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  1. Album Of The Millennium

    Well, I'm off guys... I stated and said everything that needed to be said. Any further comments will not have my attention because I do not care... if you really need to get your "point" across to me you can further do so by e-mailing me at (TheRequiem@planetunreal.com). Just because all you guys flipped out for a stupid reason, it’s ok… It really doesn’t matter to me, I don’t let it get inside my head and torment me like it does to you. Now, I have to go take my girl friend horseback riding since she won’t shut up. =)
  2. Album Of The Millennium

    The music does shoot you in the head because you’re not able to understand it. You'll never understand it because I'm on a higher level of intelligence then you. As far as being stupid, I'm a certified genius by the Nevada State Mayor and the Clark County District for acing all College exams. (E-mail me for even more proof) Haha! I'm on a roll on these fools today.
  3. Album Of The Millennium

    My life is a little more better then sitting in front of a computer screen analyzing the defects of others when really, you are the defected human that needs work.
  4. Album Of The Millennium

    Lol, I make close to $40,000 a month selling insurance, guy. I drive a black GMC Envoy (e-mail me for pictures and proof) and I own a 3600 Sq foot house in Red Rock Cuntry Club (e-mail me for more proof). Who's stupid now?
  5. Album Of The Millennium

    First off, I am a Music Director, Producer and Creator. I have created music that would blow your minds and in hopes of blowing up someday is an idea as good and creative as your comments, which were proven to be false and stupid for their reasons. =) Second, it is ridiculous to pay for music and if for some insane reason that you do like to pay for music, then I pity you and your coherent existence on this subjective world. Alas, if you have nothing better to do then to bust me for actually "commenting" on the guys work, I wish I could kill you. I only said it wasn't worth paying for. Go back to designing your little "repeated physics" and horribly designed levels for Doom and watch the real experts design for Doom III. Anyhow, if you do not believe I have a talent for music... you'll have to hear me when my album is released but if you can't wait, I have some beats I will GIVE YOU for free.
  6. Album Of The Millennium

    I think it's somewhat ridiculous to pay for music... at least music that is not mainstream or heavy underground. I believe in free music and free music is the way to go. Although, the music is not bad... it might be a little better if it actually sounded real but I do not know the intentions of the creator, therefore I cannot bust him for that. Either way, good music but for God’s sakes… give it to us for free!
  7. Gamespy's Doom 3 First Look

    Goddamn you Lut!!! I came here with the intention of posting that EXACT same remark... but anyways, me too! =)
  8. Doom 3 In 2003

    It's amazing how Quake IV is already under production considering the series was invented and created a few years after Doom... but yet, Doom is only going on it's 3rd addition. Even though the Doom series is the better of ID games; I still patiently await Quake IV as well. Doom III will devastate every computer desktop machine once again and you will see.
  9. Female Doomers...

    Mt girlfriend helps me with art, music and Doom! She just let's me do all the work. =)
  10. yet again, i've been banned.

    Haha... loser!
  11. Third Doom On May The Third

    To be honest, I think they were working on the game before Carmack said anything in his .plan about it... think about it, he takes forever to update his damn .plan. It could have been days or weeks before he decided to let people know. Look at how long it took them just to announce the game.
  12. Third Doom On May The Third

    I am happy... time for preparaton,it's not that far off now that they have released details and announced the project. heh, probably already half-way done. I just can't wait until I see the game running...
  13. The /newstuff Chronicles #78

    These levels are not that bad... didn't take long but not too bad.
  14. War For Millennium

    First off, if the resources aren't finised when it is released and the maps aren't completely done, you can always release updates and or new version of the Megawad with a more "complete" structure. As for the resources... those can always be improved after release. Second, the project is looking good so far and looks to be a hit but if it really comes down to it and it is not finished at release... I for one, will not download the other levels =)
  15. Newdoom Stuff

    cool, dude