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  1. Coold00d

    Jurassic Park TC

    I just meant you should tweak the behavior and make the dinosuars act like dinosuars rather than just Doom monster skins.. Since your engine allows you to do so. Happy? :P
  2. Coold00d

    Jurassic Park TC

    I don't understand why your making a 90's style TC, in 2010.. I can understand if you wanna make an old style WAD, but you might want to rethink your engine, ZDoom has TOO MANY features for you to create your own new actors, to just leave them untouched and just replace whats there in Doom (Graphic replacments, and leaving the behavior of monsters as is).. =/.
  3. Coold00d

    Xmas Doom 2009/ 2010: Coming soon!

    Excellent Nake :D! Not sure if you remember me, but I always use to discuss this with you in the past, glad to see your working on it again... If it's ZDoom or EDGE your working with I can help with creating new actors (monsters, weapons, decorations, behavior) but not so much in the graphic area. btw.. will you still put a graffiti spot of my name somewhere, on one of the walls =P??
  4. All I know is the ban was aimed at kangaroo fucking aussie Lizzaroro and not you. But look, no offense can you please move this discussion about being banned somewhere else? This is about M.A.D 2. Good work/luck on the project man, I loved season 1 and I'll be submitting monsters here :)
  5. Coold00d

    UAC Labs by Eric Harris

    I've actually got "outdoors.wad" deathmatch that is apparently missing or unreleased. The person who has the archive and released the few of his maps ignored one zip, because they had obviously tried to run it with Doom 2, when the map replaces E1M1. If your interested in collecting'em all, I'll send link to the area in the archive at Acolumbinesite.com
  6. Coold00d

    Doom in 3D

    Uh... what do I do? these are just normal images... how do you Cross your eyes?
  7. Coold00d

    Breadmonster Invasion Part 1 beta

    Awesome work :D I'll download this for sure!
  8. Coold00d

    The Worst Doom Architecture Ever

    Snail Trail in Screenshot 2 :P
  9. Coold00d

    Bryan High School Doom 2

    mixing doom and a high school is truly sick
  10. Coold00d

    Questions About Edge

    i figured it out ages ago
  11. Coold00d

    Help with mapping!

    sorry for latnes of reply :P but i need a level that you start in a cell [you need to find a secret switch to get out, you can choose where to put that] you go into a tunnel and go into underground sewers and stuff, i would love to have a map like that, if you could for me ?:)
  12. Coold00d

    YouTube Idiot

    bastard, i found another one, but it has been taken down also
  13. Coold00d

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    to me the caco demons look just like the ''octabrains'' from dukenukem3d, and the attacks are similar :/ and notice sounds are similar to?
  14. Coold00d

    Problem with Edge

    woops my laptop also isnt connected to the net, im using a seprete pc, so will it still work? :P
  15. Coold00d

    Problem with Edge

    the website of my laptop? what like? the toshiba website?:P sorry i no shit about computers