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  1. DSDA page old AV page old mod edit: Here's av.wad MAP11 UV-Speed in 1:38.
  2. Demos for wads by TimeOfDeath (excluding community projects, because there are other threads for those). dsda - dib28a (zdoom) dsda - smedley (zdoom) dsda - squane (zdoom) dsda - chips19 (zdoom) dsda - flanagan (zdoom) dsda - dekutree (zdoom) dsda - loink (zdoom) dsda - tom19 (-complevel 9) dsda - sloth0409 (zdoom) dsda - slut (zdoom) dsda - av20mem (-complevel 9) dsda - bump (-complevel 2) dsda - uuhhtod (zdoom) dsda - nostril (-complevel 9) dsda - em116 (-complevel 9) dsda - reality03 (-complevel 2/9) dsda - yourmom (-complevel 9) dsda - ditkd01 (-complevel 9) dsda - ninadobrev (-complevel 2) dsda - pppp (-complevel 2) dsda - 64lemons (-complevel 2) dsda - nh1 (-complevel 2) dsda - nh2 (-complevel 2) dsda - expiredl (zdoom) dsda - tinytod (-complevel 9) dsda - merkin (-complevel 9) dsda - nina2 (-complevel 2) dsda - roomblow (-complevel 2) dsda - cassie (-complevel 2) dsda - bensteinsmoney (-complevel 2) dsda - xaserpic (-complevel 2) dsda - esp (-complevel 2/9) dsda - teledest (-complevel 2) dsda - dib2627 (-complevel 9) dsda - nh3 (-complevel 2) dsda - nh4 (-complevel 2) dsda - nh5 (-complevel 2) dsda - nh666v2 (-complevel 2) Other useful threads: Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/689019 solo-net demos thread: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/902776 =========================================================================== (This thread starts with content from the original TOM19 thread... -mod) tom19.wad - 19 maps + demos (-complevel 9) wads&mods thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/45881-tom-18-maps-part-1-done-part-2-started/ Intended to be played with these options, if you want: CATEGORY 1 (INTENDED) - prboom-plus - kills/items/secrets/timer HUD (with "smart totals" turned off) - any resolution + uncapped fps - custom key config for weapons - -longtics - no TAS features (unless you specify your demo is TAS) - turn180 if you use keyboard only CATEGORY 2 - zdoom - freelook + jumping turned on - infinitely tall actors turned off - no bfg aiming - custom key config for weapons - no crouch tom is a work-in-progress boom compatible wad that uses only doom2 format line actions (except boom light transfers) and sector effects. All maps are safe to record on and won't be changed in the future (so demos won't desync). New maps will be added when they're done. Any and all demos will be added to the zip file, so a big thanks to any recorders!
  3. TimeOfDeath

    1337 Demos [-complevel 2]

    DSDA page 1337.wad map11 max/reality 12:08
  4. TimeOfDeath

    death exit in boom compatibility

    How do you make a telefrag death exit in boom compatibility? When I telefrag a voodoo doll and icon of sin at the same time, I don't die. I remember there was a thread a while ago and Grazza talked about telefragging in boom compat, but I can't find it.
  5. TimeOfDeath

    user Malinku was murdered

  6. All of these demos were recorded on ZDaemon with normal gravity and no air control, but feel free to post demos using any port and settings. RJSPACE - rjspace9.wad MAP01 in 5:55 (all keys and weapons) MASTER JUMPS - masterjumps5.wad & masterjumps6.wad MAP01 in 1:25 (masterjumps5) MAP02 in 0:29 (masterjumps5) MAP03 in 0:53 (masterjumps5) MAP04 in 0:12 (masterjumps5) MAP05 in 1:31 (masterjumps5) MAP06 in 3:58 (masterjumps6) RJSLOTH - rjsloth3a.wad MAP02 UV in 4:38 MAP02 UV in 6:47 (no shortcuts) RJUMPQ - rjumpq.wad MAP01 in 0:12 MAP02 in 0:07 MAP03 in 0:11 MAP04 in 0:20 MAP05 in 0:33 MAP06 in 0:53 MAP07 in 0:33 MAP08 in 0:41 MAP09 in 0:52
  7. TimeOfDeath

    ESP (33 hard maps)

