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  1. Can we get a whole level set, just with Tropical island hijinks?
  2. beanenator

    1 Room level!

    Room:9 please
  3. beanenator

    1 Room level!

    raises hand can i contrib a room
  4. beanenator

    "Ultimate Torment & Torture" Progress Report

    one word for those screens amazing can i go beta test when its ready to test. (:
  5. beanenator

    What the Hellcore?

    the only problem i had was some misaligned textures thats about it. Those 11 years where worth finshing this wad!
  6. beanenator

    WIP: Paradox 2

    what shortcut?
  7. beanenator

    WIP: Paradox 2

    really fun map not to over detailed. just fun and not to hard (:
  8. beanenator

    What the Hellcore?

    im just about done im on map7
  9. beanenator

    WIP: Paradox 2

    send it my way i want to beta test (:
  10. beanenator

    WIP: Hard Attack

    hopefully you won't get bored of makeing a megawad and quit like last time!
  11. beanenator

    beans new map

    maybe a shandlier. i aint for sure i was trying something new
  12. beanenator

    What the Hellcore?

    just played though the first map. the boat part with the baron was kinda annoying. barly any space to move around but it runs well with it.
  13. beanenator

    beans new map

    still some work to do actual a lot i hardly havent got to textureing it.
  14. beanenator

    beans new map

    http://hanger.doomwadstation.com/flame1.png here is some screens from the map i started a couple days ago http://hanger.doomwadstation.com/flame%202.png http://hanger.doomwadstation.com/flame%203.png
  15. i got mine still i will contribuate to this project http://hanger.doomwadstation.com/runaway.wad