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  1. One winter day in 1993 my oldest brother came home with a friend, some floppy disks and a notepad with cheat codes written all over it. They installed the shareware version of Doom on our home computer in our living room and played the game while I got to watch over their shoulder. I was 4 years old. When they were done with it I got to play the game afterwards on I'm too young to die and all the cheat codes turned on. I played the first episode from start to finish and was completely mesmerized by the game.
  2. I play with a controller with some crazy high sensitivity so I can turn around real quick when getting shot unexpectedly from behind. instead of cycling through my weapons as most conventional console doom controls are defaulted to, I assigned each button to a different weapon, so I can quickly change weapons at will. Naturally I use a lot of weapon variety in my gameplay.
  3. I was pretty indifferent about it at first but having just participated in a thread that is now deleted makes me miss it deeply. Its probably going to bother me for the next 6 minutes that I didn't get to read what happened before it crossed the line :( I'm hopeful that without archiving flame wars and other silly nonsense that the mods may be a little more lenient about censorship. Find old threads to point and laugh at was part of Doomworlds charm. I'm sad to see it go.
  4. I was gonna make a post but rdwpas #4 covers the most important point. In a map or a room with a lot of space to move, pinky demons turn a big room into a small room. Aside from dealing damage to you, they provoke how you move in such a way that take your focus away from oncoming projectiles like mancubus volleys and revenant missiles, especially if those particular monsters have a height advantage. They block you from getting to your goal, which could be a good weapon, a key or a good vantage point to sink some strong SSG shots in other more pressing targets. All in all, the longer they can keep you from doing what you want to do, the more dangerous things can get. EDIT: I have nothing to say for spectres though. I think they're annoying as fuck and not in a "oh this map is harder than I thought" way and more like a "oh here's a clear path through this horde of monsters" then STOP, -40% health for seemingly no reason.
  5. Guest speaking in joe ilyas twitch stream



    1. Megalyth


      I watched for a bit, then my connection went to crap. Moonblood looks nice, I'll have to try it some time.

  6. cacodemons that "climb" up tall structures and with their infinitely tall wisdom, bite you from 10 stories above and roast you with super fast vertical fireballs. Then when you get close enough to them, they descend, but never enough to touch the ground, and just high enough for that sniping arachnatron across the valley to incinerate you without hitting all those cacodemons in your face. also lost souls are racist.
  7. so squibbons must have used DEU obviously
  8. I think Doombuilder 2 3D Mode camera thing objects can be found in the maps. I haven't checked but that's what I heard.
  9. Most of the above is right. As I understand it, playing a single player map gets tired after the first playthrough, which makes the demand for single player maps so high. People play and replay multiplayer maps over and over and over and can be hesitant of change. I spoke to HumanBones and Ralphis on WXR a few weeks ago. I dont want to speak for them but as I understand it, they said they're always down for new CTF maps. There's a lot of dinosaurs in the WDL mappack and they're looking for replacements to keep WDL in a constantly changing fashion so people dont get fixated on analyzing specific maps. I think there's something to be said about the simplicity of most of the favored multiplayer maps. (for standard mp modes like deathmatch, duel, and CTF) I think if you spend less time thinking about it and just making a big open battleground that's easy to understand and hard to master after a few minutes of play makes for the best maps.
  10. Well you initiated this argument. I'm not going to tell you that Doom 2016 captured everything Doom was about perfectly. I dont think anyone has the capacity to do that and make it work for every single person. Even John Romeros new Doom 1 maps don't really fit seamlessly within the shareware Doom episode. (for me, anyway) What I do know is that I had fun playing the new Doom and it was fascinating to see how these people interpretted the game. But I'm still going to continue to Doom 2 instead because it already has everything in a game that I like. If you don't like Doom 2016 its ok but I'm not really following your logic that everyone needs to be as passionate and outraged that this game not being what you wanted as you are.
  11. the range a target has to be to auto aim at it is a little wider than than the spread of the guns fire, so its not totally unusual that you can autoaim at an imp with the shotgun, and not all 7 pellets sink for the imps heart, because the pellets spread. A couple might hit its right shoulder and the rest of them go to the left for example. if you're playing a non-ZDoom based port, there is such a thing as a "blockmap bug." I forget what the technical explanation for it is, but sometimes depending on where a monster is standing in alignment with the grid, some hitscan bullets will simply pass through the monster. Its frustrating, yes. Especially if you're in a tiny room with a hell knight or a group of imps and every super shotgun needs to land to keep yourself from being cornered. But I try to rationalize it as some bullets passing over its shoulder or between his arm and torso, etc.
  12. I think it says something about how difficult it is to create stuff that seems authentic for Doom, that when I play wads with these full rotation sprites, something about it looks really off to me. Like those sprites couldn't have come from id software and not someone from the community, even though I know for a fact it did.
  13. How long is id software supposed to keep developing the game? It's been out for almost a year.
  14. WORLD EXTERMINATION RADIO Season 2 : Episode 7 joe-ilya Live Broadcasting! http://www.twitch.tv/j_40oz
  15. New episode of WORLD EXTERMINATION RADIO today, starting in a couple hours! A live podcast where I'll be speaking with joe-ilya! Check it out LIVE on twitch.tv!

    Season 2 : Episode 7 joe-ilya Live Broadcasting!