    Download: ESPv2.zip 33 hard maps that I tested myself. Max demos for all maps included (speed demo for map30). -complevel 9 for MAP01-17, 31-33 -complevel 2 for MAP18-30 MAP01: Degrassi (from SF2012.wad) 100% Par Time = 59:55 MAP02: Castle of the Damned (from SF2013.wad) 100% Par Time = 11:53 MAP03: Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth (from SF2013.wad) 100% Par Time = 70:34 MAP04: Rosewater Park (from tom19.wad) 100% Par Time = 4:57 MAP05: dholes (from SF2013.wad) 100% Par Time = 68:29 MAP06: Smedley (from tom19.wad) 100% Par Time = 12:42 MAP07: KSP (from SF2012.wad) 100% Par Time = 41:05 MAP08: Much Obliged (from tom19.wad) 100% Par Time = 11:16 MAP09: Supernib (from SF2011.wad) 100% Par Time = 26:46 MAP10: Forest of Undesirables (from 100LineN.wad) 100% Par Time = 6:56 MAP11: Chocolate Pain (from SF2011.wad) 100% Par Time = 21:48 MAP12: Brookhaven Hospital (from SF2012.wad) 100% Par Time = 16:59 MAP13: Castle Lava (from SF2012.wad) 100% Par Time = 17:15 MAP14: Split Wide Open (from SF2012.wad) 100% Par Time = 8:18 MAP15: Drown in Blood (from tom19.wad) 100% Par Time = 33:42 MAP16: Be Quiet (from tom19.wad) 100% Par Time = 2:42 MAP17: Stares (from 100LineN.wad) 100% Par Time = 5:28 MAP18: 64lemons MAP03 (from 64lemons.wad) 100% Par Time = 10:01 MAP19: Cassie Steele (from cassie.wad) 100% Par Time = 25:37 MAP20: Double Imp Act (from bustagut.wad) 100% Par Time = 4:11 MAP21: The Room Below (from roomblow.wad) 100% Par Time = 36:37 MAP22: 64lemons MAP02 (from 64lemons.wad) 100% Par Time = 4:26 MAP23: Nina Dobrev (from ninadobrev.wad) 100% Par Time = 11:33 MAP24: 64lemons MAP01 (from 64lemons.wad) 100% Par Time = 5:19 MAP25: Nina Dobrev 2 (from nina2.wad) 100% Par Time = 17:47 MAP26: Ben Stein's Money (from bensteinsmoney.wad) 100% Par Time = 7:07 MAP27: 64lemons MAP04 (from 64lemons.wad) 100% Par Time = 24:59 MAP28: The Necropolis (from reality03.wad) 100% Par Time = 1:42 MAP29: Peter Perv's Private Place (from pppp.wad) Demo requires ESP29.bex 100% Par Time = 34:26 MAP30: Bump (from bump.wad) Map requires Nightmare difficulty or -fast Speed Par Time = 2:17 MAP31: Nostril Caverns (from nostril.wad) Map and Demo requires ESP31.bex 100% Par Time = 151:31 MAP32: Eternal Memories 1 (from SF2011.wad) 100% Par Time = 52:55 MAP33: Merkin (from merkin.wad) 100% Par Time = 5:28
  8. TimeOfDeath

