you ever notice how Baulders' gate 1 & 2 seemed to rattle on forever in terms of mundane-ness in text/speech? IMO, I like IWD. It has a nice intro movie and cutscenes, and the missions are alright. I like eays to play, short stuff. Long stuff(except maybe morrowwind, which seems more like Ultima 8) makes me get bored quickly, as all places/etc sort of look alike and blur together until it feels like i've been doing the same town over and over again....etc.
  14. Avenging Angel

    Lawsuits over MMORPG in-game crime

    I take it you meant that it wasn't long and/or well worded enough? If so, why should replies look like college essay responses to be relevant? To a point you may be right......but IMO I stayed on topic in my replies and answered posts quickly and succinctly. P.S. Enough off-topic, back to the thread.......I hope the guys suing over this get laughed at on every talk show across the country at the same time. They are that idiotic, moronic, and stupid. Who sues over stuff that isn't real anyways? Will kids sue over not getting enough from the tooth fairy or Santa Claus next???
  15. Avenging Angel

    Reality on the norm

    Oh, THAT one. Lol. I thought you meant Zork. Yeah, I played Zelda once upon a time. Nice classic.