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  1. I have just remade the plasma rifle on floor model. I made it to match the current in-hand model.
  2. I made a hissy out of tissues and stuffed it with cotton balls, but it looks more like a regular cacodemon. Pics: I used my doom collector's edition box for the backround.
  3. the topic was e2m2
  4. Sent.
  5. Cool! I am trying to make a movie as a tribute to doom's birthday.
  6. Sorry about reviving an old thread, but because I left the duke community I will have more time to work on the wad now :)
  7. Well, my e2m2 is progressing nicely, I will get more time to work on it now that I left the duke communuty because they PISSED ME OFF GREATLY! Anyway, the map looks good so far. I will post screenies soon
  8. I actually found an in-hand graphic of the missle launcher, but it was SMALL!
  9. Thanks, wintex is now up and running.
  10. I cant use wintex because it can't find threed.vbx
  11. Ugh....someone place this topic in the topic hell section...
  12. Ugh...Im hopeless. Im probly going to have to cancel the wad... And I cant find any site with the proper tutorial
  13. This wad is based off the doom alpha weaponry, but before you start groaning, I want you to know that this is my first attempt at weapon wads. I use XWE and my only question is, How do I assemble the guns into a wad file? P. S. this is for ultimate doom.
  14. Anyway, i'm converting the level into e2m2. Can I have e2m2 too?
  15. I found the doom1 list and..awww mannnn......e1m2 is taken :( I already started my level too :(