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  1. Re-Sent E4M9 to Torn, now that i had fixed up some smaller things.
  2. I went back to my E4M9 and i've spotted a small error, i'm going to fix it up and then re-send it. Also, is it possible to take down my E2M9? I don't really like it and thought maybe someone else could take that slot?
  3. I've been missing too much! I see we have a possible release date! Cool! Any other news i need to hear about?
  4. Accidently doubled posted... remove this one please.
  5. OmegaJ4

    The Empty Museum

    Those Screenshots look great!
  6. Okay scrap that... I'm calling it "Hazing" instead!
  7. @ler - I've finsihed E4M9 and i have e-mailed it to you. I'm calling it "Grist" @Ismaele - Cool to see you've been testing out all the maps, although you are right, i feel as though E2M9 is a dud, i tried to re-vamp it, but it really isn't coming along, so i wonder if somebody else could have that level instead? (I feel like i improved slightly with my short E4M9)
  8. OmegaJ4

    Question about ZDL3

    Great, it works perfectly, thank you!
  9. OmegaJ4

    Question about ZDL3

    Do forgive me for asking a tiring question, but i just need to know. Recently, ZDL3 was removed from my computer because it turned out to be corrupted, so i've been looking around for a new copy, i found it on Bio's website, but when i click the download link, it says that the website is blocked. It's only just come to my attention, so i need to know, has this block been up for a while? If so, can ZDL3 be obtained anywhere else? (I need ZDL3 to run my the Heretic map i'm working on, as well as playing other Doom mods) Thank you.
  10. I'm going to play through my map first, then i'll send it to you ler.
  11. That looks nice. :) My map is almost done, i'm in the middle of item placement now. As for E2M9's (Possible) re-vamp, slight delay, maybe i'll look back into it later.
  12. Sorry, i guess i let holiday time get the better of me. Just to let you know, i'm still working on my maps (E2M9's going through a Revamp) and my E4M9 is almost done. Water has burst through the walls and is flooding into the room.
  13. I'm taking your advice and having a go at adding some "Islands" around the large lava areas and i'm trying to curve some of the walls. (I've curved two walls, and they seem to have come out looking okay) That, and i fixed Linedef's 58 and 747 Thank you for the tips, i'll try my best to improve it!
  14. Lord_Z: I must confess that Detailing (and Doors) are really not my strong point, when i was still making it, i was at the time just concentrating on finishing it, i look back on it and pretty much agree with what you say. I want to at least try to re-vamp it, if i can't, then prehaps it can be taken off (I feel i've improved while making E4M9) Trouble is, if i do want to re-vamp, i'd like to know what i can at least try to do to make it look better. Regarding E4M9, i've kind of wandered off it, building wise, it's almost done, just have to add detail, change the lighting and add monsters, ammo and health.