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  1. TimeOfDeath

    I hate being a dog owner

    Since you're walking your wife's dog in the mornings, maybe she should walk her dog in the evenings?
  2. TimeOfDeath

    dw related

    Sorry if this was already mentioned
  3. TimeOfDeath

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Crazy drumming and sad synths:
  4. TimeOfDeath

    The avant-garde music thread

    https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/self-inflicted-memory-loss-2016 The guitars and drums on that album were all improvised and the songs were arranged based on a randomized list. I started by recording 99 20-seconds free improv drum tracks while listening to silence (except for a count-in and count-out to signal 20 seconds). Then I recorded 198 20-seconds free improv guitar tracks (two guitar tracks per song) while listening to silence (except the count-in/count-out). Then I made a randomized list in Excel that randomly matched up one drum track with two guitar tracks and I manually matched up the drums/guitars for each song in Reaper based on that list. After the songs were all arranged, I wrote lyrics and recorded vocals. Then I recorded about 2 hours of audio from my tv while flipping through channels and picked out 99 samples to add to the songs. I did all this because as a musician you never get that feeling of hearing your songs "for the first time" and working to memorize them after they're finished. Track 79 is my fav.
  5. TimeOfDeath

    New Forum

    Just in case someone tried this and figured I was just being a sarcastic jerk, the new forum is actually very usable without javascript (even more so than the old forum) as long as you haven't enabled javascript and loaded a page. Apparently something gets added to your cookies on your first visit with enabled javascript, and it makes some features (like posting) impossible after you disable javascript. But if you delete your cookies and then disable javascript and log back in, the features are working again (even with disabled javascript). I know nobody cares about this but I think it's awesome.
  6. TimeOfDeath

    New Forum

    Test posting with images and javascript disabled. Cool, thanks!
  7. TimeOfDeath

    3D Vanilla Bridge for Dummies?

    Your bridge wasn't a self-referencing sector. The outer lines of the bridge sector (the yellow lines) should have the same sector number on their front and back sides. But also, at the green/red spot, one of the outer lines of your bridge sector was attached to the sector below it (which will give a visual glitch if you give that line the same sector number on its front and back). So I detached the bridge sector from the other sector (if you zoom in on your wad you will see).
  8. TimeOfDeath

    IMDb closing their message boards

    Every movie/tv show/actor/etc. page has its own dedicated message board at the bottom of it, I wouldn't say it's hidden. It was an amazing feature where people could talk about something, no matter how obscure (assuming it's listed on the site). My ritual was pretty much "watch/remember/read about something and then go to the imdb page to read about it and lurk its message board" while ignoring the troll posts (seems like they're less prevalent in the more obscure/less-mainstream stuff).
  9. http://www.imdb.com They've received virtually nothing but negative reactions on their general message board (http://www.imdb.com/boards) and the movie/tv/actor/etc. message boards that I've been to recently. There's a dedicated message board for every movie/tv show/actor/crew member/etc. that's listed on imdb. How social media will replace that is beyond me.
  10. TimeOfDeath

    Zdoom 2.8.1 and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.4 Problems

    Is demo compatibility one of Eternity's goals? I think a 100-map Ribbiks megawad would definitely get people to download the pr+ hack for playing and watching/recording demos :) I know I'd switch to it immediately (assuming the hacks don't affect demo compat). If pr+ does add mapinfo (and removes the map limit) then that'd be great, but when? I'm not sure how old mapinfo is (10 years?) and I suggested removing the map limit 4 years ago but nothing happened.
  11. TimeOfDeath

    Zdoom 2.8.1 and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.4 Problems

    If prboom-plus isn't interested in those changes, would it be legal and possible for you to release your version as a new source port? Every year there seems to be megawads that break the map limit. It would be really useful to have that limit raised!
  12. TimeOfDeath

    Make monsters attack when they don't see you?

    There's this: autoexit.zip There's a dehacked monster in a dummy sector that can't see you, but it shoots at you forever after you shoot.
  13. TimeOfDeath

    What are your computer specs?

    Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.52GHz, 512MB of RAM That's my main home computer I use for most things (except work and recording music). It still works, so...