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  1. Dash mechanic looks cool, and the art is pretty, but as an old school shooter fan, It's annoying to me that the worlds still appear to be very cluttered with detritus that makes for better screenshots and trailers, but is a lot of visual noise in action. They're on the right track but it's still pretty far from revolutionary.
  2. This is probably the most accurate answer. Unlike Decorate, where you can just add more code to create new stuff, Dehacked can get you into a really tangled up mess if you start a project with the prospect of adding one new monster, and then decide during the development process that you want 3 new monsters, a boss monster, destructible scenery, and more. If you want efficient dehackery, you gotta do your homework. Find out what assets you can afford to trash, how many states you are going to need to do what you plan to do, and then get started. IMO I like it because it's convenient for some basic stuff I might want. Maybe one new monster, maybe make the guns shoot a little faster, change the map names, change the item pickup text, etc. Decorate does two things that make me a little iffy: 1. Only works in ZDoom based ports 2. The limitless potential makes me feel like I'm not using it as responsibly as I probably should be.
  3. Or doomcoin that you get for killing monsters.
  5. Ask @Ajora if Wendys will make you a taco.
  6. what is it about the end of net neutrality that suggests to you that ISPs are going negotiate with you on how they conduct business?
  7. my buddies on social media seem to suggest we aren't gonna win this fight. So what can we expect out of this? Could doomworld get denied in some ISPs service packages? Could the community lose some valuable members?
  8. I wish the contents of the video was better so that I could be a better help. The speaker fills 4.5 minutes with a lot of verbal nonsense and repeats himself a bunch. The actual substance of the video is very briefly skimmed over. 1. Impact detection system (???) 2. Unique sounds for item pickups 3. Sound cues for colored key doors and secrets Is that it? What does any of that have to do with mapping? Shouldn't all of those features be in the form of a gameplay mod so that Toby can play anything? I'd be happy to make my maps more accessible but for a video about 'spreading awareness' it doesn't tell me anything that I need to know to help.
  9. I'm trying to wrap my head around the "we need more projects" posts. What is it about you guys that are motivated to map but waiting for someone to post the project you want to map for? Community projects are rarely any good. Are you guys really asking for some sort of gathering to facilitate practice mapping?
  10. What I find kinda sloppy about banning people is that when reviewed in a case by case basis, particularly cases of people referenced here such as Huy Pham, or Sigvatr, is that a considerable weight in the decision to ban them lies in their interaction directly with the people in authority. That's understandable. Some people just have really really bad chemistry together, and that's normal. The part of it that is sloppy is that from the point of view of someone such as myself, who is not in authority, my experiences with these individuals lie on a range of being negligible to sometimes quite pleasant, and they don't do any detriment to my experience here. If the moderators have to endure a daily shitstorm to appease the rest of the community, that's not really fair to request that from them. But this is the central location to talk about Doom with other Doomers. If these people get banned, where can I find them? If there were a variety of Doom communities to pick from this wouldn't be such a problem, but there isn't. So when we experience our short free trial of a new person who loves doom but is uneasy around leaders, rules, and structure, eventually that trial runs out in an indeterminate amount of time and I don't always remember to exchange email addresses with these types of people so I can remain in contact. Theres enough people in the Doom community that its probably better off split into different subcommunities. Some people just don't get along together. I've been working on that myself when I inherited http://doomer.boards.ne t but for some reason by doing that people think I'm racist. So life is suffering, I guess.
  11. Holy fuck that video is nuts.
  12. This is a pretty sweet "fuck graf zahl" thread. Did you guys know today is doom's birthday? Jesus christ.
  13. I'm very happy to see Heretic branching out into new themes. :)
  14. theres always a distinct feeling of relief whenever the archvile in the middle of the horde dies.
  15. Nice work! The architecture of your buildings and the new textures are very nice. Do you make your own textures? If so, it's driving me crazy that the floors don't seem to match the color or brightness of the surrounding walls. I hope that's because its still WIP.