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  1. Syl

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    Maybe I'm asking for too much, but would it be possible for someone to compile a new ks-pack with all the new demos (and even past ones)? It was clearly the pack I enjoyed the most in the past few years :)
  2. Syl

    Easier way to watch demos

    Found a demo to add to the list : blooper1.lmp from \tnt\speed\ev31-030.zip replays with either doom2 or final doom, but without tnt31fix. pattern27 or 31, if I understood correctly.
  3. I plan on doing one with Strafe 40 on turns one day, but I also need info about the quickstart. From which tic can I use Strafe 50 to make a "legitimate" Doom 2 demo ?
  4. New tricks for Doom 2 are not so common these days, but here is one on level 3. It's a very hard jump and I did it in a built coop nomonsters demo, because I didn't want to make it harder. Final time : 13 seconds ! By the way, how do you name such a demo ? Is it cb03-013 ? or bo03c013 ? or co03b013 ? ;) I opted for bt03c013 which makes it clear enough that it's built. Demo sent to Opulent.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. I just made a backward version for fun, so you have something to watch until my next project is finished. Demo sent to Opulent.
  6. Yeah, of course it's built. That's the only way. I'm attaching the file, so you don't have to wait for Opulent.
  7. Woohoo ! I'm really looking forward to your comments, guys ! Demo sent to Opulent.