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  1. "I don't want to do any more of v0.95, and I don't think the majority of you want the bots to be put off any further." Yeah, right on. Not many of my friends want to play doom any more (graphic heads), so I look forward to that coming on. Keep up the good work people.
  2. Joyus! They were really good.
  3. I'd also like the bots to come back. They were very good.
  4. 600k for 3.5 seconds wav file? Heard of compression of lowering quality. I would think a more funny announcer would be best, after all skull tag is funny already and its never gunna be Quake 3
  5. Does XWE still put icons everywhere in windows? That quite annoyed me trying it out before...
  6. I don't think any opinions expressed here would cancel the TC. How many demos have we seen released though out the years with out ever beign finished or seen again. If the creator can't take comments they why release the thing unfinished? I think here we have a case of looking for people to offer to help and because you are proud of what you have done, as you should.
  7. JDoom with big textures or doom2.exe, still the same game. What I'm saying here is eye candy isn't important like many other things in the world.
  8. Wouldn't it have been better to make a program that would resize the original textures from your IWAD, thus giving the same results with a download under 500kb. Texture filtering is a much better way to go about it. I personally don't examine the walls when playing, I like killing the demons with out the harddrive grinding away.
  9. Whats so bad sbout the leak of the alpha? I couldn't care what bad things those over paid id folk think could happen to their personal profits.
  10. I havn't seen that version of spectrum Doom. Under what name is it under, thats if you found it on the spectrum rom search engine?
  11. I think they must have studied every word of the coptyright notice and have found this way to by pass it and make money. Isn't that was our great capitolist countries are all about, ripping people off! Also, Doom was on the Spectrum, but it was more like a graphical demo the version I played.
  12. Works for me. I like the bouncing blue beam weapon.
  13. Lol, Toke. Sounds like somthing off Freddy Gets Fingered. Come you have the description Loser under your name?
  14. MP3 is heresy.
  15. I think I'll save my time and stick to command promps and batch files.