    Nostril Caverns

    Download: nostril.zip (-complevel 9) One limit-removing map designed for boom compatibility. Play Doom in my nose.
  9. How many mappers can we get to contribute to a single project? IDEA Every single mapper who visits Doomworld makes one short-medium sized single player map for Doom2. That includes people who know how to map but choose not to (dew, Grazza, etc). ALL MAPPERS AT DOOMWORLD MUST PARTICIPATE! Please? This will be a giant compilation of new maps from the Doomworld community! Every mapper is different - some mappers make really detailed maps, some make under-detailed maps, some make hard maps, some make easier maps, etc. The point is to get all mappers to contribute something to the same project, even if they only contribute a tiny one-room map - as long as they contribute something. SPECIFICS - small-medium sized maps for Doom 2 - one map per person - any map format is allowed (maps will be separated into format-specific wads) - no new textures or flats or monsters or anything - new music is allowed (no mp3s) - gameplay can be anything - ALL MAPS WILL BE ACCEPTED: that means serious maps, troll maps, joke maps, tiny maps, ugly maps, speedmaps, whatever. All you have to do is submit a map! DEADLINE = END OF 2012 When your map is done, post it in this thread. Who's interested? What should be changed? Should someone else be in charge of the project, like esselfortium? MAPS Hive - (boom compatible) - BaronOfStuff Pricks - (zdoom compatible) - BloodyAcid Bean - (vanilla compatible) - cannonball Mountain of the doom god - (boom compatible) - dannebubinga OMNIVORE - (boom compatible) - darkreaver Lounge Street - (boom compatible) - Death Egg Daemonum Malum - (limit-removing) - DooMAD Blood Octagon - (boom compatible) - DuckReconMajor abraxas - (boom compatible) - Ed Into The Water - (boom compatible) - elmle Troll Fortress - (boom compatible) - Fiend Foe Complex - (boom compatible) - fiend-o-hell Dust From The Past - (zdoom compatible) - ForeverViLe Fading Castle - (boom compatible) - FractalXX GRBmaporgy1 - (limit-removing) - General Rainbow Bacon mappingWhileHighOnMountainDew - (boom compatible) - gggmork Blood Lake - (vanilla compatible) - glenzinho str1 - (boom compatible) - j4rio RoundAndRound.wad - (zdoom compatible) - Kappes Buur Nukage Corridors - (limit-removing) - Katamori Vernichten - (zdoom compatible) - Krispy Feel the pain - (vanilla compatible) - MagnificentBeard Big Cybies House - (boom compatible) - MSPaintR0cks surrbase - (boom compatible) - neubejiita waterhq1 - (vanilla compatible) - omegamer Memang - (boom compatible) - pcorf This Map Doesn't Make Any Sense - (boom compatible) - Philnemba Space Corridor - (boom compatible) - Phml Circle of imps - (limit-removing) - Radromitry admdbase - (zdoom compatible) - Rorix The Space Base - (zdoom compatible) - scifista42 dltexamp - (vanilla compatible) - scorpion MIRROR - (vanilla compatible) - Scypek2 Iron King - (boom compatible) - SFoZ911 Why - (zdoom compatible) - TimeOfDeath sahkeh - (boom compatible) - walter confalonieri INTERESTED MAPPERS Agentbromsnor Aldaraia alterworldruler Archvile78 ArmouredBlood BaronOfStuff - contributed! blod BloodyAcid - contributed! C30N9 cannonball - contributed! D_GARG dannebubinga - contributed! darkreaver - contributed! Death Egg - contributed! didierbertrand dobugabumaru DooMer 4ever DooMAD - contributed! DuckReconMajor - contributed! EarthQuake Ed - contributed! ella guro elmle - contributed! Fiend - contributed! fiend-o-hell - contributed Fitzkrieg ForeverViLe - contributed! FractalXX - contributed! franckFRAG General Rainbow Bacon - contributed! GoatLord GreyGhost gggmork - contributed! glenzinho - contributed! Grain of Salt hardcore_gamer Hellbent High Flyin' Ryan j4rio - contributed! Jodwin Joseph Lord Kappes Burr - contributed! Katamori - contributed! KiiiYiiiKiiiA Krispy - contributed! LightningBolt101 Linkrulezall LordK magicsofa MagnificentBeard - contributed! Magnum Express MajorRawne Malinku MegaZzZeux Melon Membrain Mr. Chris MSPaintR0cks - contributed! Netherstorm neubejiita - contributed! Olympus omegamer - contributed! pcorf - contributed! Philnemba - contributed! Phml - contributed! Phobus PRIMEVAL purist Radromitry - contributed! Rambosee Retog Rorix - contributed! Sarcose schwerpunk scifista42 - contributed! scorpion - contributed! Scypek2 - contributed! SFoZ911 - contributed! sgt dopey TimeOfDeath - contributed! TheMionicDonut Torn valhallaist Vaporizer walter confalonieri - contributed! Whoo XenoNemisis Z86
