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  1. DeumReaper

    If you were in charge of Doom 3 what would you change?

    I thought there wasn't enough hell levels compared to the amount of techbase ones, I would have changed it so that the player goes to hell from delta labs like it is now; but have nothing but Hell levels for the rest of the game (like original episode 3), and maybe have it so the last level is the portal back to Mars/Earth.
  2. DeumReaper

    RAGE is apparently a very solid game!

    I couldn't play it on my main comp (Intel C2D E6550, ATI 6870) until today; everytime I looked around, the texture loading would cause ~10sec of freezing. Rolling back to catalyst 11.8 drivers fixed this, but overall ran slower (~15fps). This is the fix that helped after I got the newest drivers: Also disabling Steam overlay raised the performance as well. If you have a dual-core CPU make sure you try this.
  3. DeumReaper

    The 18th Annual Cacowards

    Nominating Vanguard for an award.
  4. DeumReaper

    RAGE is apparently a very solid game!

    Finding a Little Doom in Your Rage
  5. DeumReaper

    Powerslave Palette

    For the ART files near the end of the STUFF.DAT there is a palette file right above them. Select that then go to [on the menu] Palette > Use Current. Then the ART files should look right.
  6. DeumReaper

    RAGE is apparently a very solid game!

    AMD released a "Rage Performance Driver," according to WSGF, it's different from the 11.10 preview and doesn't contain the fixes for Battlefield 3.
  7. DeumReaper

    Shitty connection?

    nope.avi (using Chrome)
  8. DeumReaper

    doom comic - how rare?

    Was it only packaged with the id anthology back then, or did they ever officially sell it separately/promod?
  9. DeumReaper

    Windows 8

    windows xp/7 dual boot for LOYFE
  10. DeumReaper

    IDBEHOLDL and my failing eye sight!

    My optometrist told me that if your eyesight keeps getting worse every year, you should only consider eye surgery when the blindness starts to 'slow down'(e.g. your prescription stops changing significantly from the previous year), so that after you get the surgery, it doesn't degrade rapidly from there.
  11. DeumReaper

    Favorite weapons in any game?

    What's your top 5/10 favorite weapons to use from any game? Why do you like them -- powerful; looks or sounds cool; takes skill; fun in context of game,etc. Here's mine: 1. Minigun (Serious Sam:FE/SE(HD)) - While it looks like just your ordinary minigun you'd see from most shooters, to me it's the design of SS that makes this gun so fun. Unrealistic enough that a dude can carry an HMG with ~1k rounds, it's also pinpoint accurate at any range, which has you zipping your mouse & crosshair as you mow down the waves of enemies. 2. Plasmagun (Doom/II) - A classic weapon that defined arcade action. When you start facing a number of stronger enemies, the plasmagun is my default choice. It rips through the fodder like nothing and deals decent damage to pretty much all enemies, in small or large numbers. In multiplayer a skilled player who can lead targets with the PG is deadly. Don't like the loud annoying sound it makes though. 3. Flak Cannon (Unreal Tournament III) - Although the flak cannon has been pretty much the same throughout the UT games, I picked the UT3 version because it's exactly what I wanted out of a weapon remake. It is one of the coolest looking weapons (from the 1st per. POV) I have ever seen. It still has that powerful shotgun blast & grenade shot, but when you punch someone w/ the primary in melee range, the camera kicks back to let you know that you just took a huge chunk outta that guy. 4. Chaingun (Doom 3) - It was everything I wanted the original chaingun to be. The machinegun you get earlier shoots BBs compared to this. It's looks are a faithful remake of the old chaingun, and it fires slower because the shots deal a ton of damage per shot. It sounds awesome too. There should have been more ammo for this gun though, because you don't get to use it enough. 5. Stakegun (Painkiller) - PK weapons are pretty sweet, and my favorite is the stakegun/grenade launcher because while the other weps are designed for spraying across a crowd, the stakes are for longe-range enemies. It projectile speed & drop force you to lead and compensate for height, resulting in some satisfying kills. The grenade launcher is nothing special, but the the combo (shooting a grenade mid-air w/ stake becomes exploding stake) is awesome if you can take out several distant enemies with it.
  12. DeumReaper

    How did you get your Gamename? What is it?

    It's supposed to be Doom, but I changed it to Deum to make it original. Reaper is from the Doom movie (Karl Urban's codename).
  13. DeumReaper

    Playing Doom on a Joystick

    Have you tried searching your product on the Logitech website? You should find a program, I think it's called Logitech Gaming Software, which should recognize the exact model of that joystick, and is easy to configure since it shows a reference chart (if you've used SetPoint for mice it should be familiar).
  14. DeumReaper

    Parameters in Z-DooM not activating?

    Have you tried running a .bat file? If you're playing on zdoom (looking at your title) then it would look like this: zdoom -iwad doom.wad -fast
  15. If you go to Extras theres a benchmark option. My setup: CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (dual core, 2-thread) @ 2.33 Ghz; 4MB L2cache RAM - 4GB DDR2 @ 332.5 Mhz GPU - AMD Radeon HD 6870; 256-bit width; 1GB DDR5; 915Mhz core-clock; 1050 MHz memory-clock 1680x1050, max settings Results: 10 / 71.6 / 21.9 fps anyone want to post their benchmarks?