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  1. No I really dont know, that's why I raised that hypothetical. I've literally never heard that term before. I certainly agree that any bias that leans on anger towards any type of person based on prejudice and insufficient personal experience is a problem that needs working on. Ask any casual doomer why they hate slaughter maps and they struggle to come up with a good reason, for example. It doesn't make sense that they hate it, but they do and its annoying. I once knew a guy one of my girl friends was dating whom was legitimately racist. He got in fist fights a lot, used racial slurs in a demonstrably derogatory manner, and would become angry just by being in the presence of black or latino people. The guy was fucking broken. We had to have talks with the girl who was dating him and eventually eject the guy from our friend group because he was just too uncomfortable to be around. What your describing to me as a crypto-fascist doesn't sound like the person I described above. If they're being polite and friendly and are a generally ok person despite some deeply rooted political/social bias, I doubt they are disguising it as an attempt to persuade you to defect to the dark side. If that's not what you mean, you'll have to forgive me, because I dont know who your friends are or how you met them. But on the basis of choosing your friends, ive never met someone that uses political alignment to hold it together.
  2. re: cryoto-fashies Maybe I'm just fortunate, but homophobia and racism doesn't come often where I'm from. I have a lot of friends but many of them get pretty quiet when it comes to politics. I dont know the political alignment of very many of my friends. It seems... I dont know, crass, I guess, to discuss politics with most people. Its a type of conversation that seems to only seek discrepancies in gut feelings and perspectives. Imagine a fun, charismatic, energetic, hilarious person, who has a lot of hobbies in common with you. However, the person has had nothing but stressful/painful/generallynegative experiences with gay or different races of people and doesn't like to talk about it. Its not their fault; they didn't control it. Maybe they've just been harassed by someone or a group of people that falls into that category and that shaped their perspective. Is this particular person off-limits to you?
  3. wifey made this and left it on my desktop yesterday. I could cry.
  4. Shit, there's some cool monsters in here: http://www.iwozhere.com/SRD/Gallery.html Gorillas with 4 arms, crocodiles with tentacles coming out of its mouth, bats that spit fire, Turn some of their limbs into rocket launchers or machine guns and they'd easily make a pretty sick Doom monster
  5. Crossposting this from http://www.doomer.boards.net because this is fun thread and I'm interested in what you guys can think of. Doom monsters have this sexy blend of demonic Lovecraftian/mythological elements, injected with cybernetic hardware and guns. There's a lot of awesome monster ideas to take away from things like Dungeons and Dragons, H. P. Lovecraft, ancient mythology, and other sci-fi/fantasy lore. Many of these things are often seen as these paralyzing terrifying unstoppable monstrosities that should be feared, but usually because the setting they are found in is some sort of horror or dark ages context where the protagonist(s) is not a badass spacemarine with a ton of firepower. Ghosts, Dragons, Werewolves, Giants, Mummies, Bats, Seamonsters, Demons, Witches, Aliens, Mutants, and more! What kind of horrible abominations, whether it be in other games, art, books, movies, or whatever would you love to destroy with a supershotgun, blast with a rocket launcher, or obliterate with a BFG? Hydras Byakhees Orcs Owlbears Cyclops (this is meant purely for imagination masturbation, not necessarily a practical discussion about whether these monsters would work, look good as sprites, or would actually be fun to fight in any capacity in the game.)
  6. Something that's kind of fun to do is to pencil in a dark silhouette of an object and then use the eraser to buff out where your light source would be hitting the object, and rub it with a paper towel to kind of cloud up the pencil strokes. You can get some pretty realistic looking drawings. it takes a few fucked up pictures to get the hang of it but if your ok with waiting until something is finished before deciding its crap and throwing it out prematurely, you'll probably get the hang of it after like 2 or 3 drawings.
  7. Does it work smoothly for you? I haven't tried it in many generations of computers ive owned but I always imagined the massive lag spike of that many active a_chase sequences at once had to do with the game choking on itself than the processing power of the computer running it. edit: I guess were really dating ourselves, huh?
  8. Was this meant to be a joke? :)
  9. How do you describe your friends on the basis of their political stance? Did you meet in a model united nations club?
  10. So the rumors are true; when you practice, you play better! Could definitely have been better prepared. Oh well. Good game, Alfonzo. Props for being the better man. I wanted to stick around after the game but I had an IRL crisis come up that I had to deal with right away.
  11. I'm psyched for our hot date! 1. Who volunteered or has been assigned to stream this? Can I get a link to the persons channel? 2. I understand we agreed to a west coast server, has one been picked? Server name and IP address please and thank you 3. Would you like to set up a discord channel so we can talk during the game? also I've been having car trouble all week so ive been taking public transportation to work, and so far hasn't always been reliable. We agreed on 6:00PM EDT and i pride myself on being punctual, but still I could be 10-15 minutes late.
  12. whats yur favorit band

    1. Doomkid


      Green Day, duh

    2. CzechMate29200
    3. Mayhem666


      I thought the answer to this was pretty obvious, haha. What about u?

    4. CzechMate29200


      @40oz wuts ur faverit radio sho?

    5. Tracer


      Howard Stern.  Duh.

    6. 40oz


      lol cool

      g2g cya

    7. Tracer


      I'm confused now.

  13. WORLD EXTERMINATION RADIO Live Broadcasting Season 6 Episode 3 ft. NaturalTvventy LIVE TWITCH STREAM