  10. /IDGAMES VERSION: DMP2016v2.zip https://www.doomworld.com/files/file/18778-doomworld-mega-project-2016/ https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dmp2016 maplist: DOOMWORLD MEGA PROJECT 2016 DESCRIPTION Another year, another mega project. Your goal is to make a map before December 31, 2016. Nobody will be rejected. If your map can be exited, it'll be accepted (no troll maps). Previous projects: DMP2015, DMP2014, DMP2013, DMP2012. RULES = One single player map per person for Doom 2. = Any map format (vanilla, boom, g/zdoom, etc.) = NO new textures/flats/sprites EXCEPT these liquid falls textures from cc4-tex: cc4falls.zip. WFALL is waterfall, BLODGR is lavafall, SLADRIP is mudfall. = DECORATE content IS allowed, only if no stock content is replaced and only if stock content is used (no new sprites/sounds). = Music must be less than 1MB in size. No mp3/ogg music allowed (without permission). = Custom skies ARE allowed as long as you don't replace RSKY1. That means for zdoom compat maps you can use MAPINFO, and for boom compat maps you can use the sky transfer line action 271 (here's a sky transfer prefab to paste into your map: skytransferprefab.wad). Vanilla and limit-removing maps don't get a custom sky. = DON'T use map07 or map30 slots and don't use secret exit line actions. = When your map is done, upload it to dropbox or something similar and post it in this thread with all relevant information about your map that will be added to the final text file (such as compatibility, description, credits, build time, etc.) DEADLINE = Submissions will be accepted until December 31, 2016. This is a strict deadline. In January I will compile the wad and release it to /idgames. After you post your wad in the thread, people will playtest it and it's up to you to update it or not. If your map can be exited, I will consider it final after December 31. MAPS 2016/09/15 post Demonologist Dead Of Night (vanilla) 2016/09/15 post Memfis Memfis (vanilla) 2016/09/15 post walter confalonieri DES (boom) 2016/09/16 post Grain of Salt Death Is Fantastic (boom) 2016/09/16 post Crunchynut44 Desolate Demesne (vanilla) 2016/09/17 post DMGUYDZ64 Underwater Labyrinth (udmf) 2016/09/19 post Voltcom9 Death Will Greet You Like an Old Friend (g/zdoom) 2016/09/23 post dt_ Menagerie (boom) 2016/09/23 post riderr3 Dance of the Satyrs (limit-removing) 2016/09/26 post DAZZER The Nephilim (g/zdoom) 2016/09/26 post Dgemie The Not-So-Secret Path (vanilla) 2016/09/26 post CWolf So we begin again (vanilla) 2016/09/27 post joe-ilya The Map With Class (vanilla) 2016/09/27 post A2Rob Mass Defect (zdoom) 2016/10/01 post TimeOfDeath 37 (limit-removing) 2016/10/02 post lil'devil Lil'Devil's Map (vanilla) 2016/10/03 post WindbagJacket Bloodcult Stronghold (limit-removing) 2016/10/03 post marxr Rage 2 (vanilla) 2016/10/07 post rileymartin Skindustrial District (boom) 2016/10/16 post greentiger CONFOUNDING (zdoom) 2016/10/30 post Empyre Infernal Tower (zdoom) 2016/11/04 post Pinchy Office By Night (zdoom) 2016/11/07 post Du Mhan Yhu "Level Name" (boom) 2016/11/12 post JudgeDeadd Bliss Toxin (limit-removing) 2016/11/19 post Mosshopper Basran Nights (boom) 2016/11/29 post Eris Falling Oh god no this map (boom) 2016/11/30 post Getsu Fune Forest of Hi (limit-removing) 2016/12/04 post rdwpa Forbidden Grove (boom) 2016/12/04 post dobu gabu maru Copper Exuviae (limit-removing) 2016/12/14 post scotty Sons of Liberty (boom) 2016/12/18 post cannonball Teenage mutant ninja demons (limit-removing) 2016/12/18 post QuirkyKirk Public Port (zdoom) 2016/12/19 post AnonimVio The Reversion (vanilla) 2016/12/20 post Obsidian Confliction (limit-removing) 2016/12/20 post stasiowygrzybek Basement (vanilla) 2016/12/22 post t3hPoundcake poundwad_map01 (zdoom) 2016/12/22 post NoahMLG The Village of Whispers (zdoom) 2016/12/27 post gaspe Axerikos (limit-removing) 2016/12/28 post StormCatcher.77 Cursed Realms - Fiery Monkey Arena (gzdoom) 2016/12/29 post dpstatic Research Center (vanilla) 2016/12/29 post NoisyVelvet More Abstract Art - 2016. (boom) 2016/12/29 post vtm Descent (limit-removing) 2016/12/30 post antares031 Harverster's Reminiscence (boom) 2016/12/30 post Rorix newburgh (limit-removing) 2016/12/30 post scifista42 Space Base: Quadrant Delta (boom) 2016/12/30 post Jjp The Swarm (boom) 2016/12/31 post The_Trigger Crimson wood (boom) 2016/12/31 post Benjogami Emergent (boom) 2016/12/31 post SteveD Ancient Base (vanilla) INTERESTED MAPPERS A2Rob AD_79 an_mutt AnonimVio antares031 Astymine Benjogami cannonball ChekaAgent Crunchynut44 CWolf DAZZER demo_the_man Demonologist Dgemie DMGUYDZ64 dobu gabu maru Doomkid DoomLover234 dpstatic dt_ Du Mhan Yhu Empyre Eris Falling gaspe Getsu Fune Grain of Salt greentiger GregLafitte jazzmaster9 Jjp joe-ilya JudgeDeadd Katamori lil'devil Linkrulezall marxr Memfis Mosshopper NeedHealth NoahMLG NoisyVelvet obake Obsidian ooawesome Paul977 Pinchy Protester QuirkyKirk RanhDoomer rdwpa riderr3 rileymartin Rorix scifista42 scotty Stale Meat stasiowygrzybek SteveD stewboy StormCatcher.77 t3hPoundcake The_Trigger TimeOfDeath VeinCrawler Voltcom9 vtm walter confalonieri WindbagJacket yakfak YukiHerz
