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  1. New Teleport Graphics

    Okay...it works.
  2. New Teleport Graphics

    That's irrelevant, cuz as I've illustrated several times before, I'm not adding sprites, I'm overwriting the graphics of pre-existing ones, so they already are between those 2 entries. EDIT: I just tried playing it with the vanilla EXE and it worked fine, so that means my TFOG problem lies within ZDoom only. Now what? There isn't even any TFOG frames in zdoom.wad for me to fix.
  3. New Teleport Graphics

    I misspoke, I'm running it in ZDoom, but making it so it can be played in vanilla also. (ie: I'm making a vanilla WAD for play with ZDoom). But that's beside the point, even if I was running the vanilla EXE, I know how to use DeuSF, or even the command line "doom -file c:\doom\mydoom.wad" so my changes would be implemented. All my other changes pull through, except this one. Even with all this, it still won't work, but all my other sprite overwrites do. I was wondering if the teleport animation runs off of more than just the TFOG frames.
  4. New Teleport Graphics

    I appreciate the help because I would've asked that question as well, but it seems none of you have read what I said. Let's say for example, instead of the typical green ball of energy that is shown when we teleport, I want to use a puff of smoke or maybe a red ball of energy. I overwrote the existing TFOG frames with the frames I want to use. When I test it in a teleporter, it still uses the original green TFOG teleport frames. I can overwrite any other graphic in XWE or WinTex w/o a problem, but the teleportation sprites are always the same. How come it's not working?
  5. New Teleport Graphics

    -Vanilla DOOM -XWE -I don't think it's necessary you see the WAD -None that I can think of Yes they are, cuz I'm only overwriting pre-existing graphics, not adding new ones.
  6. New Teleport Graphics

    I want to use new graphics for TFOG, and I overwrote all TFOG frames with the graphics I want to use, but it still shows the same green teleport fog whenever I test it. What do I do?
  7. Take bets on Oct 6th?

  8. Kazakhstan is more pissed than ever

    Who do you like better? Borat or Mofaz (from MadTV)?
  9. Colorado is the place to be for school!

    Well, I see my picture post was helled...it was a picture of Hans Moleman in young kids clothes (in answer to the question "How do you spot a 53 year old in student's clothing?") And on the note about me posting too much about news...it's not that I expect you guys to care, I just have nothing else decent to talk about. I'd rather post something that'd spark a discussion. I find this forum slow, but I stick by it cuz it's the only one I've encountered with intelligent conversation. In retrospect, I wish I didn't post the one about T.O. or the one about the liquid ban being lifted at the airports, but I don't regret this one cuz that was breaking news that was being followed on all the news channels and it was a big deal for about 4 hours.
  10. Colorado is the place to be for school!

    Update! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060928/ap_on_re_us/school_evacuation
  11. Say it ain't so, T.O.!

    Yes. I'll sponsor you, as long as I get a 60% cut and a golden toilet in my office.
  12. Colorado is the place to be for school!

    I've never been to fark in my life, thanks.
  13. I saw this as it was breaking and being followed on MSNBC, but here's the skinny on what's unfolded in the past hours since then: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060928/ap_on_re_us/school_evacuation
  14. Say it ain't so, T.O.!

    Update! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060927/ap_on_sp_fo_ne/fbn_cowboys_owens_hospitalized
  15. Say it ain't so, T.O.!