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  1. sidarmas

    Castlevania timeline on Wikipedia

    Well, we all know Wikipedia contains elitist pig-dogs who want nothing but personal gain. Its called the internet for a reason. When the apocalypse comes, whos gonna give a shit about wikipedia? Nobody, guys. So, lets do the right thing and spam the hell out of these bastards. You only got one life. So lets just do this. :P I wish. DDOS FOR EVERY 1 :P **
  2. He means, that the geneva convention and its rules on combat are fruitless in a gurella war. And its pointless to indict people on evidence which can prove that they were indeed fired upon, or felt threatened by someone's presence.
  3. sidarmas

    BFG Question

    Lefties hold the recharge stock on shotguns with their left, because its their dominant arm. You need some force to pump the weapon and recharge. With the SSG, its just a lot more comfortable to reload with the left -dominant- I'm ambidextrous, so I've experimented with weapons with both hands. Doomguy is ambidextrous, because, like they say, he's an everyman.
  4. Its more on the aspect of "Well, our citizens volunteer to join and fight, so we're not up to par on the manpower." Mercs are just uniform fillers and security detail. They're trained very well, and could double as spec-ops units, if given the right training. These guys are payed thousands for 2 months plus in a dirt hole. They're given all the weapons, ammo, and armor they need to complete their task. You look at our military. We're scrounging up junk from old vehicles to make armor. Even then, its not enough. These mercs were doing their job, and aside from that, weren't. They did all they should, and should not have done. The Battle of Fallujah was started because of the loss of 4 Blackwater PMCs. PMCs are a valuable asset on the field as they are a nuicence to public relations and media. The choice to kick them out was not a good one. Perhaps if they limited the number of PMCs allowed in the country, it'd be a different story.
  5. sidarmas

    TNT Level End Music?

    Well, you could put it like this. In my own opinion, I feel its a song where it reflects how many times you fucking died on that same level while trying to get the right key to open the door to the fucking exit, and how many times you lost that SSG and the chaingun, because TNT is just a pain in the shithole.
  6. sidarmas

    Doom movie comment

    To spend the taxpayer's dollars.
  7. More guts to RIP AND TEAR!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sidarmas


    DesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesu Ok, done.DesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesuDesu
  9. sidarmas

    Your most epic maneuvers

    Waded through 3 cybers to get to an exit on one level...Not fun. Strafing back and forth in a hall 20 steps wide 40 steps long. You don't get that much running room...
  10. sidarmas

    The age of the doomguy

    Well, You know what I mean. Sorry if it didn't make sense to you. By knocking out, I mean beating the living hell out of to the point where his CO was within an inch of his life.
  11. sidarmas

    Nightmare- skill = !!!

    Went through Plutonia... Wait, nvm. Saves. Um. Ok, I haven't done a straight set through any doom game on Nightmare. Its nearly Impossible. I think its one hell of an achievement to do something like that. I'm still trying. Last time I did it, I was halfway through Episode 1 on Doom. Damn demon. :(
  12. sidarmas

    The age of the doomguy

    Well, from what I can assume, after reading the novels, playing the games, the fanfics, etc, etc... I'd put it in this sense. The Doom Marine (Most people call him Flynn Taggart, due to the novels, but he's whatever you want him to be) At his rank, before the incident, would most likely be the rank of a Staff Sergeant, A Squad leadership position. He knocked out his CO because he disobeyed an order. Now, if it was just him, he would've most likely been sent to Fort Levenworth (Prison for convicted military soldiers)and promptly executed. But, Since this happened, he would've most likely been stripped of his rank, bumped down to a Corporal (2 ranks lower than a Staff sergeant- pvt, pfc, lcpl, cpl, sgt, ssg) And sent to Phobos Base. Thus, His age at the time of the incident, was 29, the earliest age a steady soldier in the marines would possibly get that rank, and at the time of Doom 1, he's 32. He's not too old, and not too young, has experience, and he's pretty much in his "Prime" Career wise.
  13. sidarmas

    Doom guy's catch phrases

    I think Zombies should just be mute, making only orgasmic grunts. It makes killing them a lot more enjoyable.
  14. sidarmas

    Vocal Doom Players

    "Suck it down, Monkey shit!" Is one of the greatest insults ever. I love it. ^^ :P
  15. Still lookin for help in the plot? Or have you finished it?