  11. http://www.imdb.com They've received virtually nothing but negative reactions on their general message board (http://www.imdb.com/boards) and the movie/tv/actor/etc. message boards that I've been to recently. There's a dedicated message board for every movie/tv show/actor/crew member/etc. that's listed on imdb. How social media will replace that is beyond me.
  12. Nostril Caverns is one-man DIY extreme metal from Ontario since 1999 (previously known as 'Time of Death'). I play guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals in the project. Genres include death / black / grind / experimental / math / prog / jazz / free improv / avant-garde, etc. Website: http://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com (2017) Spatial Lacerations = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/spatial-lacerations-2017 = tech death / black / grind (2016) Self-Inflicted Memory Loss = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/self-inflicted-memory-loss-2016 = bizarre randomized technical black/death (2016) Shapeshifter's Realm = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/shapeshifters-realm-2016 = experimental rock / noise (2016) Repressed Memory Games = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/repressed-memory-games-2016 = death / math / prog (2015) Vague Evolving Patterns = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/vague-evolving-patterns-2015 = black / prog / death (2015) Cadaverns = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/cadaverns-2015 = synthesizers and drums (2015) Tragic Immoral Illusions = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/tragic-immoral-illusions-2015 = black / math (2015) Long-Distant Aberration = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/long-distant-aberration-2015 = melancholic ambient / fast drums (2014) The Future of Asexual Logic = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/the-future-of-asexual-logic-2014 = brutal death / grind (2014) Inside the Cell = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/inside-the-cell-2014 = death / thrash (2013) The Dying's Last Breath = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/the-dyings-last-breath-2013-2 = black / prog (2013) The Restaurant = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/the-restaurant-2013 = death / prog / brutal (2013) Waiting for Water to Boil = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/waiting-for-water-to-boil-2013 = ambient / noise / fast drums (2013) Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/escaping-the-spiral-labyrinth-2013 = death / grind (2013) Apanda = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/apanda-2013 = nonsensical free improv (2012) End of the World = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-the-world-2012 = nonsensical free improv (2012) Flies = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/flies-2012 = prog / math / death (2012) Bad Ending = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/bad-ending-2012 = nonsensical free improv (2011) Moments in Time = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/moments-in-time-2011 = experimental rock / jazz (2011) It's a Trap = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/its-a-trap-2011 = death / grind (2011) playdoh = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/playdoh-2011 = experimental mathrock (2011) Cora = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/cora-2011 = prog rock (2010) blackprog = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/blackprog-2010 = prog / black / math (2009) Handsome Bank Teller = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/handsome-bank-teller-2009 = death / math (2009) Lemonade Breath = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/lemonade-breath-2009 = death / black / math (2008) The Classic Fountain Pen = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/the-classic-fountain-pen-2008 = acoustic death / math (2007) Finkle Me This = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/finkle-me-this-2007 = black / jazz (2006) Forever Trapped in a Broken Mirror = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/forever-trapped-in-a-broken-mirror-2006 = death / grind / black (2004) Acoustic Despair = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/acoustic-despair-2004 = acoustic guitar (2002) Impaled by Christ's Erection = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/impaled-by-christs-erection-2002 = death / black (2002) Bagless = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/bagless-2002 = death metal (2002) Forever Trapped in a Broken Mirror Rejects = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/forever-trapped-in-a-broken-mirror-rejects-2002 = death / grind (2001) The Last Breath of the Dying = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-breath-of-the-dying-2001 = atmospheric death / grind (2000) Ancient Tales from the Forest of Death = https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-tales-from-the-forest-of-death-2000 = atmospheric death metal
  13. TimeOfDeath

