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  1. kimo_xvirus

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Map01 UV Pacifist/UV Speed in 00:16.26 p201-016.zip
  2. kimo_xvirus

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E3M1 UV Max in 1:00.11 e3m1-0100.zip I hope people don't feel intimidated by my long txt, I was just in the mood for blabbering :-)
  3. kimo_xvirus

    Nomonster speedrunning

    That is one impressive demo. Really good SR50
  4. Oh You're right, it's unfortunate, we had some slower time 0:55 (I think) which I've lost. I talked a bit about my trip in Germany in that demo's txt, I should not use demo txts as a blog lol :)
  5. I've been too lazy to wrap up these 2 demos. Finally here they are The coop demo was from back in August, when I was in Germany in a Course Study Trip The Ultimate Doom E3M1 Coop UV Max in 0:50 with Termrork Final Doom: Plutonia Map11 Coop UV Speed in 0:36 with Termrork Memento Mori 2 Map01 UV Max in 1:14 kimocn.zip
  6. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Map06 in 50.83 I looked back at my Map30 Run, played it back with -trace_thingshealth and found out that in my run actually only my 1st rocket was needed to kill Romero and not all 3 as I first thought, this then reminded me of Akse's full TAS Run of Scythe where kills Romero's head with 1 rocket too. This can happen on this map if you try to time the rocket on the lift like I did, because only then can you get the direct + splash damage of the rocket. pv06o50.83.zip
  7. kimo_xvirus

    Doom 2 Done Turbo Quicker (TAS) (finished)

    Great Demo! First time I see really optimized Turbo Doom runs, and it turned out to be quite entertaining to watch :) As for Map10, your demo looks difficult to improve, maybe you could try to round the corners differently, try to go for even more monsters wallruns and maybe a wallrun at the end like in this demo lv10-026 could save a tic. Remember the .23 are 8 tics, Good Luck!
  8. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Alright Map30 in 0:33.80 pv30o33.80.zip
  9. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Map14 in 39.51 Map30 in 1:31.37 kimoprcp.zip
  10. kimo_xvirus

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    What's the song in Beluga from?
  11. kimo_xvirus

    FDC # 10

    I'm ready, I hope it's over fast as well :)
  12. kimo_xvirus

    FDC # 10

    Make it 14:00 UTC and I can probably participate
  13. kimo_xvirus

    Doom2 4-player built nomonster full run

    Have you tried to get a boost in map05 to get blue key as soon as the wall lowers?
  14. wow, you crushed kimo's expectations. I had forgotten, my map13's run was actually 50 seconds :P
  15. Map01 UV Max in 2:13 Map02 UV Max in 2:45 kimopccp.zip