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  1. Stilgar

    Resigning from Blasphemer

    I can also vouch for this being the case.
  2. Stilgar

    Resigning from Blasphemer

    Jute's expertise is in sound effects/music which are areas that have been stalled because the music is more or less done and sound effects are waiting on the graphics for things that will make the sounds so they can match. The SVN and DeuTex stuff needed to keep the behind-the-scenes things running have always been my area. OK, I've added Sodaholic to continue maintainance of the project.
  3. Stilgar

    Where do you keep your IWADs?

    Other. Two copies of each, one in C:\1GAMES\0IWAD\ for ports, and the other in a standard DOS install folder under the C:\1GAMES\0DOS\ folder that I mount in DOSBox.
  4. Stilgar

    Resigning from Blasphemer

    For some time now I've been pretty much completely out of motivation for Blasphemer and I think it's best for all involved if I turn over maintainance to someone else. If the Freedoom folks would like to take the reins, I'll offer whatever help is needed to get it transferred over.
  5. Stilgar

    Hexen Wads with Heretic/Doom Style Gameplay?

    Resurrection of Chaos.
  6. I used to think that the SS Nazi said "Shoot! Stop him!" and "I'm leaving!" / "I'm bleeding!"
  7. Stilgar


    DeuTex is only needed if you're 'building from source' as it were. It was chosen for this purpose because it can be run from a script to put together the IWAD. It serves a different purpose than GUI programs. For regular editing you can pretty much use whatever tools you want, although submitting files under a form DeuTex can use makes inclusion a lot more expedient.
  8. Stilgar

    Which doom have you played through the most?

    In unmodded form, the original Doom (not so much Ultimate.) With custom maps mainly Doom 2 since that's what most of them are for.
  9. Stilgar

    So where does your username come from?

    As in Dune, which I was re-reading at the time. In the end I don't find it that fitting and this is pretty much the only place I use this name anymore.
  10. Stilgar

    SLADE vs. XWE?

    There are a few non-Doom game file formats that XWE supports and SLADE doesn't, as I recall, but not ones you're likely to need. That's the only thing I would use it for; as far as Doom editing is concerned I don't think there's anything XWE does that isn't in SLADE, unless you count "accidentally ruin your WAD".
  11. Stilgar

    Scripts haywire on DKotDC Brackenwood

    All of them, as if the script never triggered properly.
  12. Stilgar

    Scripts haywire on DKotDC Brackenwood

    This is probably only the vaguest help, if any, but I recall not being able to complete Wastelands in standard Hexen once for a similar reason (bridges were supposed to spawn and didn't, in the cave with a building area.) It was a long time ago though, and a freak occurrence that hasn't happened since.
  13. Stilgar

    Stupid, totally unfounded Doom rumors

    I remember that one. I can only hope that they just ran it with ZDoom or some other port where that actually happens, and assumed it was a feature of the original game. But maybe that's giving them too much credit.
  14. Stilgar

    Stupid, totally unfounded Doom rumors

    A long time ago I had a program simply called "CHEAT" that provided a database of games with cheat codes--I must have got it on a shovelware disc at some point, or something. Under Doom II it had a listing that was something to the effect of "IDDOOMISDUMB - Supposedly does something, if so, WHAT?" I haven't been able to find any background story as to this ever having really existed so I guess it's just someone back in the day doing a bit of trolling.
  15. Stilgar

    Blasphemer 0.14 out now

    We are not using HHE. - The listing of Heretic+ is only meant to indicate that the wad works on it. It is not an endorsement of it as a target port, given that it's not even a port, just a hack of the original Heretic .EXE. I'd much rather see Doomsday support get working again. - Chocolate Heretic doesn't support some of our maps anyway. We're not going to drop them just because of that, so it'd have to be a modification of the port anyway, and therefore might as well support a decent patch format.