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  1. Neil

    SJS Stuff

    What does the presence or absence of diagonal lines have to do with whether the design has symmetry or not?
  2. Neil

    [zdoom][linux] Compiles flawlessly!

    Well, I just took a look at ZDoom from subversion today. My goodness. I don't know exactly what the point is of these section instructions to the linker, but that stuff is rather non-portable. At least, the assembler here didn't like it when generating i386 or PPC binaries, so it must be some ELF-specific silliness going on. So I have to lower the chances of my porting ZDoom to zero unless all that is removed or optionalized. Edit: Ahh, now I'm curious enough to try contacting some ZDoom people and see just what on earth is going on there, heh. Edit 2: For the curious, randy over at ZDoom nailed the problem, and the port is progressing. Next steps are likely a replacement of the FMOD-using code, and the addition of byte swaps.
  3. Neil

    PrBoom with OS X

    Not all apps. And apparently apps using SDL are some of those that don't work. But, that's why we started making universal builds to begin with. And, since he who actually does the Mac builds is on an Intel machine, but he who has done most of the Mac porting and testing is on a PPC machine, there's good reason to believe that we ensure continued Prboom functionality on both sides.
  4. Neil

    risen3d licencing discussion

    Actually no because, as you so strongly reminded everyone, COPYRIGHTS and LICENSES are two different things. Copyright holders grant licenses. Licenses don't replace copyrights. It's pretty bad that you so quickly managed to contradict yourself here.
  5. Neil

    risen3d licencing discussion

    No, but if you do not accept and abide by the terms of the license offered to you, any redistribution of the copyrighted work, or any works derived from that copyrighted work, constitutes copyright infringement. Excluding exceptions like fair use, of course, but let's see you make the case for that, heh.
  6. Neil

    [zdoom][linux] Compiles flawlessly!

    It's not all that likely. Well, it could happen, but for it to happen someone has to point me to a megawad that is guaranteed to thrill me as much as Memento Mori or Doom 2, but requires ZDoom. That way I'd HAVE to port it, heh.
  7. Neil


    Does he not like it, or would it just be a lot of work to add an undo history? heh
  8. Neil

    [zdoom][linux] Compiles flawlessly!

    Well, most or all NEW Apple machines include Intel processors, but writing software for the Mac platform means supporting both architectures for years to come.
  9. Neil

    [zdoom][linux] Compiles flawlessly!

    Not any system with Leenucks, though, right? Just the Intel ones, I imagine, judging by the nasm requirement. Err, sorry if this sounds too negative, I'm just curious because I have a certain PPC-predominant platform in mind here as a possible future port, if someone's already done the dirty work of making the code endian-neutral.
  10. Neil

    New tricks (built demos)

    I'd pay to see that.
  11. Neil

    risen3d licencing discussion

    I can't believe someone would take advantage of the community spirit showed by id and other Doom developers, who released their code under the GNU GPL, and betray that trust and spirit by violating the license as flagrantly as the Risen developers did.
  12. Neil

    Monster Lookalikes

    Yes, Zangband has Cyberdemons that fire rockets, as well as a special unique one named Oremorj that is the stronger than the rest.
  13. Neil

    risen3d licencing discussion

    The FSF is only worth talking to if it's their copyright that is infringed upon.
  14. Neil

    risen3d licencing discussion

    If they broke the law in what sources they've used, they had plenty to lose.
  15. Hmm, whatever caused that was fixed then, because the current trunk seems to just fine.