    dw related

    Sorry if this was already mentioned
  14. TimeOfDeath

    I hate being a dog owner

    Since you're walking your wife's dog in the mornings, maybe she should walk her dog in the evenings?
  15. TimeOfDeath

    Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

    Crazy drumming and sad synths:
  16. TimeOfDeath

    The avant-garde music thread

    https://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/self-inflicted-memory-loss-2016 The guitars and drums on that album were all improvised and the songs were arranged based on a randomized list. I started by recording 99 20-seconds free improv drum tracks while listening to silence (except for a count-in and count-out to signal 20 seconds). Then I recorded 198 20-seconds free improv guitar tracks (two guitar tracks per song) while listening to silence (except the count-in/count-out). Then I made a randomized list in Excel that randomly matched up one drum track with two guitar tracks and I manually matched up the drums/guitars for each song in Reaper based on that list. After the songs were all arranged, I wrote lyrics and recorded vocals. Then I recorded about 2 hours of audio from my tv while flipping through channels and picked out 99 samples to add to the songs. I did all this because as a musician you never get that feeling of hearing your songs "for the first time" and working to memorize them after they're finished. Track 79 is my fav.
  17. TimeOfDeath

    New Forum

    Just in case someone tried this and figured I was just being a sarcastic jerk, the new forum is actually very usable without javascript (even more so than the old forum) as long as you haven't enabled javascript and loaded a page. Apparently something gets added to your cookies on your first visit with enabled javascript, and it makes some features (like posting) impossible after you disable javascript. But if you delete your cookies and then disable javascript and log back in, the features are working again (even with disabled javascript). I know nobody cares about this but I think it's awesome.
  18. TimeOfDeath

    New Forum

    Test posting with images and javascript disabled. Cool, thanks!
  19. TimeOfDeath

    3D Vanilla Bridge for Dummies?

    Your bridge wasn't a self-referencing sector. The outer lines of the bridge sector (the yellow lines) should have the same sector number on their front and back sides. But also, at the green/red spot, one of the outer lines of your bridge sector was attached to the sector below it (which will give a visual glitch if you give that line the same sector number on its front and back). So I detached the bridge sector from the other sector (if you zoom in on your wad you will see).
  20. TimeOfDeath

    IMDb closing their message boards

    Every movie/tv show/actor/etc. page has its own dedicated message board at the bottom of it, I wouldn't say it's hidden. It was an amazing feature where people could talk about something, no matter how obscure (assuming it's listed on the site). My ritual was pretty much "watch/remember/read about something and then go to the imdb page to read about it and lurk its message board" while ignoring the troll posts (seems like they're less prevalent in the more obscure/less-mainstream stuff).
  21. TimeOfDeath

    Zdoom 2.8.1 and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.4 Problems

    Is demo compatibility one of Eternity's goals? I think a 100-map Ribbiks megawad would definitely get people to download the pr+ hack for playing and watching/recording demos :) I know I'd switch to it immediately (assuming the hacks don't affect demo compat). If pr+ does add mapinfo (and removes the map limit) then that'd be great, but when? I'm not sure how old mapinfo is (10 years?) and I suggested removing the map limit 4 years ago but nothing happened.
  22. TimeOfDeath

    Zdoom 2.8.1 and PRBoom+ v2.5.1.4 Problems

    If prboom-plus isn't interested in those changes, would it be legal and possible for you to release your version as a new source port? Every year there seems to be megawads that break the map limit. It would be really useful to have that limit raised!
  23. TimeOfDeath

    Make monsters attack when they don't see you?

    There's this: autoexit.zip There's a dehacked monster in a dummy sector that can't see you, but it shoots at you forever after you shoot.